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8 Top Companies Like IDEO To Help You Design The Best [2024]

8 Top Companies Like IDEO To Help You Design The Best [2024]

Companies Like IDEO: Designing is something that you can't miss out on. Right now everything works under the digital marketing technique. And in this era of digital marketing, designing, and marketing comes hand in hand.

 If your product’s design is not appealing to the audience, then your product will lack the attention you need to have good sales for your company. Hence nowadays some companies offer special design outsourcing for other brands.

 When we talk about designing companies, we can never miss out on IDEO. IDEO is one of the global designing companies which offers its services for creating designs for all. But no one can be satisfied with only one option for their design.

 Hence here we have brought you the best companies like IDEO which will help you design your products, and services in the best possible way. In this article, you will observe the best recommendations which prove to be the best alternatives to IDEO.

By the end of the article, you will get a detailed introduction about those companies with their key highlights to jot down for choosing the best among them.

List of Companies Like IDEO

1. Pentagram

Pentagram Companies Like IDEO

When it comes to finding the closest companies like IDEO, we can never miss out on Pentagram. Pentagram is one of the leading companies when talking about designing the best brand images.

 The user interface of Pentagram is eye-catching and occupied with a refreshing visual identity for different brands. You can check their newsletter, and work, and contact Menubar to get details about everything.

 Key Highlights

  • The search bar is available in the right-hand corner to search exactly what you are looking for.
  • When you click on the Work Menu, you will be connected to the page showcasing the type of work they offer, the type of clients they do work for, and all their projects.
  • Pentagram deals with clients from the field of arts, banking, finance, civic and public, design, education, entertainment, healthcare, leisure, and whatnot.
  • The type of work offered by Pentagram is under the titles of brand identity, signage, environmental graphics, book design, campaigns, data-driven designs, digital design, editorial designs, exhibition design, product design, etc.
  • The About Page gives you a detailed introduction to Pentagram and their 22 partners.
  • The Contact Page shows different timings and locations for the customers to contact them for any queries with designated contact numbers and email addresses.

2. Frog Design

Frog Design

Another IDEO Alternative is Frog Design. Frog Design stands for creating the best designs and visuals for any event or organization.  Frog Design is none other than but a part of Capgemini Invent creating its magic.

 The user interface will win your heart for sure. Frog Design will never disappoint you with dull designs or boring visuals. Every slide has a new framework, and new presentations to catch your attention.

Key Highlights

  • The main menu bar is divided among Make Your Mark, Work, Services, culture, Insights, careers, Play, and Contact Us.
  • The working menu showcases all the case studies created by Frog Design and others are divided among sectors and services.
  • Under the Sector Head, customers will be able to see their work under different sectors such as Automotive, communications, consumer products, financial services, healthcare, media, retail, social impact, technology, etc.
  • Under the Service Head, customers will be able to see their work under the heads of brand strategy, client collaborations, connected world, content managing, CX Strategy, designs, etc.
  • To know more about Frog design, you can check here.

3. Designit


Designit comes in handy for companies like IDEO. Designit is a child of Wipro just like Frog Design is of Capegemini. Designit has a simple user interface that comes out clean, and attractive yet easy to navigate.

 Designit has designated menubar which showcases different heads such as work, services, sustainability, industries, about, and stories, with unique design visuals to attract customers’ interest.

Key Highlights

  • Designit has locations-wise detailed divided at the end of their website page under the heads of Aarhus, Bengaluru, Copenhagen, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Munich, New York, Oslo, Seattle, Stockholm, Sydney, and Tel Aviv.
  • You can also collaborate with Designit for a project, or join them as in partner wise.
  • Designit offers its design services in the industries such as energy, finance, healthcare, the public sector, retail, technology, lifestyle, mobility, and nonprofit.
  • Designit offers services for genres like brand design, business design, creative technology, UX design, Service Design, Brand strategy, Digital Design, Product Design, etc.
  •  Interested in Designit? Click here to know.



AKQA is a minimalist website to have to design for. AKQA has been the talk of town under the design head for so many years. Hence it is one of the leading companies like IDEo to choose from.

 The main menubar of AKQA is on the right-hand side with the heads of Work, Expertise, Careers, and Studios head. For any new projects you can contact them at [email protected] and for any media-related inquiries you can mail them at [email protected]

 Key Highlights

  • Under the Studio Head, you can get a detailed address for their offline firms with contact details and managing director titles with different locations such as London, San Francisco, etc.
  • AKQA has designing expertise in categories such as Design, Story, Commerce, Space, Product, and Technology.
  • Under the Work Title, you can see the works are done by AKQA which is plenty to see how creative they are.
  • To know in detail about AKQA, check here.

5. Idea Couture

Idea Couture

Idea Couture is a child of Cognizant providing design solutions to many leading brands on a global basis which makes it a part of Companies Like IDEO.

 The user interface is kept like a classic theme under Idea Couture. It has a classic black and white theme with a minimalist divider making the website look clean, bold, and at the top game in visual designs.

 Key Highlights

  • Minimalist as always, the menubar of the Idea Couture website is divided among 4 heads which are Who we are, What We Do, Join Us, and Contact Us.
  • The Contact Us page has a simple message for all the people who are looking for partnership, press, or anything else within one mail id.
  • Under Join Us, you will see a dedicated letter for the customers to know Idea Couture better.
  • The best design categories you will find under Idea Couture is- Health, Transformation, CX, Insights, Futures, and Design.
  • Under the Who We Are Page, you will get to know about Company’s goals and partners, and what they work for.

6. R/GA


To make your mind crazy under design concepts, another company like IDEO is R/GA. You can never get old watching designing graphics of R/GA.

The user interface is eye-catching and color-popping. The main menubar is on the left-hand side with titles of Home, Work, Services, Culture, Careers, Contact, About, FutureVision. To know more whereabouts of R/GA you can check here.

 Key Highlights

  • The services provided by R/GA are as follows- Brand Design, Consulting, Connected Communications, Media and Connections, Brand Relationship Design, Health and Ventures etc.
  • Under the Work head, you can check their latest work with leading brands such as Verizon Fortnite Stadium, Comunal Gin, Zig, Superb Owl- Reddit, United Colors of Benetton, Nike 720 Air Store, and whatnot.
  • Under Contact Head, you will find their email addresses, and physical office addresses for different places like Austin, California, New York, Argentina, Brazil, Germany etc.
  • Under the Future Vision Head, you will see their perspective and article related to future growth.



HUGE is a huge design name when it comes to branding, changing visual representations, and attracting customers. HUGE makes one of the best alternatives for the companies like IDEO because of the type of work they offered so far.

 The user interface is complicated and beautiful. The website will take you back to when opened. The visual graphics are so strong it will take you 2 minutes for sure for the detailed scrutinization.

Key Highlights

  • The main menubar of HUGE is divided under the heads of Work, Expertise, Products, Moves, About, and Careers.
  • Under the Expertise Head, you will find the areas they have expertise in such as AI Advisory, Brand Strategy, Customer Experience, Commerce, Design, Digital Products and Platforms, Innovation, and Technology.
  • Under the Work Head, you will see the magic of HUGE done for different brands such as Mcdonald's, Google, Pantone, Hublot, Lego, Verizon, Tezos, etc.
  • Under the About Head, you will get all the details about the company and people working under the roof.
  • To know more insights about HUGE, visit here.

8. Hyperakt


Hyperakt is last but not the last company to be under the article of companies like IDEO. The user interface will take you to the universe with hints of blue, black, and white with visual graphics.

 The main menubar of Hyperakt is divided among the head of What We Do, Case Studies, Insights, Let's Talk, Sbout, Careers, and News. To know more in detail about Hyperakt, you can visit the site here.

 Key Highlights

  • Under the What We Do Page, you will get all the details about how they work, what they offer, etc.
  • Under the Case Studies Page, you will get to know about their work highlights such as Donors Choose, Ford Foundation, Girls Who Code, Pete for America, Vera, and iMentor.
  • Under the Insights such as Resonant Branding, Changemakers, Inside Hype, Practical Know-How, etc.
  • To know in details about Hyperakt, click here.


Here, we come to the end of the article showcasing Companies Like IDEO to help you design the best branding image. Hence, we hope you have found the best option for your design curation with our IDEO alternatives.


Who are IDEO competitors?

The IDEO Competitors are web dew, SmartSites, frog Design,  design pickle, Benji, supersede, content beta, Wipro, etc.

Why did Capgemini acquire a frog?

Capgemini acquires Frog because of substantial growth and carrying all the design-related management under the head of Frog Design.