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9 Top Games like Gradenscapes to Play Right Now [2024]

9 Top Games like Gradenscapes to Play Right Now [2024]

Games like Gradenscapes: Indeed, age is just a number when it comes to playing games, especially the ones which don’t exactly involve a hard gameplay or action, and can be a fun experience for kids as well as adults. Yes — we are talking about some games like Gardenscapes.

Gardenscapes is one of the top-most match-3 puzzle video games where you will have to restore a beautiful garden to its past glory — starting from scratch, helping the butler named Austin, along with his friends. 

The game literally has over 12 million users voting it above a 4.5/5 rating, just on the Google Play Store, with millions playing worldwide. 

Likewise, if you also like the game, and for any reason, if you are searching for some more games like Gardenscapes, then we are glad you stopped by because this article includes a list of the 9 best games like Gardenscapes. 

List of Games like Gradenscapes:

1. Homescapes  

Homescapes Games like Gradenscapes

Homescapes is at the top of this list because it’s one of the most popular match-3 puzzle video games, with, again, over 12 million voting it positively only on the Google Play Store. Unlike Gardenscapes, here, you need to restore a mansion in a verdant locality from scrape.

Overall, Homescapes seems to be a heartwarming video game, which includes multiple exciting adventures waiting for you right at the doorstep. 

As for the gameplay, overall, it has the usual matching puzzle gameplay, with a bit of uniqueness where you’ll be swapping and matching pieces with the main character – Austin.

Key Highlights

  • You will be handling a huge and beautiful mansion full of secrets.
  • The game comes with an in-game social network, where you can watch the lives of all the other characters and interact with them personally. 
  • You are allowed to invite your Facebook friends to help you work in the cozy atmosphere in the mansion.

2. RuneScape 

RuneScape Game

RuneScape is a multiplayer fantasy online RPG video game. Here, you’ll be embarking on a journey into the sixth age of Gielinor, where you get to explore the rich atmospheres of the open world – dependent on lore and legend. 

At RuneScape, the gameplay is all up to you, and you can follow your instincts and explore the world on your own. You also have the choice of inviting your friends or becoming a sole adventurer. 

Key Highlights

  • This game includes endless discovery that’s been brewing for 20 years – filled with more and more mysteries, adventures, and magic.
  • It’s filled with all types of encounters, where sometimes you’ll make friends, and other times, you might make enemies. 
  • It’s filled with over a dozen striking landscapes and locations – just the best natural atmospheres anyone would love exploring. 

3. Stardew Valley 

Stardew Valley Game

Stardew Valley is another promising one on the list – a popular simulation, RPG game, where you will take the position of someone who has inherited a ruined farm from the deceased grandfather. It’s named Stardew Valley, and now – you have to turn the ruins into something good. 

Additionally, it’s an award-winning cultivation game – an open-ended farming RPG with an interesting plot, where you get to work on overgrown yet beautiful farmlands and customize the land into your own farm. 

Key Highlights

  • It includes more than 50 hours of gameplay.
  • It has mobile-exclusive features if you are playing on a mobile or tablet, including several extra control options. 
  • You have the choice to settle down and opt for marriage with over 10 potential marriage candidates.

4. Fishdom 

Fishdom Game

Fishdom is yet another popular puzzle video game with millions of players playing worldwide. As the name suggests, Fishdom is about fishes and an underwater world where you’ll be exploring the match-3 gameplay with fishes.

Moreover, you’ll be challenging unique puzzles while decorating aquariums to create homes for talking fishes. In addition to that, you will be playing with them, feeding them, and you can also watch them have fun with each other. 

Key Highlights

  • You get to decide if you wish to complete an aquarium alone, or with the help of your friends.
  • While swiping on matching pieces, and decorating and designing aquariums, you will also be taking care of fishes, raising them.

5. Clockmaker

Clockmaker Game

Clockmaker is one from the mystery genre, a match-3 puzzle video game for adults and Jewel game lovers. You will be renovating the entire city by playing over 1000 jewel match puzzles.

Like any other matching pieces game, Clockmaker includes special boosters, which will help you at tough times with absolutely no need for any Wi-Fi or Internet connection. 

Key Highlights

  • It’s one of the best classical puzzle games for adults.
  • You’ll be matching pieces, and solving riddles of mystery objects as well.
  • The game features new events weekly. 

6. Wildscapes

Wildscapes Game

Wildscapes is another one mainly focusing on matching pieces, where you’ll be working in a zoo, where solving puzzles and moving ahead will help the zoo to grow and the animals in it to stay healthy and well-fed. 

In Wildscapes, you’ll work hard to keep the adorable animals safe and well. Along with that, you’ll be braiding enclosures for animals and renovating the lands to become visitor-friendly, with facilities, such as hangout spots, playgrounds, cafes, fountains, etc. 

Key Highlights

  • Moving ahead in the levels will give you opportunities to unlock more areas – automatically welcoming more animals from various habitats. 
  • You are given customization options for designing your zoo in your own way.
  • You’ll be completing missions for zoo visitors by helping them with whatever they need. 

7. Township 

Township Game

Township, yet another favored one on the list, is here with an unusual mixture of city building and farming. 

Yes, here you will be building your dream village, where you need to harvest many different types of crops, process them at multiple facilities, trade goods, mine, expand your area — and do a whole lot of interesting things. 

Honestly, Township is our personal favorite in this list, letting you explore cute landscapes and graphics, and welcoming you to have a full-on successful farmer experience — with unique challenges hwaiting!

Key Highlights

  • You’ll be opening cinemas, community buildings, restaurants, and more such facilities.
  • While farming, you’ll also be running a zoo, and trading with different countries through air, as well as water and land routes. 
  • It often holds exciting events with huge rewards, and just gets more challenging as you level up.
  • There’s basically nothing to lose, but just the thought of letting a trade opportunity pass makes you more challenging, and the game: more addicting. 

8. Matchington Mansion 

Matchington Mansion Game

Matchington Mansion is here for those who are interested in home decor along with the matching puzzles. In simple words, this game is here to give you the experience of becoming a house maker as well as having fun with matching pieces challenges.

Moreover, the game is full of fun and includes addicting gameplay. You’ll also get to have fun with in-game characters while revealing the hidden stories.

Also, you can customize the interior design of the mansion, and have the responsibility of protecting your new home from the naughty cousin. Eventually, you will unlock new rooms that will unclose hidden secrets – in a game that is filled with quirky personalities.

Key Highlights

  • It includes over a dozen hidden areas — several locked rooms, and over 1000 DIY decorations to choose from.
  • You’ll be decorating the interior of the mansion as well as the garden, in your own style. 

9. Cooking Fever 

Cooking Fever Game

Cooking Fever here is all about cooking delicious food and desserts in your restaurant while exploring an assortment of worldwide famous cuisines. It’s a fun game that requires you to prepare finger-licking meals with a wide range of settings.

Additionally, you’ll get to choose from many different restaurants and locations and will be serving many types of dishes – from burgers to noodles and Indian cuisine to French cuisine.

Along with all that, the game also lets you offer customized freebies, like cupcakes or cookies to impress your customers, and let’s not forget that you can also adopt different kitchen techniques as you travel the world for food. 

Key Highlights

  • As you level up, you’ll unlock many recipes while experiencing using multiple kitchen appliances like rice cookers, pizza ovens, popcorn makers, coffee machines, etc.
  • You can design the interiors and exteriors of your restaurant whenever you feel like attracting more customers. 
  • It has more than 1000 levels to win.
  • It often holds challenges and tournaments with huge rewards. 

Final Words 

With no lies, the above-mentioned article contains a mixture of many different types of games, which each have certain similarities to Gardenscapes, but with unusual plots, gameplay, highlights, and such.

Indeed, not all of them can give you the full relaxing feeling of playing, but that’s just because they have quite addictive gameplay which will only make you work harder. 

Nevertheless, we have come to the end of this article, and hope you now have your favorite games like Gardenscapes to try. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are good games like Gardenscapes and Homescapes?

Stardew Valley, Matchington Mansion, RunScapes, Cooking Fever, Fishdom, Township, Wildscapes, and Clockmaker are some of the good games like Gardenscapes and Homescapes.

Which are other games like Gardenscapes?

Township, Stardew Valley, Cooking Fever, Clockmaker, Homescapes, Wildscapes, RunScapes, Fishdom, and Matchington Mansion are a few of the other games like Gardenscapes.