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How to Get More Water on Farmland Temu [2024]

How to Get More Water on Farmland Temu [2024]

How to Get More Water on Farmland Temu: The Farmland loyalty program in the Temu platform offers players the opportunity to engage in virtual farming activities. Participants can purchase virtual land and seeds to cultivate crops in a digital farming environment. As you nurture and grow your crops, earn credits as a form of in-game rewards.

In the game, water is a crucial resource needed to grow crops and succeed. Players are eager to find ways to increase the amount of water available for their crops. By obtaining more drops of water, they can earn prizes and free items to enhance their gameplay.

So, if you are also interested to know the answer to the Question ”How to get more water on Farmland Temu”, then the article below contains a well-curated list of all the ways you could use to get more water on Farmland Temu.

How to Get More Water on Farmland Temu 

Promote Your Affiliate Links to Other Users

To get more water drops in the Temu game, you can invite others to join using your affiliate link. Each new registration through your link can earn you up to 200 extra drops of water. Here's how:

  • Click on the “Get Drops” button at the bottom of the game interface.
  • Choose to share the link through Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram, or copy the link to share it manually.
  • Spread the link to your social networks and gaming communities to encourage others to join Temu through your referral link.
  • When people sign up using your link, you'll receive extra water drops as a reward.

By sharing your affiliate link, you can boost your water supply and enjoy more rewards and prizes in the game.

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Open All Chests Everyday

In the Temu Prize Farm, you'll discover daily chests that hold rewards in the form of water drops. These chests offer varying amounts, from 5 drops for basic prizes to 25 drops for Plus chests. Make sure to open all 24 available chests daily to maximize your rewards.

Consistently logging into the game ensures you don't miss any chances to increase your winnings and unlock exciting prizes. So, check those chests every day to grow your water supply and succeed in the game!

Check the Daily Log to Get More Drops

In the Temu Prize Farm, logging in daily can be very rewarding. You can get up to 300 raindrops by completing the daily registration, but this reward is available only once. So, make sure to log in every day to claim these valuable additional rewards.

To do this, click on the “Register” button in the lower corner of the screen, just above the panel for obtaining drops through irrigation.

Once you've completed all the objectives for the day, the challenge will disappear until you plant another garden.

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Complete the List of Objectives of the Farm

In Temu, you can earn more water drops by completing various objectives:

  • Invite new users: 200 drops
  • Invite existing users: 10 drops
  • Invite new farm users: 40 drops each
  • Place an order: 600 drops
  • Browse the store for 30 seconds: 20 drops
  • Share your link with others: 10 drops

Click on “Get Drops” at the bottom of the app to access these opportunities. By completing these tasks, you can accumulate more drops and progress faster in the game.

Take Advantage of Daily Promotions and Access the Farms of Your Contacts

In Temu, you can earn extra water drops through daily promotions and special events. These promotions often involve inviting contacts to join, offering the same rewards as other sections.

To access these opportunities, click on the “Daily Water” button located on the left in the central part of the application. Participate in these events to collect more drops and boost your progress in the game.