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5 Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps in UK [2024]

5 Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps in UK [2024]

Maintaining a budget and buying everything you need is a tough task. It has been tough for the generations to maintain the cost and inflation these days. 

When you are coming short on your finances that’s the time when you need to buy now and pay later for services. The buy now pays later apps are the apps that help you buy the needful items right now and then pay later as per a given period. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the buy now pay later apps in the UK. We are going to talk about the apps which provide buy now pay later services within the geographical boundaries of the UK- the United Kingdom. 

Buy Now Pay Later Apps UK namely are- Klarna, Zilch, Clearpay, My Argos Card, and Laybuy. By the end of the article, you will get a detailed idea about these apps with their working, interest, fees, and repayment information. 


Klarna Buy Now Pay Later Apps UK

Klarna is a great buy now pay later app available for UK citizens. The main motto of this application is to provide payment solutions to the needy who are suffering from a financial crisis. 

It provides payment options like Buy Now and Pays Later Apps within UK boundaries where you can even shop from the stores like Etsy, Sephora, and FootLocker and pay later for the same. 

How do Klarna works? 

Klarna has partnered with more than 200,000 vendors and merchants with retailers and hence you can easily shop for your needfuls from their with debit credit cards or choose to buy now and pay later feature. 

Klarna has divided its payments into installments where you can choose how you want to pay and in how many installments etc. 

The most popular plan of Klarna is said to be the Pay in 3 plan where you have to make the first payment of installments when you are purchasing an item, after that, you can pay the other two installments automatically every 30 days. 

Klarna also has many other plans with different installments and time durations such as paying in 30 and 6-to36-month loans for its customers and users. The typical pay-in-30 plan is a facility where you have to pay nothing when you purchase and then pay the complete amount in the 30 days or after 30 days duration. 

It also has traditional loan offers to its customers with selective retailers for the rate of APR of 18.9% approximately. Klarna also offers to track your shipment, purchase history, and extra features to look out for. 

The spending limit is not pre-decided and hence it is totally based on the soft credit given by shopkeepers to you and your buying and credit history. 

Eligibility Requirements of Klarna 

  • You should be an 18 years old adult to use the facility. 
  • You should have a positive credit history so Klarna and retailers can trust you. 
  • You should be low on the debts. 
  • For this facility, you should be a resident of the UK. 
  • Your personal information like email address and mobile number must be valid. 

Interest and Fees of Klarna 

  • There is no interest or late fee charged on the pay-in 3 plan. 
  • The interest and late fee are not charged in the plan of pay in 30. 
  • For long-term loans up to 36 months, the rate of interest is kept to be at 18.9% with no late fee feature. 

Repayment of Klarna 

  • Out of the three plans of Klarna namely pan in 3 installments, pay in 30 days or 6 to 36-month loan has different repayment duration and number of installments. 
  • The repayment for the 30 days is after 30 days from purchase. 
  • The repayment of pay in 3 starts with the first installment and duration of 2 weeks for each installment. 
  • The 6 to 36-month loan has its specific time duration for each installment. 


Zilch buy now pay later app

Zilch is a two-way application where you can choose to pay in installments or pay it once. It offers the customers to pay for their needs however they want to. Zilch is a full-fledged free app to download and use. 

Zilch is in partnership with more than 1000s stores online including the biggest online stores like Amazon and eBay. It has two plans for payment procedures where one is paying in  1 installment and gets 2% of the payment back. 

The second method of procedure is where you buy and pay later over 6 weeks without any interest. It won't affect your credit score at all so you can easily use Zilch without worrying about its effect on your credit score. 

How do Zilch works? 

Zilch working is very simple and no hassle work. It has a user-friendly interface that beginners can use very easily without using any guide manual or tutorials. 

To use Zilch Buy Now Pay Later you have to follow the simples steps listed below carefully: 

  • First of all, create your account with Zilch. 
  • Choose the store you want to purchase from. 
  • If you cant locate a particular shop, then choose Zilch Anywhere. 
  • Then you have two options to select from which in-store and online store. 
  • After choosing the store, select what you want to buy. 
  • Then select how you want complete your payment procedure: Pay in 4 or Pay in 1 to get 2% cashback. 
  • After that selection, you will need to enable the card and shop. 
  • Your product has been purchased. 

Eligibility Requirements of Zilch

  • You need to be 18 years old to get this facility. 
  • UK Residents are only allowed. 
  • There should be a positive credit score to use Zilch
  • Your personal information needs to be verified. 

Interest and Fees of Zilch 

  • There are no interest or fees charged for the funds. 

Repayment of Zilch 

  • The repayment procedure is quite simple. 
  • The installments repayment works like 33% of the purchase price in less than 14 days, then 33% 28 days after purchase, 25% on the day of purchase, and then 33% of repayment 42 days after the purchase. 
  • You can choose to advance repayments if you want, you can choose dates according to you. 
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Clearpay popular Buy Now Pay Later

Clearpay is one of the best Buy Now Pay later app, it offers only one type of payment procedure that divides your payment into installments. 

It has a very easy user interface and is very minimal where your payment gets divided into 4 equal parts and then you can simply pay them off one by one. They also provide you with payment schedule management and viewing tool etc. 

How does Clearpay works? 

Clearpay is the easiest pp to sue for providing a buy now pay later facility. Firstly you have to download the app from App Store, Google Play Store, or the web. Then create your account with it by mobile number and email address. 

After creating your account with Clearpoay, add your details, and valid ID, link your bank account, and then use the app to shop. 

Then you can simply just shop your favorite brands and shops by adding the payment procedure or method to be sued of Clearpay. 

For tracking your order and paying the seller in installments, you then need to keep check of your mobile app which notifies you of everything about installments, next procedures or steps to be taken, etc. 

Eligibility Requirements of Clearpay 

  • You need to be older than 18 years. 
  • You should have a valid email address and phone number. 
  • You should also have a UK-based bank payment card. 
  • You should be okay with entering into legal contact. 
  • You have a verified valid ID. 
  • You should be a UK resident. 

Interest and Fees of Clearpay 

  • It charges no interest or fees for the funds they provide. 
  • If you have missed an installment payment, only then they may charge you a late fee. 
  • The late fee is charged after 11 pm on the day of making payment of the installment. 

Repayment of Clearpay 

  • You compulsory have to link your bank account with them and their payment gets automatically paid in 2-week intervals hence repayment procedure is quite easy with Clearpay. 
  • Though, you can choose to res-schedule your payments by more than 5 days, etc. 
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My Argos Card

My Argos Card

Mt Argos Card works with Habitat and Argos to easily shop from that with a buy now pay later facility. With My Argos Card, you can get flexible payment options that give you extra time to pay the whole amount in parts with no interest. 

The app allows you to view and check your statements, and personalize and customize your credit plans. Keep track of all your transactions and you can also set up alerts for the payment reminders etc. 

You can also have a security code available for the login procedure with the mobile app of My Argos Card providing protection. 

How do My Argos Card works? 

To use My Agro Card, users need to apply for its only, once their application is submitted with their valid Id, citizenship proof, etc. It will be scrutinized by a team of financial and credit experts. 

Only after you are selected for the My Agro card after verifying all your details, then you can download their app for usage and tracking your statements purchases, etc. Once you are eligible for the card, then you are free to use the same payment option where the card is accepted. 

The spending limit will be monitored by the financial experts of Agro and time you will get all your details when you checkout for the installments etc. My Agro Card is a great alternative if you need more flexible options with the normal or traditional Credit Cards. 

Eligibility Requirements of My Argos Card 

  • Your bank details should be verified and active. 
  • You should be more than 18 years of age. 
  • You should be a permanent citizen of the UK for at least over a year. 
  • You need to mention where you lived for the last two years in sequence. 

Interest and Fees of My Argos Card 

  • The interest depends on your payment, if you pay in full with the credit plan duration then no extra interest will be charged. 
  • But if you fail to pay in full, then they may charge you interest on the balance yet to be paid by you from the plan. 

Repayment of My Argos Card 

  • It has 3-6 month credit plans and hence the repayment terms for every plan are different. 
  • The repayment procedure and repayment schedule are based on the purchases you make with the buy now pay later facility and on what terms. 



Laybuy is a great app for Buy Now Pay Later Apps UK which is a great payment alternative. It is the very easiest app to use for purchasing items now and then paying the purchase amount in the installments. 

It has payment facilities and shopping facilities for both- online stores as well as in-store. To use Laybuy, you simply have to install the app and choose the payment option as LayBuy when you purchase any goods or so. 

How does Laybuy works? 

Laybuy offers the payment options to cut down the whole amount in 6 weekly installments where you can select Laybuy as a payment option and pay later with the same. 

To use Laybuy as a payment option, you have to first install the app and create your account with them using your phone number and email address. Once you have created your account, then simply attach your credit or debit card with the payment option. 

After linking your debit and credit card with Laybuy, then you can simply shop from stores and online stores and choose Laybuy as a payment option where it provides the facility of buy now and pay later.

 Once the product is purchased, then you can choose to pay the whole amount in 6 weekly installments. It has a limit option, where you can install the app and check their dashboard to manage your spending limit with Laybuy. 

Eligibility Requirements of Laybuy 

  • You should have a valid ID. 
  • You are a permanent resident of the United Kingdom. 
  • You should be more than 18 years of age. 
  • You should have a valid mobile number with a verified email address. 
  • You should also have a credit or debit card. 

Interest and Fees of Laybuy 

  • Laybuy follows the policy of no interest or extra fees charged for the funds they provide to its users and customers. 
  • It only charges for the late fee if you fail to pay the payment on its due date by giving you the time to do so for 24 hours. 

Repayment of Laybuy 

  • The first installment is due at the time of the purchase with Laybuy. 
  • The remaining amount of your purchase will then be divided among the 5 installments on the same day in different weeks. 

Final Verdict: Buy Now Pay Later Apps UK 

Here we came to the end of the article, which provides you the detailed information about the best 5 Buy Now Pay Later Apps, UK. All the apps listed above are strictly sued only for the United Kingdoms and are made available to the residents of the UK only. 

We hope, you have got everything you want for the apps from eligibility to the spending limit, how it works, interest and fees, etc with our research. 


What are the best apps for Buy now Pay later in the UK?

The best buy now pays later apps in the UK are:
My Argos Card

What is the full form of BNPL? 

BNPL stands for – Buy Now Pay Later.