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9 Top Games like Monster Strike That You’ll Love! [2024]

9 Top Games like Monster Strike That You’ll Love! [2024]

Games like Monster Strike: Monster Strike is a well-known mobile RPG physics game from Japan. It is a puzzle, cooperative, and strategy multiplayer video game that’s available for Android, iOS, and Nintendo 3DS platforms.

Here, you have to become a monster master, and do your best to collect as many monsters as you can — each coming with different abilities. You’ll get over 1000 unique monsters waiting for you – easy rules and easy mechanics. 

Overall, Monster Strike is a good game. But, if you have already tried it and want to know more games like Monster Strike with similar puzzles, characters, and gameplay, then our list of the top 9 games like Monster Strike mentioned below is here to help you.

List of Games like Monster Strike:

1. Hyper Heroes 

Hyper Heroes Games like Monster Strike

Hyper Heroes is a famous RPG turn-based combat system video game where launching your heroes against a variety of enemies is your main goal. This game has an average rating on Google Play Store and App Store, but has over 10 million downloads. 

Overall, Hyper Heroes follow three main rules — Tap, Swipe, and Sling, which are required to send your heroes to kill holders of monsters. As soon as you successfully slay a monster, you’ll get their share of epic treasures. 

Key Highlights

  • It follows turn-based combat and tactical strategy, where you will be able to adjust your forms, plan your moves, and create combos of moves. 
  • Every hero has a set of rare skills and stats.
  • It allows you to try different kinds of setups to check which one suits you the best. 


Android and iOS

2. White Cat Project 

White Cat Project Game

White Cat Project is an interesting action RPG video game, where a strong and powerful battle system awaits you. Here, you’ll see skill combinations where organized characters will come up simultaneously – each possessing different skills. 

Moreover, White Cat Project follows an interesting plot, involving white and black cats of different continents. 

Also, the best thing about this game is that event scenarios and characters are updated almost every month – with new characters coming up frequently. 

Key Highlights

  • The ‘cooperation battle’ challenge is there for players to play together and challenge each other in the multiplayer mode.
  • You get to use all 12 types of professions, including martial artist, warrior, lancer, archer, swordsman, and more. 
  • The game is equipped with a wide and deep training system, including customization of weapons, stone tablets, etc. 


Android and iOS

3. Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons Game

Puzzle & Dragons is another famous competitive puzzle, action, RPG video game, where you will, indeed, be meeting with monsters, but, how? By lining up 3 or more than 3 orbs of the same color to attack the enemy's monster with your own. 

Puzzle & Dragons is another game with a good 4.5 rating and over 5 million downloads – featuring some beautiful and cute female characters. Overall, it’s a good game where you can fight together with your friends to kill all old and new enemies.

Key Highlights

  • You’ll get to see a good range of monsters — all with powerful abilities and have more than 2000 rare monsters to kill and collect. 
  • You can choose to optimize your monsters and they can transfer into stronger monsters.
  • The game has a multiplayer mode that includes certain ranks and challenges with exclusive multiplayer dungeons.


Android, iOS, iPadOS, and Fire OS

4. Dynamons World 

Dynamons World game

Dynamons World, as expected, is another popular game in the list with a good 4 rating and over 10 million downloads, one of the best games like Monster Strike for iOS. 

Here, you will be joining an adventure and exploring the Dynamons World, where you can curate and train the best team and challenge your friends in powerful multiplayer battles.

At Dynamons World, you will get to become the captain of your team and prove your abilities to become the ultimate master of the Dynamons kingdom.

Key Highlights

  • The Online battle arena is a place where you can fight against your friends as well as with other players globally.
  • You don’t only need your powerful skills but also strong strategies to defeat the strongest bosses in the kingdom. 


Android and iOS

5. Summons Board 

Summons Board Game

Summons Board is where you will be given the entire control of your team, including humans? Nope, including monsters. As for the main goal, you have to fight to bring peace to the world where rarely any human is alive. 

Overall, this game features the classical monster gacha system and also has the skill to level up and enhance. Apart from all that, you will have the skill to manipulate the monsters and get the strongest ones by your side.

Key Highlights

  • The monster training and power-up scenes are quite interesting.
  • You get to defeat monsters and manipulate them to come by your side so that you can expand your guild and enhance their powers.


Android and iOS

6. Another Eden 

Another Eden Game

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space is another interesting game, a single-player JRPG. It features a beautiful story with no time limit content, a game that can be played at your own pace.

With Another Eden, you’ll go through the amazing story by Masato Kato, while the game also includes several other side stories, including character quests, mythos, and episodes.

Key Highlights

  • You’ll get to play crossover quests which are permanently added to the game, and be played whenever you want.
  • Every character comes with unique personalities and skills, and all the characters are voiced by popular Japanese actors. 


Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch 

7. Crash Fever 

Crash Fever Game

Crash Fever is an anime-inspired game, including a virtual world filled with fantasy. Here, you will be building your party and going on outstanding quests. 

Along with that, you will get to collect time-limited characters and enjoy while the game collaborates with popular anime to release exclusive episodes and units frequently.

In this game, you have to destroy wind color beads to kill the RPG attack, while developing dreamy and cute characters. They are mostly females, and you get to join them on several new adventures with other players online. 

Key Highlights

  • This game includes a fantasy universe that’s totally based on anime and fictional styles.
  • You’ll find plenty of opportunities to get your hands on limited-time characters and events.


Android and iOS 

8. World Flipper 

World Flipper Game

World Flipper is listed in this article because of its ‘editor’s choice’ badge on the Google Play Store, and because it gives you the opportunity to try out an epic pinball adventure. 

The game includes multiple interesting missions, quests, and promos, and it is a combination of pinball adventure with action RPG – giving off an entirely new gameplay and combat experience.

Overall, World Flipper has a fast-paced combat system where you have to get ready to aim, and fire – making sure your attacks are perfect and killing your enemies without letting them know. 

Key Highlights

  • You get to activate abilities and skills to maximize danger and damage.
  • It allows you to travel and explore several fantasy worlds and unravel secrets.
  • The game allows you to pair up to combine abilities and become a powerful duo.
  • Every character has beautifully Illustrated stories and episodic story arcs which can be unlocked accordingly. 


Android and iOS

9. Grand Summoners 

Grand Summoners Game

Grand Summoners is another outstanding pixel RPG on this list, inclusive of hyper-intuitive fights you have been always waiting for. It includes three main characters, Miyu, Chloe, and Illya, highly recommended for console gamers.

This game is also suggested for anime fans who enjoy pretty illustrations with easy controls – and are excited to get transported to a fantasy world.

Apart from all that, it includes a storyline where demons attack humankind, and have been ripping them apart for centuries. However, you, one among the legendary heroes, will stand against these demons and fight for justice — for humanity.

Key Highlights

  • After you have settled down in the fantasy universe, you will have to summon more ancient heroes to help you.
  • You get to strengthen your relations with other players through battling in the multiplayer mode, where up to 4 players can join. 
  • The game allows you to experience intense graphics, where bosses, backgrounds, units, and everything is in overwhelming quality. 


Android and iOS

Final Words

Apart from the games mentioned in this article, you can find plenty of games on the Internet that can give you puzzles, monsters, and powerful battles — exactly what you need.

Yet, if you want to have an even better experience, then we highly recommend you to try the games mentioned above.  Each one has an above-average rating, interesting play styles, and enough extra adventure to keep you stunned all the time.

With this, we have successfully presented the list of the top 9 games like Monster Strike, and hope the article was helpful to you

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there other games like Monster Strike for iOS?

Hyper Heroes, World Flipper, Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space, Dynamons World, Puzzle & Dragons, Summons Board, Grand Summoners, White Cat Project, and Crash Fever are some of the other games like Monster Strike for iOS.

Is there a game like Monster Strike?

Puzzle & Dragons is an interesting game like Monster Strike, followed by Grand Summoners, White Cat Project, Crash Fever, Hyper Heroes, Dynamons World, and World Flipper, Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space.

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