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Foxtel Go Error Code PE8006 [How to Fix]

Foxtel Go Error Code PE8006 [How to Fix]

Foxtel Go Error Code PE8006: Foxtel Go allows you to watch your favorite content, anytime, anywhere, and on your preferred device. It offers a wide range of categories in its library, all for a reasonable subscription plan, including dramas, live sports, and more. 

Moreover, Foxtel Go is used by millions of subscribers globally, offering additional services like IPTV streaming, direct broadcast, and satellite television. But, to interrupt the good flow, we have many bugs and glitches on the list, the latest one being – Foxtel Go error code PE8006.

The Foxtel Go error code PE8006 isn’t any common issue, nor does it have any proper solution. So, what to do? If you don’t know, then worry not because the article mentioned below contains a good list of solutions to help solve the problem. 

What is the Foxtel Go Error Code PE8006?

The Foxtel error code PE8006 doesn’t seem like a general code, and it is related to a problem with the CDN token. 

For those who don’t know the meaning, it stands for ‘content delivery network’, which is a system delivering content to you from servers that are associated with them. 

Moreover, it is a unique identifier that is used to authenticate the user and make sure you are only watching the content you are supposed to watch.

How to Fix: Foxtel Go Error Code PE8006

Check Your Internet Connection 

Poor internet connection is probably the main reason why you are receiving the error code. 

Therefore, make sure your internet connection is doing well, and if it isn’t, then you can restart the modem or your device, or simply switch to another connection source. 

Update the Foxtel Go App 

In case your Foxtel Go app is outdated, then there’s no way it will stream properly and without any flaws. It is important to always keep your apps updated, so, we suggest you update the Foxtel Go app right away. 

Clear Foxtel Go App Cache

If you don’t know, then cache and unwanted data on the device create multiple issues and bugs, doing a good job of interrupting the swift flow of the device. 

Therefore, we advise you to always keep your apps, including the Foxtel Go app, cache-free, and you can do so by following a few simple steps mentioned below:


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select the General option.
  3. Select iPhone Storage.
  4. Scroll down and select the Foxtel Go app.
  5. Choose Offload App from the bottom.
  6. Reinstall the Foxtel Go app from the App Store.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Navigate to the page where you’ll find all the apps.
  3. Search for the Foxtel Go app, and select it once found. 
  4. Choose the Clear Cache option.
  5. If you get 2 choices, then select the appropriate one.

Re-launch the Foxtel App

If your account in the app has gathered a lot of data, then it might also start creating issues. To get rid of these issues, the only best and easiest solution is to relaunch the app.

You can delete the app and reinstall it, and this process will give you a new app with no extra data or cache. 

Contact Foxtel Support

Contacting the Foxtel support team is the very last option on the list. To do so, you can call 00 61 3 8325 2701 and also know that it is the easiest way to approach them and get a fast reply, if not instant.

If calling doesn’t sound pleasant, then there are many more options that can help you on the Foxtel Support page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Foxtel error code PE8006?

The Foxtel error code PE8006 is related to the CDN token. It is a unique identifier and helps you watch the content you are authorized to watch. As for the cause, it can be a poor internet connection, or bugs or glitches in the app or your device.