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Foxtel Go Error Code PE2005 [How to Fix]

Foxtel Go Error Code PE2005 [How to Fix]

Foxtel Go Error Code PE2005: Foxtel is one of the top Australian television companies, operating a good bunch of services including cable television and direct broadcast satellite television. Additionally, it has multiple subsections, including Foxtel Go.

Now, if you are a customer of this broadband company, then you might also know that it is filled with plenty of bugs and glitches, with tens of error codes occurring frequently. Similarly, as of September 2024, we have a new code named Foxtel Go error code PE2005.

The Foxtel Go error code PE2005 is yet another unknown error code that doesn’t have a proper or official solution to it. But, you don’t need to worry because, in this article, we are going to present a good list of common troubleshooting methods that can help you solve the issue.

What is the Foxtel Go Error Code PE2005?

The Foxtel Go error code PE2005 is an unknown code and there is no information about it anywhere. It isn’t allowing users to stream, and we also don’t have a proper solution that seems to be working every time. 

However, based on the complaints and bits of information available on the internet, we think that one of the following might be the cause of the problem:

  • There is an issue with your device.
  • Your internet connection is not doing well.
  • Foxtel servers are facing problems, most likely a sudden service outage.

How to Fix: Foxtel Go Error Code PE2005

Check Foxtel’s Server Status

Since there is no official information about this error code, it might be because of a sudden service outage, which means Foxtel servers are not up and running.

To check the same, you can visit trusted websites like Downdetector and check here if the Foxtel servers are doing well. If you found them down, then there’s nothing you can do about it, except for waiting for it to come back on the track. 

Check Your Cables & Connections

The cause of the problem might be because of your loose cables and connections. 

For the cables, you must make sure that your device wires are not damaged and the plugs are in tightly, and for the connections, make sure your internet connection is doing a good job.

If not, then you will have to change the cables or socket and switch to another internet source. 

Restart Your Device

If you think or suspect that your device is glitching or the core of this error code, then you can restart your device by switching it off and on after some time or directly opting for a reboot. 

This will not only refresh the Foxtel Go app, but all the other apps along with the device itself.

Delete and Reinstall the Foxtel App

Many times, re-launching the app can also help in getting rid of all the harmful materials like cache and unwanted data. 

That is why, we suggest you delete the app and reinstall it from the Google Play Store or App Store, accordingly.

Contact Foxtel Support

The very last solution on the list is to contact the Foxtel support team and explain your problem thoroughly. 

The easiest way to contact them and get a fast reply is by calling 00 61 3 8325 2701. Otherwise, you can also visit its Contact Us page for more options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the error code PE2005 on Foxtel Go?

The error code PE2005 on the Foxtel Go app is another unknown error issue, not allowing users to stream properly on the app. As for the cause, it might be your internet connection, device, or Foxtel servers.