Foxtel Error Code SR100 [Fix 2023]

Foxtel Error Code SR100

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Foxtel Error Code SR100: Foxtel is a paid television service provider, a television company that also offers some additional services like direct broadcast satellite television, cable television, and IPTV streaming. 

Foxtel is known as a veteran when it comes to entertainment in this field – a platform where you can freely enjoy all your favorites like dramas, live sports, and blockbuster movies along with prime video Disney+, Netflix, and such services.

Yet, there are some issues that interrupt the swift flow for users, like the recent Foxtel error code SR100 that’s not allowing users to stream at all, while others are automatically logged out. 

Also, since you are here, it’s quite clear that you are also facing the same issue, but worry not because the article mentioned below contains all the working troubleshooting methods to solve the problem. 

What is the Foxtel Error Code SR100?

According to our research, the Foxtel error code SR100 can be caused by a good number of causes. Yet, it may be mainly caused because your cable is not receiving enough connection to work properly.

If not, then either the Foxtel servers are facing a sudden outage, or, the Foxtel system is under maintenance.

In both cases, you will have to wait till the Foxtel servers are up and running for everyone. However, if that’s not the case, then the reason might be any of the following:

  • There’s an issue with your Foxtel cable box or cable modem.
  • Maybe your Foxtel cable modem, box, or the wire is damaged.
  • Your device is receiving cable line disruptions. 
  • There is a small glitch in the device system.
Foxtel Error Code SR100

How to Fix: Foxtel Error Code SR100

Check Foxtel Server Status

As soon as you receive the error code on your screen, the very first thing you are supposed to do is to make sure the Foxtel servers are up and running, and for that, you have to check its server status.

Checking the service status is no big deal and you can trust some reliable websites like Downdetector by Ookla and check here. The site will tell you if others are also facing the problems like you, and if Foxtel servers are down or not. 

Restart the Cable Box or Cable Modem 

According to the complaints and technicians, who have solved the issue online, the error can be caused when your Foxtel cable box or cable modem is not receiving enough connection from the main servers. 

Now, if servers are not up and running, then that’s definitely the cause. But, if that’s not the case, then there might be an issue with your cable box or modem.

To solve this glitch, you should restart your cable box or cable modem from the start. This will refresh the system, and if the problem is just a mere bug, then it will be kicked out.

Check for Box or Modem Damages

If you have successfully restarted your Foxtel cable box or cable modem, and the issue is still there, then that might be because your cable box or modem is damaged. 

To solve this problem, you have to check your Foxtel cable box or cable modem thoroughly and make sure the device is all good and working properly. Along with that, you’re also required to check the power source and wires – if they are working fine. 

Bonus: While you’re at it, you should also make sure that the cable and wires are connected properly, and that nothing is loose enough to lose connection. 

Check for Cable Line Disruptions

You have to check if the device is receiving any cable line disruption. If it is, then to solve the problem — all you can do is contact the Foxtel customer care team and make sure to explain the problem properly. 

Check Other Channels

We know it might sound a bit childish, but if there’s an issue, a smaller one with the device system, like a minor bug or glitch, then changing channels can get rid of the small problem easily.

Additionally, if you checked some other channel and it’s working, but you come back to the previous channel and it is not — then it’s clear that there’s an issue with the device or Foxtel system – and you can possibly do nothing but wait till the channel is back to serve. 

Contact Foxtel Customer Care

If none of the troubleshooting my storage mentioned above works for you, then all that remains is to contact the Foxtel customer care team and explain your current problem properly.

To contact Foxtel customer care services, the fastest way to contact and get a reply is by calling 00 61 3 8325 2701. Or, you can visit its Contact Us page and get support, and quick links for major issues, and can also get the link to chat with them through live chat support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Foxtel error code sr100 meaning?

The meaning of the Foxtel error code sr100 is that either Foxtel servers are not currently up and running, or your Foxtel cable box or modem is not receiving enough connection to work properly. 

How do I fix the Foxtel login error code sr100?

To fix the Foxtel login error code sr100, make sure Foxtel servers are up and running for all, check your Foxtel cable box or cable modem for damages, check if any wires are loose, or directly contact Foxtel customer care services. 

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