ESPN vs Fox Sports: Who Wins the Battle? [2023] 

ESPN vs Fox Sports

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ESPN vs Fox Sports: Sports and channels featuring sports, both are very dear to sports lovers. Anything messing around with sports can lead to heartache for the respective fan following and fan clubs in the world of sports.  

ESPN and Fox Sports are in talk of the town for the collaboration or takeover or whatever the internet claims to say. Hence, in this article, we are going to talk about ESPN vs Fox Sports in detail.  

ESPN has now taken over Fox Sports and renamed it ESPN 4. So, anyone out there who is a fan of Fox Sports can now enjoy their favourite channel’s content on ESPN 4. But before that, we will see in this article which among both wins the battle.  

Is ESPN worth it? Do ESPN wins over Fox Sports? By the end of the article, you will get to know about how ESPN and Fox Sports work, what they offer viewers to stick by, their pricing plans, key differences etc.  

ESPN vs Fox Sports: Overview  


ESPN vs Fox Sports

ESPN offers a freemium version with a free trial feature to avail for the users. To watch or see the content of ESPN users need to install their official ESPN+ app on their TV provider accounts.  

ESPN offers content to stream such as sports and live shows to see highlights, behind-the-scenes, and college matches in general and can be easily available with TV providers or through their official website.  

Furthermore, ESPN+ is available to stream on the devices such as iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, Android Devices, Amazon Fire TV, Roku devices, Xbox and PlayStation, and Samsung Smart TVs and their official webpage.  

Fox Sports

Fox Sports vs ESPN

Fox Sports is a free streaming channel with a premium version to choose from for exclusive features and enhanced experience.  To get premium access to Fox sports, you can download its app under the title of Fox Sports Go.  

Fox Sports is also available with TV service providers including fuboTV, Hulu+, SlingTV and Youtube TV to club in with. Fox Sports Go offers live streaming with content more of MLB, NBA, NHL and much more.  

Moving further, the devices which are compatible with Fox Sports Go are namely Amazon Fire OS, Fire TV, Android devices, Apple Mac, Roku, Windows PCs, Xbox One, Google Chromecast, Safari, Microsoft Edge and many more.  

ESPN vs Fox Sports: What Can You Watch? 


With ESPN, viewers can choose to watch live sports shows or Disney and some original shows to binge-watch with premium plan selections. ESPN+ offerings may vary if users have selected pay-per-view packages or so.  

With an ESPN+ subscription, viewers might be interested in binge-watching shows such as: 

  • Eli’s Places with Eli Manning 
  • Man in the Arena: Tom Brady  
  • Detail- the ground-breaking sports analysis program 
  • ESPN Films 
  • The Ultimate Fighter 
  • ESPN Films 
  • The Fantasy Show with Matthew Berry  
  • Peyton’s Places with Peyton Manning 
  • ESPN FC- Daily highlights  
  • America’s Caddie with Michael Collins 
  • The Ultimate Fighter and many more.  

Moving further, users with ESPN can watch the following live sports: 

  • PGA Tour Live 
  • UFC 
  • MLB 
  • NFL 
  • Top Rank Boxing 
  • International soccer leagues 
  • College sports namely baseball, football, basketball, volleyball and many more.  

Fox Sports  

Fox Sports Go offers a variety of shows such as replays, matches, live streaming, and sporting actions depending on your location and the streaming provider you have chosen for yourself.  

With a Fox Sports Go subscription, viewers might be interested in binge-watching the following sports action: 

  • Live TV 
  • Replays 
  • Highlights of sports 
  • MLB 
  • NBA 
  • NHL 
  • Baseball 
  • Basketball 
  • Boxing 
  • College footballs 
  • Soccer 
  • NCAA actions 
  • First Things First 
  • The Journey: Big Ten Football 
  • TMZ Sports and many more.  

Pricing: ESPN vs Fox Sports  


  • ESPN+ comes with monthly and annual subscriptions to look for. ESPN+ monthly subscription costs around $9.99/ per month with 3 simultaneous streaming options to watch at the same time.  
  • Then comes, ESPN+ with a yearly subscription which costs viewers around $99.99/ per year offering 3 simultaneous screenings at a time and many more features to look forward to.  
  • Another appealing subscription plan of ESPN+ comes in a bundle package where you get a bundle of services from ESPN+, Disney+ and Hulu which costs around $19.99/per month.  
  • If users do not want to indulge in trio bundles, then they can go for a Pay-Per-View subscription where they can purchase live pay-per-view events for $79.99 per event or a package for $124.98 as an annual subscription.  
  • Viewers can get a free trial facility with ESPN+ to have a trial of the premium plans. 
  • To know more about the pricing of ESPN, click here.  

Fox Sports  

  • Fox Sports Go comes with certain plans of a bundle with other streaming services to choose from as premium subscription plans with different prices as mentioned below.  
  • To choose Fox Sports with AT&T TV then it may cost$54.99/ per month which comes with 1 streaming screen, 500 hours of cloud storage and streaming services like HBO, Starz and Epix. 
  • If users want to choose Fox Sports with fuboTV then the basic package cost around $54.99/per month with a seven-day free trial, 2 streaming screens, 30 hours of cloud storage and sports channels such as FS2, HFL Network and much more. 
  • Then another option for users is to choose Fox Sports with Hulu+ Live TV which costs you around $54.99/ month with one free trial, 2 streaming screens, 50 hours of storage, 60 other channels etc. Users can upgrade their plan for unlimited screens, 200 cloud storage and much more at $9.99/per month. 
  • Sling TV partnering with Fox Sports offers three different plans at the cost of $30/month for Sling Blue, and $45/month for Sling Orange to have binge-worthy experiences in comedy, news and entertainment with sports.  
  • For YouTube TV, users can get Fox Sports with YouTube TV at the cost of $49.99/per month where users will have unlimited cloud storage, keep recordings for up to 9 months, 3 simultaneous screens and much more.  
  • To know more about prices with Fox sports, click here.  

Experience: ESPN vs Fox Sports 


Talking about user experience with ESPN, the app is available, as well as on the web to experience an enhanced and advanced world of ESPN. The app is power-packed with a user-friendly interface and easy navigation.  

Adding to this, the interface is designed with white text, yellow highlights and a black background to go easy on the eyes and offer a clean display version. For the main ESPN+ section, users get two options Stream and Articles.  

The app has other features such as icons to complete an action like downloading your favourite content, checking your sports schedule, settings and many more. The search bar has an advanced search tool which allows users to search about any team, league etc.  

Overall, it is a great app as per interface and experience are concerned. The playback and video quality can be selected and customised as per viewers. 

Fox Sports  

Fox Sports has a clean and simple user interface to experience. With the app, users can easily follow their favourite teams, and players, read top stories and much more. The app has in-built alerts that users can customise as per their liking.  

The app offers a live streaming section so users can keep a record of live scores in real time, watch live matches, see live events, get hold of top stories, news, updates on upcoming leagues and much more.  

Overall, the Fox Sports experience is a must to try for sports lovers because of its easy and clean user interface with lots of customisation. Users can get hold of binge-worthy studio shows, BTN televised games and much more.  

What is the difference between ESPN and Fox Sports? 

The difference between ESPN and Fox Sports can mainly be seen in the industry they are coming from. ESPN comes from a Disney background and hence people find Disney’s presence in terms of experience with ESPN.  

While, when we talk about Fox sports it comes from Fox which is now a Brand when we see it behind the movies, shows, etc in general. Fox Sports lately find it tough to make it in the sports industry and hence it is been replaced by ESPN 4.  

ESPN vs Fox Sports: Which is Better?  

In conclusion, we have observed a rivalry competition between ESPN and Fox Sports for years now. But in sports terms, ESPN tends to offer better services, portals and sports content than Fox Sports promises.  

Here, we come to an end to the article ESPN vs Fox Sports. We hope you got all the details about both regarding their content, pricing, streaming devices, and user experience to choose the best one as per your requirements.  

FAQs: ESPN vs Fox Sports 

Is FOX Sports and ESPN the same?

Yes. On January 17, 2022, Fox Sports was renamed ESPN 4.

Is ESPN owned by Fox?

No. ESPN is owned by ESPN Inc with joint owners namely The Walt Disney Company and Hearst Communications. 

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