10 Best ESPN Alternatives to Try Out! [2022]

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ESPN Alternatives: Are you a die-hard sports lover but cannot find a good sports website or cable to watch and stay updated? You can search for plenty of illegal websites and unofficial apps that only promise to give you the correct information when in reality — that does not happen.

Assuming you are fed up with these issues, in the article below, we have highlighted to you the No. 1 sports website and app — Espn along with ESPN alternatives. 

About ESPN

ESPN is a USA-based worldwide famous sports channel established by ESPN Inc. It has a website as well as an app to approach as a sports lover. The website and app are available internationally 24/7.

The website is best to be visited when you want to stay updated about the ongoing sports events. However, if you are a regular who would also like to stream ongoing and last events in great quality: the ESPN app is your rescue. 

CBS Sports 

ESPN Alternatives CBS Sports

CBS Sports is a paid television network by CBS Entertainment Group. Similarly to ESPN, CBS Sports updates you with everything about the sports events. It helps you stay updated with the teams and their schedules. You can look up stats after the game and live score updates from the last minute.

The brand gives free HQ Live streams and updated news on their website. If you do not have their channel subscribed, visiting their website for online streaming will do just fine. As the brand is affiliated with famous networks, you can view the channel’s content through other mediums like Hulu. 

CBS Sports Network has given a pleasant experience to most of its users. Thus, it can be named as one of the best ESPN Alternatives. 

Key Takeaways 

  • It gives full coverage of big to small events happening besides the main match and sports event. 
  • It offers fantasy games and advice in great numbers.
  • You get t9 stream exclusive extra events related to main events.
  • The website offers free HQ streaming and last minutes of updated news of the life Events — for free. 

Sports: MLB Baseball, NFL Football, NBA Basketball, Hockey and college basketball and football are the sports covered by CBS Sports regularly.

FOX Sports 

FOX Sports  live sports data

Fox Sports, popularly known as Fox sports media Group and FOX Sports is a basic sports programming section by the Fox Corporation. In the Top sports channel listing, Fox stands in second with the first position being acquired by ESPN star sports.

Live sports channel networks for sports also provide you with services like viewing and staying updated for scores in the ongoing matches, news about the teams or a single player, highlighted videos, updated status, live streams and schedules for upcoming matches. It covers a good number of sports including National and International both levels.

In case you wish to know what streaming on Fox sports looks like, you can always opt for the free live streaming on their website. The website offers free live streaming of current matches. If you wish to be a regular, you can go for the Fox Sports app, which is free to download on the Google play store and App Store.

However, the services on the app are not free and you are required to pay for at least a TV subscription to use the services from the Fox Sports app. Judging from the quality of content and services. Fox Sports is the best ESPN plus alternative when its premium services are included. 

Key Takeaways 

  • When you subscribe to Fox sports, the channel will come along with a set of other channels like — FS1, FS2, Fox deportes and Fox soccer plus. 
  • Compared to streaming on the TV, the Fox sports app gives a good set of extra features which you cannot experience and use by only using its television channel network. 
  • Fox Sports is affiliated with multiple streaming service providers. You can view the content on Fox sports channels through these streaming mediums like — Hulu plus Live Tv, Sling TV, YouTube TV and More. 

Sports: MLB, NASCAR, NCAA football & basketball, FIFA, World Cup, WWE smackdown, NFL and MLS are the sports covered by Fox sports network.

NBC Sports 

NBC Sports live score

NBC Sports is an American programming section under the famous broadcast network NBC. The division has taken the responsibility of Broadcasting live sports events, highly dedicated to national sports networking cables. 

NBC sports focuses on providing services for live streams with the best quality for subscribed members. They offer video highlights from recent games. You can stay up-to-date about the upcoming schedules of the teams you like. 

The network is updated automatically for ongoing events. The network also features the latest and past events related to all kinds of sports events. With its sincere approach to serving sports lovers — NBC sports is one of the best ESPN Alternatives. 

The programming network does not only focus on streaming the international events but also has an eye for regional and national events from across the world. Just search up for the ongoing or past event you wish to stream or have fun watching ongoing matches on your television. In any case, NBC sports will not disappoint you. 

Key Takeaways 

  • NBC Sports is affiliated with a good number of common streaming brands which can help you view the content of its channel on other mediums like FuboTV and More. 
  • If you are viewing the content of NBC sports through other streaming service providers, you can view the content on almost every kind of device including smart TVs, iOS devices, android devices, etc. 

Sports: You can stream a good number of sports on the NBC sports networks including NFL’s Sunday night football, NHL, premier league, NASCAR and more. 


theScore sports score apps

theScore is a famous score media and gaming company. It is a digital company from the USA. The company focuses on a whole set of things to provide to its users. The highlight of the company is — you get to know more about the top trending news and rumours from the regions of basketball, hockey, soccer, football and many other international sports. 

It covers a good set of things for the sports it includes under its name. You can stay updated with the scores of the past and Ongoing sports events across the world. Along with that, the analytical stats and other related and similar terms are mentioned without any glitches. The brand also focuses on providing you with highlighted videos from recent games. 

If you were in search of a sports programming network that will update you about the accurate news from tones like an NFL, you must give theScore a chance as it has parts of it working to acquire the accurate words from the announcements. It is one of the best ESPN alternatives. 

People who would like to install the application — can search for it on the Google play store or Apple store for Apple devices. The installation is similar to other apps and after you are set to use the app — you are first required to log in for it to get in touch with your subscription details. 

Key Takeaways 

  • The app is available free of charge on the App Store and Google play store. 
  • You will get accurate information about the latest news along with the rumours, which are unlikely to be acquired from other legal as well as illegal sources. 
  • The application of the core provides you with highly personalised and swiftly updated live scores, news, alerts and data about the latest events. 
  • Based on the latest study, the brand has its app being used more than its other networks and mediums.

Sports: NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL and you can find many other sports being streamed on theScore.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports live score

Yahoo! Sports, like other sports programming networks, gives you the data for comprehensive news, standings, scores, rumours and more. It also provides you with multiple fantasy games to keep you entertained till you wait for your favourite team’s match to start. 

The medium helps you get in touch with the specific team’s schedule and the sports mediums like the NFL and NBA’s upcoming scheduled events and matches. You get the whole media for standings and learn more about the teams. 

When you visit the website, you get the data on trending upcoming events immediately. The headlines for the news and rumours can be the very first thing to catch your attention after you step on the website. For a better experience, users can also think about downloading and setting up the Yahoo sports app on their smartphones or tablets for quick updates. 

In many ways, Yahoo sports offers a good set of features to keep you in the front row for staying updated about what is going on in the sports culture. Therefore, you can give it the tag of the best ESPN alternative.

Key Takeaways 

  • The website is the best place you should visit if you want to get the odds of all the ongoing matches. 
  • The website gives you complete information about the live events happening.
  • You get to know the latest rumours and news immediately, which were updated a few hours ago.
  • It offers a good set of sports. 
  • The services have a top-notch quality.
  • The Yahoo Sports app is available to install from the Google play store and as well as from App Store on Apple iPads and iPhones.

Sports: NFL, NBA, WNBA, NHL and MLB are a few of the top sports covered by Yahoo sports. Along with these, it also covers other national and international sports events. 

Sports Illustrated

live sports data site

Sports Illustrated is a well-known sports magazine established by the authentic brands group from America. Sports Illustrated magazine contains all sorts of news highlights, stats and expert analyses from past events. 

It also holds information about the upcoming schedules of teams and players. This magazine is best when you wish to gain accurate knowledge, all in one place without needing to search for different terms on the internet or different websites. This way, Sports Illustrated is one of the best ESPN alternatives. 

Sports Illustrated has a website whenever you wish to have a quick look at what is going on in the sports industry. The website will give you updates about the matches and team members along with other related stuff. Sports Illustrated provides coverage of highlights, expert analysis and stats for a good number of sports. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Sports Illustrated gives you two options to choose your mode to gain information. 
  • You get to meet with top stories pending in the sports industry as soon as you enter their website or start reading their magazine.
  • You can subscribe to the newsletter on their website and get updated with the spicy news accordingly. 

Sports: Soccer, Golf, CFB, MLA, WNBA, NFL, NBA and CBB are the top sports covered by sports illustrated magazine as well as the website. 

Bleacher Report

sports culture data and information

Bleacher Report is a famous website which specialises in reporting to you about sports and sports culture. Bleacher report encourages you to use their website and stay updated about the trending topics and happenings in the sports industry. It wishes you to stay up-to-date by visiting its website the most. 

If you are a fan of sports, Bleacher Report covers a good number of sports under its coverage media. You get to witness highlights of several games. Recent or happened a year ago or two — Bleacher Report will report you with all the required and available information.

Taking the sincerity of presenting the data and news updates from the latest Happenings into consideration — Bleacher Report is one of the best ESPN alternatives so far. It may not appear on the top platforms to keep you updated about the latest trends in sports, but it is not one to disappoint you either. 

Key Features 

  • The website is a user-friendly place to be at. Taking a tour will help you learn the whereabouts of the essentials of the website. You will be able to take in the understanding of how things work easily.
  • Most of the important parts and services provided by the website are presented on the very first page — the homepage or the landing page of the website. You need not search for them.
  • While the rumours travel fast, the official words from announcements and news travel too fast to be presented on the website or Bleacher Report.

Sports: football, F1, boxing and MMA are the top sports covered by the Bleacher Report website.  


Vegas odds, sports picks, betting lines and more interesting things

Sportsline can be your ideal place where you can search for Vegas odds, sports picks, betting lines and more interesting things. Sportsline, similarly to other sports updating websites, updates you with the latest news, rumours and other things happening in the sports industry. 

Along with the same, the brand exclusively provides you services for additional interest like betting lines and such. They provide you with the opportunities and best advice to choose your favourite sport and bet on it with confidence. 

With the help of their advisory, you will be able to learn when and how you can bet on your favourite sport and win. Sportsline can be called one of the best ESPN alternatives because — while offering you betting opportunities, it also keeps you updated about the upcoming events and highlights of the past events. The website has an easy user interface and structure to handle.

Key Takeaways 

  • SportsLine is famous for bringing in premium and real-time sports betting data.
  • It encourages and helps you to bet on your favourite sports with 100% confidence and knowledge. 
  • The expert picks section on the website helps you understand why you must be losing, with the help of the favourite picks from experts, you will know which bets are trending and can be most profitable, etc.

Sports: College basketball, MLB, NBA and NHL are the top sports covered by the sports line website. 


basketball data

RealGM is a sports website by RealGM LLC. The website was originally focused to provide the users with the basketball data, but it soon expanded its business and started providing the users with the information on American ice hockey, soccer, football and baseball. 

The website is a favourite pick for many sports diehard lovers. According to the records from Alexa — the RealGM website acquired a rank in the top 5000 for most visited sites in January 2009. It is capable of being called one of the most famous and well-known ESPN alternatives. 

Key Takeaways 

  • The website keeps you updated about local, regional, national and international events.
  • The website provides coverage for all the mediums related to the sports they cover. 
  • The website gives you updates on trending news, stats and standings from past and recently ended events. 

Sports: Football and NBA Basketball are the top sports covered by RealGM. Along with the aforementioned, it provides coverage for many other sports and events.


famous sports blog containing Previews

Deadspin is a famous sports blog containing Previews, recaps and commentaries for major sports stories along with sports-related rumours, highlighted videos and anecdotes. The website simply works by uploading the data it usually covers according to the sports events for readers to read and get the data.

Deadspin is on the list of ESPN Alternatives because — it does the best work in providing important and accurate information about the major sports events to the readers. While other websites update stories and other information on their websites, the Deadspin blog here uploads a whole new blog covering all the required information about the event altogether.

Key Takeaways 

  • You can visit the website and search for the topic you want on their search bar to get the blog from their side.
  • Deadspin does not update you every minute — but is the best place to visit if you missed the live sports events and wish to get an overview of what happened altogether.
  • The website contains an easy handling process and is available on almost all devices that have search engines installed within. 

Sports: among a good set of sports coverage it works on, Deadspin mainly focuses on providing the users with the data for sports like NFL, Soccer and MLB.


We hope the aforementioned list of best ESPN alternatives has got you your ideal website and platform to visit for staying updated. Most of the websites provided services free of cost and are trustworthy. If you used to visit illegal sites to gain data — with the list mentioned in the above context, you no longer have to visit them.

Frequently asked Questions 

Are there alternatives to ESPN?

Yes, ESPN has a lot of good alternatives to it. Our list of best ESPN alternatives included — Yahoo Sports, theScore, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, Sports illustrated and RealGM. These are all the sincere websites that focus on providing you with accurate data from live and past matches.

What are the best sports apps?

CBS Sports, ESPN, theScore and Yahoo Sports are a few of the best sports apps available for both iOS and Android devices.

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