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Games Like Chapters: 10 Interactive Story Games You’ll Love!

Games Like Chapters: 10 Interactive Story Games You’ll Love!

Games like Chapters: Chapters is a popular video game filled with interactive stories, where you play the role of heroine or the hero, and indulge yourself in multiple tales, such as makeover, alpha wolf, fiery passion, important decisions, and more.

Additionally, the game has a big library of multiple genres, and you need to make a choice for every story and make every decision – which will automatically change the ending. With such an unique gameplay, it has over 10 million downloads only on the Google Play Store.

Yet, there are many who have already tried the game and wish to know if there are more similar games. So, are you also searching for the same? If yes, then we are glad you stopped by because this article includes a list of top games like Chapters. 

List of Games like Chapters:

1. Choices: Story You Play

Choices: Story You Play Games Like Chapters

Choices is one of the most popular games listed in this article with over 50 million downloads only on the Google Play Store. As the name suggests, it’s filled with situations and endings that change according to the choices and the decisions you make.

The game has a huge collection of stories to explore with a good bunch of genres, including drama, horror, fantasy, Romance, etc. 

Additionally, some of the leading stories in the video game are – The Nanny Affair, Immortal Desires, The Royal Romance, Laws of Attraction, Blades of Light & Shadow, and more. 

Key Highlights

  • It offers basic customization features where you can customize your outfits, character outlook, and hair.
  • You get to control what happens next and pick your story from a growing library which is updated every week with new Chapters.

2. Episode 

Episode gme

Episode is an interactive storytelling video game, a network featuring a variety of stories where you get to make choices and the story will progress based on your decisions. 

Moreover, the ending of the story changes according to what you choose, while it comes with a big library, including multiple genres, such as Romance, horror, drama, mystery, etc. 

Also, it is one of the leading games mentioned here, with over 100 million downloads only on the Google Play Store.

Key Highlights

  • You have to start by designing your character, and it offers the basic customization of face, hair, brows, eyes, nose, lips, and even outfit. 
  • You can join the community with your avatar and chat with other members from across the world. 

3. Romance Club : Story I Play 

Romance Club : Story I Play

Romance Club is another popular one in the list of visual storytelling and interactive fiction video games — where your choices matter the most. 

Here, you’ll be the main character who goes on various adventures and ends up with multiple endings based on choices. For instance, some of the top stories are – Heaven’s Secret, Dracula, Chasing You, Legend of the Willow, and more.

With downloads crossing the mark of 10 million on the Google Play Store, the game is a good shot for those who are mainly interested in Romance.

Key Highlights

  • You get to pick your style and personality – if you want to be bold, shy, cute, sexy, a guy, or a girl. 
  • Romance is present in every story in its library, but it also has other popular genres, including fantasy, drama, mystery, supernatural, etc.

4. Moments: Choose Your Story

Moments: Choose Your Story

Moments is another choice-based interactive video game where you will be invited to many romantic novels and asked to make choices to progress your stories. No one knows how it will end, but, since the story is created by you, it belongs to you.

Additionally, the game will help you meet many characters – some of your friends, some best friends, and some enemies. Also, it has a big library, including multiple genres such as paranormal, supernatural, drama, and more. 

Key Highlights

  • You get to meet many interesting personalities in leading novels and enjoy diverse scenarios.
  • Enjoy your dream, live by going on dates, parting with your friends, enjoying a wedding with your boyfriend, etc. 
  • You have to start by customizing your avatar, starting from the body structure to your outfit. 

5. Romance Fate : Story & Chapters

Romance Fate : Story & Chapters

Romance Fate is another ideal choice-based video game where you will fall in love, meet billionaires and playboys, explore fantasy stories with vampires, and be a fantasy character such as a mermaid.

For example, some of the leading stories in this video game are – The Billionaire Neighbor, Forbidden Affair, Love Practice, Obsession, and more, involving other genres, such as drama, magic, and mystery with Romance.

Key Highlights

  • You get to customize your and the main character’s avatar in the story.
  • You get to experience your dream life and make friends with other characters from different parts of the world.
  • Although the game is free, you can find fair deals to progress faster in the story and get offers at times of season and peak days.

6. Spotlight : Choose Your Romance

Spotlight : Choose Your Romance

Spotlight is another successful video game, including choices and stories brought to you with amazing animations and unique storyline gameplay. As usual, you will be following your heart to fall in love, make friends and enemies – and make choices for a good ending. 

Although the game is mostly about romance, there are many more genres you might be interested in, including intense drama, mystery, thriller, young adult, supernatural, LGBTQ, and more. Also, the game has weekly updates for stories written by bestseller writers. 

Key Highlights

  • It includes more than 900 chapters along with new stories updated every week.
  • It has collectible CG cards and mini-games when you want to take a break from stories.
  • You get to customize your character from every point, including fashion, hairstyles, and your body in your virtual room.
  • It allows you to chat with other users in the community and engage. 

7. Storypick 

Storypick Game

Storypick is an underrated video game, and compared to the titles mentioned above, it has anime and manga-like animation and illustrations. 

As expected, it allows you to invite popular dramas and TV programs into your life – all changing turns as you make your choices, and, as already mentioned, it contains some of the popular originals from Netflix and well-known works. 

Moreover, it has a big library, including multiple genres in storyline and you get to pick a story according to your liking, and pick the fate of your main character. 

Key Highlights

  • The art style and illustrations are beautiful, where you can choose the hero of your story.
  • If you decide to customize your outfit, then you’ll get affinity points. 
  • The game often includes seasonal and peak days events, which only bring an extra towards exciting things. 

8. Love Island: The Game 

Love Island game

Love Island, also called Love Villa, is an RPG video game, known as the ultimate interactive story game based on episodes, inspired by the popular variety show – Love Island. 

Similar to the show, you will start by creating your character and customizing it — the entire outlook starting from body structures, to choosing fashion and outfits.

Moreover, you have to go around exploring the variety of characters you see on the island, choose the guy or a girl you are interested in, and try to persuade them to become your partner. 

Key Highlights

  • You get to meet and engage with 18 candidates, each having a different story to tell.
  • Feel the drama at its peak when your twin sister enters the game.
  • Try on the trendiest outfits and fashion hairstyles to show off your fashion skills.

10. FictIf : Interactive Romance 

FictIf Game

FictIf is yet another underrated choice-based video game, where you get visual novels in interactive and passionate character-driven Romance tales, inspired by original works.

Like any other game mentioned in this list, this game too, has many other genres involved alongside romance, including supernatural, mystery, drama, thriller, fantasy, and more.

Moreover, some of the leading stories available are – Last Legacy, Two Against The World, Catch Me In Miami, Heir To Love & Lies, and many more. 

Key Highlights

  • You will get to start by exploring collections of immersive romance stories in various realities, characters, types, and genres.
  • The stories are all-inclusive and your choice will influence your story experience.
  • You get to do a lot of interesting things like going on adventures, falling in love in various ways, traveling across the world, and solving murder mysteries.

Final Words

Although all the video games mentioned in this article will offer you stories that progress according to your choices and preferences, there are still different advantages and features to each one, and this well-curated list only contains the most popular titles out there.

With this, we have successfully presented the list of the top games like Chapters, and hope the article was helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any good games like Chapters interactive stories?

Choices, Love Island, Romance Fate, Storypick, Episode, Moments, FictIf, Romance Fate, and Romance Club are a few of the good games like Chapters interactive stories.

Which are good online games like Chapters?

Choices, Episode, Romance Club, Moments, Romance Fate, Love Island, Romance Fate, Storypick, and FictIf are some of the good online games like Chapters.