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Fandango vs AMC Theatres: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

Fandango vs AMC Theatres: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

When it comes to online booking, AMC Theatres are the most popular theatres and Fandango is one of the best places to book online tickets from. Which one is the better choice for you?

Do you know the answer to the above-mentioned question and more, we suggest you have a look at our Fandango vs AMC Theatres article mentioned in the below article.

Fandango vs AMC Theatres: Overview

Fandango and AMC Theatres are two of the leading ticketing companies in the United States. In the paragraphs below, we are going to give you a thorough introduction to each ticketing company.


Fandango tickets booking site

Fandango media, popularly known by the short form Fandango, is a ticketing company that deals in selling movie tickets through its website and its mobile app.

It also works as a television provider and streams media data through rotten tomatoes, one of its subsidiary companies.

Fandango has been in business since the middle of 2000. It offers a good variety of payment options. The list includes Venmo, PayPal, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Visa and other specific digital wallets.

The official website of the brand allows you to book tickets in advance and search for the movies to get the descriptions, cast list and movie timings in specific theatres around them.

It also allows you to watch trailers of new add-ons without getting redirected to another app or website.

There is also a review section on the same website below the movie where you can see people adding their thoughts and reviews of the flavour. This section helps a lot to decide if the movie is worth your time and money or if you must go for some other one.

AMC Theatres

Fandango vs AMC Theatres

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc, popularly known for its short-form AMC Theatres is a famous movie theatre chain in America.

It is the biggest film theatre chain in the world. It is at the top ranking in the best chain of Theatres followed by Regal & Cinemark Theatres.

One of the main reasons why it is at the top is because it has more than a century’s experience in this field.

It has been doing the same business since 1920 and enhancing its style and way of working according to the new trends in technology. 

Compared to its condition from its debut, AMC Theatres have brought in a drastic change in its outlook as well as the quality of service.

Fandango vs AMC Theatres: Tickets and Prices

AMC Theatres is a whole chain of Theatres instead of a ticketing company like Fandango, it also has an official website through which you can book your tickets for their Theatres in your location. Given below is the information about how the ticketing and pricing are done in both the companies.


Tickets from Fandango can be bought at reasonable prices, the same price as their original face value and market value. On top of this, Fandango is the one that offers good promotions and discounts all the time. 

If you are eligible to get the offer, you will automatically save a good sum. These offers and promotions are usually available when you book your tickets from days or weeks ago or pre-ordered them. 

They also have offers for last-minute bookings but they are less interesting compared to the ones which you get while per-booking.

It also allows you to return your complete order or a ticket or two from the whole order and request a refund. The refund will take a good set of days to get back into your bank account. The time actually depends on your bank.

Note: You will only receive the amount you paid to buy tickets through a refund. The additional charges for taxes, convenience fees and other series will not be included in the refund.

AMC Theatres 

The prices of different movies were based on their demand and other factors. The pricing can fluctuate for days and even for different timing shows on the same day depending on demand and sales. 

However the usual pricing goes by, children between the age group of 2 to 12 will be charged $14.69. Adults from age 13 to up will be charged $17.69. Seniors above the age of 60 years will be charged $15.69. 

The brand also offers a student discount which is only available on Thursdays where they will be charged the same as the seniors, $15.69.

Fandango vs AMC Theatres: Fees

While ordering, when you are viewing the ticket timings and other things, these additional fees are not included. These fees will be added directly when you view the billing page and the receipt.

There you will see different types of fees like convenience fees included automatically.

In the below paragraphs, we will give you an idea of how much Fandango and AMC Theatres ask in the name of fees.


For every ticket you buy through Fandango, it charges you a typical convenience fee of $1.50. These prices can also fluctuate with the prices of tickets.

However, if you are watching a movie from a different service provider, like IMAX, you will have to pay a $2 convenience fee for every ticket you buy. 

Fandango does not spare users even if they were buying tickets in bulk. Even if you are eligible to receive any offer or promotion, you will have to pay these convenience charges for every ticket you buy.

You can try to avoid these convenience fees by switching the mode of payment to another one. These convenience fees will be usually charged when you are paying through credit cards, debit cards, other types of cards or net banking. 

In these cases, you can try booking through wallets which offer deals for these purposes from their side too.

Even if you were not able to avoid convenience charges, you will at least be getting offers and discount benefits from Fandango as well as the wallet brand you are using.

AMC Theatres 

Unlike Fandango, AMC Theatres offer you a convenience fee of $1.42 per ticket. This way is added to the total of your complete order and you cannot avoid these charges unless you have a special offer for it.

You can try paying from different payment modes to see if you can get additional benefits from both companies. This way, you can at least get the money of convenience fee back one way or the other.

Fandango vs AMC Theatres: Gift Card

What can be one of the best gifts at an affordable rate to give to your best friend or cousin or sibling? Buying them movie tickets allows them to watch their favourite upcoming movie with you or someone they love the most, from your gift card balance.

Now, we are going to talk about the gift cards from Fandango and AMC Theatres.


Fandango gift cards can be given as the best gift to your cousins or friends. It can allow them to watch their favourite actor's movie with you or anyone else they would like to go with. 

These gift cards can be redeemed online on their website or through their free mobile app which can be installed on both Android and Apple devices. 

On both the app and website, there is a special session for gift cards. After navigating to that section, you can see everything you need related to the gift cards in front of your eyes.

AMC Theatres 

AMC Theatres gift cards are those cards which will store every point you receive while purchasing tickets from and for AMC Theatres. 

These points play an important role while you are visiting AMC Theatres because they help you save money on your future purchases. You can either use the coins bit by bit or use them all at once or twice and save a heavy some while booking many tickets at once.

You can check the balance on your gift card by visiting their official website. There is a special section for gift cards where you will clearly see where to click to find your gift card balance.

The alternative way to get your AMC theatre gift card balance is by calling on the number provided by the brand or visiting their theatre.

Fandango VIP vs AMC Theatres Studs

Like any other brand offering premium services and additional advantages in return for subscriptions and other things, sending you an AMC Theatres offers some similar premium offers for users.

Below, we will be learning more about Fandango VIP and AMC Theatres Studs.

Fandango VIP 

Fandango VIP is a section of Fandango where, if you join the club, you will be a VIP in front of the Fandango. They will serve you with some additional and expensive scores live streaming discounted movies from home with a great experience, get discounts galore and receive exclusive movie gears.

All the transactions you make for buying tickets through Fandango will be discounted automatically, once you do this from your Fandango VIP account.

AMC Theatres Studs

Similarly to Fandango VIP, AMC Theatres offers you additional and some premium expenses benefits once you join their AMC Theatres Studs club.

The major benefit of AMC stores will be that you will be able to view up to 3 movies each week for free online reservation. Along with the same, you will get additional benefits and A-listed movies were added in the first offer mentioned in this paragraph.

Fandango vs AMC Theatres: Which is better?

While one is a mere ticket-offering service provider, the other is the largest theatre chain in the world. However, there is a reason why not all the humans in the world are not attracted to AMC Theatres. 

While it has become the biggest theatre chain, there are many locations of the same brand where the actual AMC Theatres policies and rules are not followed. They are highly neglected which results in people losing faith in the AMC Theatres brand. This is when Fandango comes in.

Fandango may not provide you with the best theatre services like AMC Theatres, but it can surely help you book tickets with multiple offers online and give you a better cinema option like Dolby cinema, RealD D3, Imax, etc. 

In the end, we would suggest you go to AMC Theatre first and try their services. You can always book to watch the movie in the AMC theatre through Fandango. If it did not work out, go for Fandango and choose another theatre through the options it has provided.


We hope by reading our Fandango vs AMC Theatres comparison article, you now have an idea of which brand is better for you.

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Frequently asked Questions 

Is AMC the same as Fandango?

Not at all. AMC Theatres comes from AMC Entertainment, the largest cinema chain in the whole world. Fandango is a ticket-selling website which offers deals and saves your money while helping you book tickets online through easy steps.

Can Fandango be used for AMC?

If you are talking about Fandango gift cards, they cannot be used on other brand’s websites or at the cinema box office. However, you can use Fandango to book tickets for movies to watch in AMC Theatres around you.