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Does TJ Maxx Accept Afterpay? [Complete Guide]

Does TJ Maxx Accept Afterpay? [Complete Guide]

Since every other brand is adapting to new technologies, including new and easiest payment methods which also drive inconvenience for customers, users of TJ Maxx are wondering about a similar topic.

Does TJ Maxx accept Afterpay? Does TJ Maxx have Afterpay? What kind of payment options does it offer? Does it offer any buy now and pay later service? And many more doubts might be lingering in your brain.

So, to clear all the doubts and give you a good idea of the topic, in the article below we are going to answer all the questions including – Does TJ Maxx accept Afterpay?

Does TJ Maxx Accept Afterpay?

So the answer is – Yes and No. You cannot use Afterpay at TJ Maxx for usual payments. However, it can only be used when you want to purchase a gift card. 

The gift card can be from worth $5 to all the way till $100. You can take it for yourself or your friends or family members, that depends on you. Like usual, you will have to pay the amount in the upcoming weeks in 4 installments.

We were not aware as to why TJ Maxx has not accepted Afterpay entirely for providing the buy now and pay later service. Instead, it is using some other buy now and pay later service provider rather than Afterpay. So, it is certain that Afterpay can only be used when you want to buy a gift card from the brand.

Which buy now and pay later service does Tj Maxx use?

TJ Maxx uses ZiP Buy now and pay later service providers to make payments more convenient for their customers. Like any other buy now pay later service provider, including Afterpay, ZiP asks the customers to pay in four small installments.

How to use ZiP to pay at TJ Maxx?

Although ZiP is similar to Afterpay in a few aspects, it can be easily differentiated from it and others buy now and pay later service providers. The first difference is that most of the BNPL services give you 4 weeks time to give 4 installments, while Zip here will give you 6 weeks time for 4 instalments.

The second main difference is that like many other same service providers who do not ask you to pay any sum of the total at the time of billing, ZiP here asks you to pay 25% of the total amount due at the very start.

Follow the instructions given below to pay through Zip on TJ Maxx,

  1. Download the Zip App.
  2. Carry on with all the processes which need you to be eligible to use the Zip.
  3. Move onto the homepage and tap on the search bar to search for TJ Maxx brand.
  4. Add all the items you need to buy in your cart before proceeding to checkout.
  5. And under the payment options, you'll see the option that says Pay with ZiP, tap on it.
  6. You will get the details of how your purchases divide into 4 instalments and how much you are required to pay on each time. It will take you 6 weeks to pay four instalments accordingly.

TJ Maxx Payment Options

  • TJX rewards platinum Mastercard.
  • TJX rewards credit card
  • Master card
  • American Express
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Zip


TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is a department store chain from the United States that deals in sales of similar goods sold at other department stores. However, the prices are generally lower than the other stores. And the company has about 1,271 physical stores across the United States.

TJ Maxx is one of the most trusted and largest clothing retailers in America and has been doing business since 1976.


Afterpay Ltd is an Australian financial technology entity, majorly known for its buy now and pay later service which helps customers to buy whatever they want now and pay for them later.

Although the company was founded back in 2014, it nearly took it 10 years to gain the fame it deserves. Nonetheless, it is generally known as the most trusted company for buy now and pay later service that has clearly made buying anything in an emergency easier for customers.


Does TJ Maxx accept Afterpay? It does not and instead, you can make use of another buy now and pay later service provider called ZiP. It is one of the most trusted financing companies similar to Afterpay.

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Frequently asked Questions 

What forms of payments does TJ Maxx accept?

Discovery, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, TJX towards a credit card, TJX rewards platinum Mastercard, PayPal, and ZiP are the forms of payments accepted by TJ Maxx.

What credit score do you need for TJ Maxx card?

You need a fair credit score of 620 or above to get approved for TJ Maxx credit card. However, if your credit score is below the required, unfortunately, you will not be able to use it for buying anything from TJ Maxx.