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Does GameStop take Afterpay? [Complete Guide]

Does GameStop take Afterpay? [Complete Guide]

Does GameStop take Afterpay like other gaming retailers? If not, then which other buy now and pay later service does it use? Does it even offer the buy now and pay later service in its payment options?

To get all the answers to the above-mentioned questions, we would recommend you to go through our article mentioned below

Does GameStop take Afterpay?

Does GameStop take Afterpay? No, it does not take Afterpay. Although it has included the buy now pay later service providers in its payment options list, unfortunately, Afterpay is not among them.

Which Buy Now Pay Later does GameStop use?

GameStop uses ZiP and Klarna – two of the famous and trusted buy now pay later service providers. Although it is a mere gaming merchandise retailer, it has enhanced itself through its payment option by being considerate and adding this service.

With the help of this service, passionate gamers who are not rich and cannot afford to buy one game after the other in one month, can make use of this service and grab the opportunity when required.

With the help of the services, which only take about five minutes to pay, you can order more than just one or two games in a month and pay for them in installments for 3 to 4 months accordingly.

Although these services come with limits, as long as you are not directly jumping to something very expensive and staying under the budget, the services can help you just right at the time you need them.

How to pay through Buy Now Pay Later at GameStop?


If you are using the service provider, you will be enjoying the purchases with about 25% of the cost due up front, while you will be given six weeks to pay the rest through installments.

The highlight of using the services is you can either use their online store to pay the installment or visit in-store for the same. With the help of a Visa, paying at their app or retail store, everything is accepted.

Below are the steps you need to follow for paying at GameStop through ZiP,

  1. Shop and add all the products you want to buy.
  2. After you are done shopping, move on to the checkout.
  3. The last page will be the payment page. Make sure you have chosen ZiP as your payment method. 
  4. On the payment page, instead of showing you the total number you are required to pay together, it will show you that your purchase is split into four installments for six weeks.
  5. Check the amount, due date, and other information for confirming and moving ahead.
  6. Your order will be successfully placed.


Shopping through Klarna Will get you time to pay for the amount without spending extra money on interest. It will add time and flexibility to pay after two weeks and for smaller installments. The company does not charge you for any extra convenience.

The only fees you will be charged are the late fees, in case you did not pay your installment on time. Whether it is in-store or online, paying through Klarna App is not a big deal.

Following are the steps you need to go through for paying through Klarna,

  1. Install the Klarna App and search for the GameStop brand in the list of options provided.
  2. Once you reach the brand, shop like you normally do and add items to your cart.
  3. Once you are done shopping, move on to the payments.
  4. You will be seeing Klarna directly on the checkout page.
  5. Adjust your budget control and let your cost into four smaller and interest-free payments which will be due after every two weeks. 
  6. Place the order.

By being strong with this service provider, you will be done paying for them all there in two months. The highlight of paying through this brand is that you are not required to pay any sum upfront. 

Even if you have a zero balance in your account, you can use Klarna and start paying from the first due date.

GameStop Payment Options

The list of valid payment methods at GameStop is mentioned below,

  • Visa
  • PayPal 
  • Mastercard
  • One4All
  • GameStop Gift Cards
  • Klarna

The customer has the flexibility to pay through other digital wallets where ZiP can be automatically included. For digital items, you can purchase using different credit or debit cards online.

Which other Gaming Retailers use Afterpay?

As buy now pay later service has convinced millions of people across the world to buy whatever they want in the peak time and be flexible, thousands of brands from different countries have accepted the service and added it to payment options. GameStop is one among them.

The list of other gaming retailers which use Afterpay is mentioned below,

  • Game Kings
  • EBGames
  • eBay
  • Mighty Ape
  • Big W
  • The Good Guys

Introduction to GameStop and Afterpay


GameStop Corp is a video game, gaming merchandise, and consumer electronics retailer which is from the United States and is the biggest video game retailer across the world.

It is one of the best trade-in destinations for gaming accessories like Nintendo games, systems, accessories, consoles, Xbox, and PlayStation. Along with providing everything in a large variety, the quality is worth every penny spent.


Afterpay Limited is a financial technology company from Australia which is popularly known for providing the fine now and pay later service. 

With the help of this service, several brands across the world have given their customers the flexibility to pay for average and small payments in installments.


Does GameStop accept Afterpay? Yes, it does, and we are sure you have gotten all the related and relevant answers to the questions in your mind after reading our article.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you use Afterpay at GameStop?

Yes, you can use Afterpay at GameStop. The service provider does not charge you for using their service. While following a few easy steps, you can buy all the things you need right now and pay for them later in four installments.

Does Klarna work on GameStop?

Yes, you can use Klarna at GameStop. You can use this brand to split your cost of purchase into four smaller and interest-free payments which will be due after every two weeks. This way, you will not have to pay any amount upfront at the time of buying and will be done paying everything within 2 months.