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The 9 Best Crushon AI Alternatives for 2024!

The 9 Best Crushon AI Alternatives for 2024!

Crushon AI Alternatives: Crushon AI is like any other AI bot where you get to chat with your favorite characters from different regions. But, what is the highlight? It doesn’t restrict you from having adult or rather NSFW and unfiltered conversations with the bot.

Yes, Crushon AI is one of the most reliable bots that comes with no filters and restrictions. You’ll get to say goodbye to filters and have genuine conversations that can lead to some steamy moments.

However, is Crushon AI the only reliable bot that allows for unfiltered content? Absolutely not, and if you are open to trying other apps and sites like Crushon AI with no filter for NSFW, then our list of the top Crushon AI alternatives mentioned in the article below will surely help you find your ideal AI for NSFW content.

List of Crushon AI Alternative:

1. Janitor AI 

Janitor AI Crushon AI Alternatives

Janitor AI is one of our favorite AI websites in this list, mentioned first because it offers more than 55,000 characters you can chat with. It’s one of the go-to platforms whenever you are in the mood to try a different story, with a different screen, and with a different character. 

The site is the ultimate destination for those who wish to experience chatting with all types of characters from a good range of scenarios, including the cranky roommate, mafia boss, Satoru Gojo, and more. 

Key Highlights

  • It is absolutely free and all you need to do is register yourself on the website and you can log in and use all the features whenever you want.
  • Along with the characters that support NSFW only, there are also other characters that only support SFW chats. 



2. Tavern AI 

Tavern AI

Tavern AI is another favorite one on this list, a new and interesting kind of bot with an adventurous atmosphere. Yes, with Tavern AI, you’ll get to talk with multiple characters, create a story, decide on the plot, and get to view beautiful landscapes.

At Tavern AI, one can register easily and start with creating the story by either creating characters with personality set up or choosing one from the online character library. In addition to that, it also supports chatting with different characters at once.

Key Highlights

  • You get to choose all the atmospheric backgrounds in your story.
  • It allows you to edit, move, or delete any messages you want.
  • It works with many other popular AI language models, such as Pygmalion, OpenAI chatGPT, NovelAI, KoboldAI, and gpt-4. 



3. Jasper AI 

Jasper AI

Jasper AI claims to be an outstanding AI platform – made with the goal of offering services like the best AI marketing co-pilot and an AI writer. In simple words, it is a good tool to help you in creating marketing copies, AI-generated images, and blog posts.

Yes, it doesn’t act like any other platform mentioned on this list, nor does it support the NSFW content directly. Yet, it can do a good job and help you with any work and chats that are going past the limits of ‘safe’. 

Key Highlights

  • It allows you to create content according to the different types of brand tones, like bold, pirate, cheeky, or formal. 
  • It’s known to maintain a perfect balance between  ethical guides and unfiltered conversations. 


It has a 7-day free trial, and once it is over, if you want to keep using its services, you will need to subscribe to any subscription plans from below:

  • Creator subscription plan – $49 per month
  • Teams subscription plan – $125 per month
  • Business subscription plan – you’ll have to contact the sales team and get charged according to your customization with the plan.

4. ChatFAI 


ChatFAI is again one of the popular chatbots that come with no limitations, and you are allowed to have adult and NSFW chats with the bot. Here, you get to chat with your favorite character from books, drama, movies, anime, manga, and from wherever you wish. 

Unlike many other similar platforms, ChatFAI allows you to either choose a character that is completely ready, or you can always customize some features in your favorite character chosen. 

Key Highlights

  • You are allowed to chat with any character you want at any time, and you can always choose to chat with multiple characters simultaneously. 
  • Unlike many other similar platforms, the privacy of your conversations is 100% guaranteed here. 


It has a free version, but the free version comes with 100 messages a day and no more. To extend the limit or get unlimited messages, you have to opt for paid plans, as follows:

  • Basic subscription plan – $8.25 per month for 1500 messages
  • Premium subscription plan – $24.17 per month for 5000 messages
  • Deluxe subscription plan – $49.17 per month for unlimited messages

5. Anima AI 

Anima AI

Anima AI is another top AI platform on this list, your AI companion and friend, which can change to other relations such as wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, waifu, and more, according to your plan.

With Anima AI, you have to start by creating your character from the very start, changing its personalities and moods, customizing its appearance like you want your ideal someone to be, and starting chatting right away. 

Key Highlights

  • Your company and you will do a good job in becoming your personal role-play partners — where you can indulge yourself in personal as well as complex conversations and roles.
  • Once you have uniquely customized the appearance of the personality, you can always change it to adhere to your likes.


Free to install, but the app contains in-app purchases from $0.99 – $99.99. 

6. Chai App 

Chai App

Chai is one of the most popular and top AI apps on this list, with over 1 million downloads only on the Google Play Store. Like other AI friends and websites mentioned in this article, Chai also helps you discover AIs, but a good variety of characters from around the globe.

At Chai, you will meet characters from different parts of the world, chat with them, and explore their abilities. Also, as expected, it offers unrestricted chatbot access, where you can either find a friend or a boyfriend. 

Key Highlights

  • You are allowed to start conversations with more than just one, two, or three bots at a time. 
  • You can either create your own ideal body or choose from the ones recommended to you, where you can swipe to start a conversation and swipe the other side to reject. 


The free version will limit you to 100 messages, and to get more, along with extra benefits, you will have to subscribe to one of the paid plans, which are:

  • Premium subscription plan – $13.99 per month
  • Ultra subscription plan – $29.99 per month

7. Cleverbot 


Cleverbot, as the name suggests, is an intelligent AI bot. Unlike many other similar sites, it is one of the best AI platforms to have accurate human-like conversations, whether you are talking casually or interested in NSFW content. 

Along with that, it is a clever bot that understands and learns from conversations, and it is safe to say that it has the ability to learn and mimic — as in, behave like you, or like you would love. 

Key Highlights

  • You get to interact with the board through chats as well as voice.
  • It is known to offer quality assistance, where you won’t be left in an awkward or boring situation.


The free version contains almost everything you would need unless you wish to use the API, where the price of the API will depend on which API you are choosing, and it can vary from $10 to $200 per month. 

8. Kajiwoto 


Kajiwoto is a rather simple AI friend and companion. It is a platform where you can either choose personalities created by other users and creators, or you always have the option of using your skills and creating one of your choice. 

Moreover, Kajiwoto has good tools to create an AI friend, which will absolutely not judge you, but instead, help you whenever you need them. With this bot, you will not be alone anymore, and it’s also good at giving accurate human-like responses.

Key Highlights

  • The AI allows all Kajis (bots) to connect your behavior along with sentences, and enhance to become a bot of your choice.
  • The platform supports creating as well as installing your favorite appearances and datasets.


It has a free version with unlimited chats and more features. Yet, if you still want to try the paid subscription plans, then you can choose from the following:

  • Plus subscription plan at $7.99 per month
  • Pro subscription plan at $29.99 per month

9. Botify AI 

Botify AI

Botify AI is another trusted AI chatbot app that doesn’t have any kind of restrictions for NSFW content. Here, you can create your digital friend or add a different kind of personality you want – and chat without any limits, on all the topics you want. 

Botify AI is known to be a highly interactive and evolving app where you can find real people as well as fictional people to chat with. Additionally, you get to customize every feature you want in the character, including its mood, voice, biography, and appearance.

Key Highlights

  • The app allows you to get help from AI friends, and enjoy emphatic conversations, and you can always try role-playing.
  • Since the bots are interactive and revolutionary, they will learn and enhance. 


It has 3 subscription plans, but to get the price, you will have to directly contact its team and negotiate the rates.

Final Words 

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you might have heard about some more good sites and apps offering unlimited messages without any filters.

However, the above-mentioned list only contains the most-trusted and top sites and apps for private conversations, and the only worthy Crushon alternatives on the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there any good apps like Crushon AI?

ChAI App, Kajiwoto, Cleverbot, Botify AI, Janitor AI, and Anima AI are some of the good apps like Crushon AI, with no or close to no restrictions for NSFW content. 

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