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5 Review Sites & Apps like Yelp You Should Try! [2024]

5 Review Sites & Apps like Yelp You Should Try! [2024]

Apps like Yelp: As the technologies have advanced, now you do not have a dictionary where you can find the numbers of all the plumbers, dentists, and other businesses in your area. Nowadays, there are plenty of applications that can be used instead of real dictionaries.

Yelp is one of these apps that help you find the best restaurants, shopping centers, activity centers, etc near you. There are also several other apps like Yelp that'll give the idea of the overall performance of the shop by ratings and reviews of past customers who have visited the place.

About Yelp

Yelp Inc is a company that offers crowd-sourced reviews for businesses. The company is from the United States and has published its official website along with the app mobile application. 

Along with the aforementioned, it also handles Yelp reservations, a service for table reservations.

Though Yelp sounds like a good deal, is it the only solution you have? No. There are plenty of other brand providers like Yelp, which can serve you better services.

To get the list of other apps like Yelp, you must have a look at our article below. Along with the companies like Yelp, we will give you their App Store and Google Play Store rating and other essential highlights that you need to know.

Google Maps/Google Reviews

Google Maps/Google reviews is a famous web mapping app like Yelp that acts as a consumer application established by Google. The platform can be used through any search engine or by its app present on all android devices already.

Google maps offer a good set of services like aerial photography, 360° interactive panoramic views of the street, route planning in case of traveling by car, bike, public transportation, airplane, or foot, Satellite imagery, and real-time traffic conditions.

Key Takeaways

  • With the help of its real-time traffic condition feature, before going on a certain track, you will be knowing beforehand if the road is jammed with traffic or it is free of traffic. This can help you change the routes beforehand.
  • With the help of Google reviews, you'll see the experiences of past customers of hotels, bars, parks, theatres, and many different things which can help you a lot in decision-making.
  • The Google reviews also come with a feature of rating which allows you to see the overall rating of the place you are viewing on Google maps.
  • Anyone is allowed to vote and send reviews. You are not required to be a frequent Google map user or a verified user to send ratings and reviews.

Rating: Google Play Store – 4, App Store – 4.7

Devices: Apple Devices and Android devices.


YellowPages rating app

YellowPages is the original and ideal source that can connect you with local mechanics, attorneys, dentists, plumbers, etc. It is like telephone directories but instead of phone numbers; it includes advertisements and information about local businesses in your area.

It is one of the best apps like Yelp with an easy user interface. And on the homepage, you'll understand more than half of the essential things. 

Most of the time, you can see the app filled with advertisements put up by local businessmen in exchange for a few bucks. Along with the phone number, you'll get additional information about the business you are viewing.

Key Takeaways

  • Not only viewing the advertisements but putting up an advertisement for yourself is also an easy job on their application.
  • All the advertisements you view come from legitimate businessmen. There are rare chances you will encounter a fraudster.
  • If you are using the app, that certainly does not mean the prices for the services will be higher. No, the prices for services will be the same as their face value in the market.

Rating: App Store – 4.6, Google Play Store – 4.1

Devices:  Apple devices and Android devices.


Foursquare city guide

Foursquare is an independent city guide and is one of the most trusted independent location data apps like Yelp that helps you understand how people move forward through the real world.

The platform comes in the form of a website as well as a mobile application. By recent records, over 50 million people have become users of this platform. The application offers personalized recommendations to the users. 

The app will recommend you visit the places near your location based on your previous browsing history and check-in history for different places.

Besides, it is available in several languages like English, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Japanese, French, Korean, Spanish, and Turkish.

Key Takeaways

  • Due to their app being in multiple languages, customers have the flexibility of using the app in their native language.
  • If you did not like the restaurant you visited last time, the application will give you recommendations for similar restaurants. This will help you find your ideal restaurant that sells or is similar in any aspect to the last one you visited.

Rating: App Store – 4.1, Google Play Store – 4.1

Devices:  Apple devices and Android devices.


Tripadvisor online travel company in the United States

Tripadvisor is an online-based travel company in the United States that operates on a website as well as a mobile application that contains user-generated content mostly. Along with the same, it is also a famous comparison-shopping website.

You can visit their app or site for hotel reservations, lodging, travel experiences, restaurants, and booking for different transportation. The company has been doing business since the start of 2000 and has gained more than 20 years of experience in serving people.

It is one of the best apps like Yelp because it allows customers to view different places which they would like to visit. And the reviews and ratings by past customers are always present unless no one has reviewed the place yet.

Key Takeaways

  • With the help of its feature of ratings and reviews, you'll not have to trust any restaurant or business blindly. The ratings and reviews of past customers can help you see if the place is worth visiting or not.
  • The platform recommends places and hotels like destinations based on your recent searches and views on different places.
  • The company is famous worldwide and you, as a customer, have the flexibility to alter your searches and get accurate search results. This mainly helps in saving time.

Rating: App Store – 4.7, Google Play Store – 4.5

Devices:  Apple devices and android devices.

Apple Maps

Apple maps are the web mapping service by Apple INC. It is a default maps system already installed in iPadOS, iOS, OS Watch, and macOS. 

Apple maps are one of the best apps like Yelp as it allows you to discover newly launched and best businesses in your area. 

Whether you are searching for a good Thai restaurant or a hair salon, Apple maps will not only show you the route to your destination but will also give more information about the place you are viewing beforehand.

It is helpful to know how long it will take to reach the destination by cycling, walking, driving, or through any public transportation. This app is already installed on most Apple devices, so you will save time installing it on your device.

Key Takeaways

  • The platform will show you pictures of the destination along with the ratings and reviews of past customers who have visited it. This helps a lot when you want to know if the place is actually good or not.
  • It allows you to check the estimated time of arrival by cycling, driving, walking, or through any public transportation, especially trains.
  • Being a renowned brand, it follows the rule of accuracy and keeps the users updated all the time.

Rating: App Store – 2.6, Google Play Store – n/a

Devices:  All Apple devices.

Conclusion: Apps like Yelp

We hope by looking at our list of Yelp alternatives, no you have a good set of options to look forward to if Yelp is not working for you. Yelp is a good platform to know about the businesses and needed stores in your area. 

However, if it is not working, all the above-mentioned applications can do similar and even the best work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who are Yelp’s biggest competitors?

Google Maps, Tripadvisor, FourSquare, and YellowPages are Yelp's biggest competitors. All these platforms offer an application to make engagement with customers easier. They have different ways of working but work with a similar motive.

What type of platform is Yelp?

Yelp is an American platform that publishes crowd-sourced reviews about small-scale and medium-sized businesses in your area. It helps you know if the place you are viewing for having dinner or visiting with kids is good or not.

Is Yelp still relevant?

Yes, Yelp is still relevant. The company is on both platforms, their official website and official application are working perfectly and are still relevant.