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Fandango vs Regal: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

Fandango vs Regal: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

You want to book tickets but few people said Fandango while few people voted for Regal Cinema. So, which one is the better, and what are the differences? 

Get to know that by reading our Fandango vs Regal Cinema comparison article mentioned below.

Fandango vs Regal: Introduction 

Fandango and Regal are a few of the best options for ticket booking and theatre experience. To get to know these entities in detail, read the following article.


Fandango vs Regal

Find angle media LLC, popular by its first name Fandango, is a United States-based ticketing entity that deals in movie tickets through its official website. Along with the same, you can also install their mobile application on your iOS and Android device.

On top of all, it provides television and streaming content information with the help of its subsidiary company called Rotten tomatoes.

Although it did not appeal to people back when it debuted in the middle of 2000. From the start till the middle, it worked on its working style and soon gained the attention it deserves. 

Not only does it offer promotions and discounts on tickets, but customers have also marked positive reviews for its customer care and other important policies like return policy, refund policy, and more.

Moreover, it is good at studying its target customers and learning what they require the most in the current decade. 

For instance, it has offered a good variety of payment modes like MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, American Express, Visa, and other different digital wallets to make sure the customer does not back off just because of this issue.


Regal theater booking

Regal offers services that help you experience the best cinematic shorts in digital forms like IMAX, 2D, 3D, and 4DX. While it offers services and is a famous cinema chain in the United States, it also offers details about ticket booking and similar factors on its official website.

From the reviews of customers of this company, it has its own way to give you digital cinematic experiences. You can book tickets, and check the show timings. Besides, pre-booking is also allowed from the exact date of other ticket booking brands, including Fandango.

Fandango vs Regal: Tickets and Prices

Although Regal is a provider of great cinematic experience, it also offers ticket bookings online through its website like Fandango. 

While Fandango offers ticket options for all the cinema chain companies in specific areas, Regal only offers ticket bookings for its own brand and cinemas. Nonetheless, there is more to both of the companies, which we are going to look forward to in this article.


Like any other ticket-booking website, Fandango helps you buy or pre-book tickets through online means for different cinemas and movies. It also offers promotions and discount offers to attract more customers. But, do you know what makes it different?

Fandango is known and is in reality, one of the most professional ticket-booking websites out there. It does not allow its customers to go through hard times and experience a hard time. 

Moreover, if there is something you are confused about or are not able to get help from their official website guide, you can simply contact them. Customer care support helps you understand all the pricing and ticket policy and even recommends you the best.

The promotions and a discount offer surely save you a sum from the portal while the prices will stay under the limit of affordable.


The pricing starts from $11 to $12.15 for adults. For seniors above the age of 60, they are charged from $11 to $12.50. These were the prices for a standard cinematic experience.

The experiences for 3D and IMAX movies get expensive. For instance, children below the age of eleven years were charged sums between $17 to $18.50. 

Fandango vs Regal: Fees

Do you remember getting annoyed by the additional fees being added at the time of billing? When there was no mention of these while you were viewing tickets? Correct, we are going to talk about those fees below.


Fandango charges you a usual convenience fee, which can also be seen as the transfer or payment processing fee at the time of billing. There is no mention of these fees while you are viewing the ticket prices but they are eventually added to the receipt of the last page when you are paying and finally confirming the booking.

The cost of this convenience fee is $1.50 per ticket which can fluctuate just like the prices of the tickets. Besides, the fee amount will be increased automatically when you opt for upgraded cinematic experiences like 3D, 4D, and above and the pay will be $2 for every ticket you book.


You might not be aware but Regal Cinema has launched its own application which makes booking online easier. If you reserve the tickets through their app, they will charge you $0.50 as the convenience fee. 

This is the amount only for the convenience fee and additional charges will be included in the name of applicable taxes. These amounts will be charged per ticket you buy and can be reduced if you are a member of the Regal Unlimited program.

Fandango vs Regal: Gift Card

You might have heard about gift cards frequently, but, gift cards cannot only be bought and gifted to anyone but they can also come in the form where you can store your purchase point in. 

Purchase points are those points that can be converted into discount offers in future bookings irrespective of the quantity of the tickets.


Gift your loved one a gift card and help them watch their favorite actor's movie premiere for free. It offers gift cards for different cater chain entities like AMC Theatres, Regal Cinema, etc.


You can either receive gift cards by making expensive orders with it or you can simply visit their gift card section on their website or in their app. You or any other person can redeem these gift cards you choose to gift the gift card to.

For instance, you can get a $35 concession gift card free if you spend more than $450 and above on Premier tickets.

Fandango VIP vs Regal Unlimited 

Fandango VIP and Regal Unlimited are nothing but upgraded versions with additional benefits to the members. You might have already guessed that both versions offer members for unlimited discounts on every booking order.

They also offer multiple chances to win gift cards and have extra fun with friends and family. You can purchase movies and tv shows and watch them sitting at your home, anytime. All this with Fandango VIP and Regal Unlimited.

Fandango vs Regal: Which is better? 

Both Fandango and Regal Cinemas are capable of giving you good experiences and time. However, each of them lacks a few things. 

Where you can get to book movies in different theatres with Fandango, Regal Cinema can not do the same. Meanwhile, while you can get big benefits to book tickets through the online website of Regal Cinemas, Fandango can never offer such prizes. 

In the end, we would suggest you go through our article, join the points and decide which brand is the best one if you.

So, we hope by reading our Fandango vs Regal Cinemas comparison article, now you have a perfect image of the brand you wish to choose. Both of them are stable and worth the time and money you spend.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Regal the same as Fandango?

No. Fandango and Regal are two different companies working differently. While Fandango provides you with the services to book tickets from different cinemas online, the Regal Cinemas is a cinema chain that gives you great cinematic experiences while its official website helps you book tickets to watch in their cinemas.

Can you use Fandango card at Regal?

No. Fandango is affiliated with several Cinema chains for business but it is not the same as the Regal. You cannot use a Fandango card at Regal.