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Foxtel Error Code cc1000 [How to Fix 2024]

Foxtel Error Code cc1000 [How to Fix 2024]

Foxtel Error Code cc1000: Foxtel is one of the most popular television companies across Australia. It’s known for offering a good bunch of services, such as direct broadcast satellite television, cable television, and IPTV streaming.

It also has an application called the Foxtel Go app that works on many types of devices including TV. The app does a good job of offering streaming services, but for quite a while now, it has been showing an error code — Foxtel Error Code cc1000.

The Foxtel Error Code cc1000 doesn’t seem to be allowing users to move ahead with streaming, and they are often stuck with the code on a blank screen.

So, are you also facing the same problem without any solution in mind? If yes, then it’s time to drop worries because the article mentioned below contains all the possible solutions to solve the problem.

What is the Foxtel Error Code cc1000?

As of August 2024, there is no specific cause for the Foxtel Error Code cc1000, and it is not available in the official Foxtel troubleshooting guide. 

However, in our research, we found out that any of the following reasons can be the cause of the issue:

  • Poor or unstable network connection.
  • Foxtel servers are under maintenance or are facing an outage. 
  • Your Foxtel Go app is outdated. 
  • There’s a bug on glitch and your device or in the Foxtel app. 

How to Fix: Foxtel Error Code cc1000

Check the Internet Speed

The most common cause for the error code might be that your network connection is poor, and is showing the error code instead of loading or buffering.

Therefore, we suggest you check your Internet speed, and if it is low or unstable, then you should restart the modem or your data connection from scratch and can do this twice or thrice.

You can also try switching to the data connection, another Wi-Fi, or a mobile hotspot. 

Check Foxtel Service Status

If Foxtel is facing a sudden service outage or the servers are under maintenance, then there’s no way you will be able to use the Foxtel Go app without any issues.

Therefore, we suggest you check Foxtel's official social media pages to see if they have posted any maintenance or service outage notices.

If you can’t find anything on social media, then you should consider visiting some trusted websites like Downdetector and check if others have reported issues for Foxtel here

Check for Foxtel App Updates

If your Foxtel Go App is outdated, then it will surely create problems and you won’t be able to use the app properly until you update it. 

So, update the app the right way, and to exclude the hassle of updating every time, you can go to the Settings app and switch on the auto-update app.

Reinstall the Foxtel App

If updating the app didn’t work out, then you should consider deleting the app and reinstalling it after some dying to get rid of all the extra data along with glitches and bugs, if any. 

Contact Foxtel Customer Care

If none of your troubleshooting methods mentioned above helped you solve the problem, then it’s time to contact Foxtel customer care and complain about it.

To do so, the easiest and fastest way to reach Foxtel customer care services, and get a response is by calling 00 61 3 8325 2701.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix Foxtel Error Code cc1000?

To fix the Foxtel Error Code cc1000, you should make sure your Internet connection speed is good enough, the Foxtel app is updated, your device doesn’t have any bugs or glitches, and that Foxtel service status, at least for the Foxtel app, is up and running

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