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5 Editing Apps like Superimpose To Create Amazing Photos [2024]

5 Editing Apps like Superimpose To Create Amazing Photos [2024]

Apps like Superimpose: Being creative is amazing but that is not enough to pull out the talent within you and for the same reason, people interested in photography and capturing amazing moments need tools, or rather some apps like Superimpose to enhance the quality of their content.

About Superimpose

As a photographer, especially an aspiring photographer, you might want to try every single thing that can help your creativity to step out and reach the world. For similar reasons, features like layering, superimposing and more by Superimpose can be put to good use.

Although the Superimpose app does wonders and does not come with in-app purchases, the main drawback is that to install the app, you’ll have to buy it from the Google Play Store for $0.99. 

However, you don’t have to worry about facing the same problem because we are glad to inform you that the article mentioned below contains a list of promising apps like superimpose. 


Apps like Superimpose

Photopea is a good photo editor with amazing user-friendly features. You don’t need to be professional to use this app, just add a photo, edit from a good variety of editing tools available and create and explore things.

The neon sketch art by Photopea is set to get you recognition you deserve and you can also experience new-generation stylish text or shiny grid stickers. And with the in-app PixLab, you can add effects like drip, overlays, splash, wings and many options for backgrounds, emojis, fonts, and doodles.

Besides, its amazing cutout feature let you erase the background or any object in the picture and replace it with the background and items you want or simply cut the whole area. In addition, you get to unlock hundreds of neon spirals and diverse effects.

Key Features

  • You can modify a collage border along with the ratio of pictures.
  • Offers basic features like crop and additionally you can alter them with more than 100 filters and text.
  • It offers over 100 various grid layouts and frames.

Compatibility: Web and Android


Superimpose+ App

Superimpose+: Backgroud Eraser is an amazing background eraser or cut out app. As the name suggests, it is one of the amazing apps like Superimpose because of its edge detection eraser that cuts the object or removes the background with accuracy.

With the app’s smart eraser and auto-recognizing tool, you can cut out a person, animal, airplane, car and so many more things. And after erasing the items you don’t need, you can edit the photos with other basic tools and the best part is that the quality is nowhere near being ruined. 

Key Features

  • The eraser tool will do the work of deleting the traced part in the picture which can be either the background or the object. 
  • You can overlay and superimpose many photos, images and text.
  • It offers multiple stickers and fun collages.

Compatibility: iOS

Overlay Cut Out Photo Editor 4+

Overlay Cut Out Photo Editor 4+

Overlay Cut Out Photo Editor 4+ is one of the best apps like Superimpose to unleash your creativity and combine images with crazy blend modes and various masks. 

The working of Overlay Cut Out Photo Editor 4+ is super easy. All you have to do is to load a background image and image on top to mix with the previous one. Then, adjust transparency, blend mode to get the outcome you want and erase the unwanted parts of the image with the help its smart eraser. And then either export the photo in your gallery or share it on your social media by using its full resolution export.

Furthermore, you can also add overlays to blend images and create your own effects. While it offers enough basic features for editing, if you opted for the overlay premium subscription then you will automatically unlock all the features of the app, with no ads, and unlimited photos and video editing.

Key Features

  • Offers stunning blending effects like multiply, screen, darken, overlay, lighting, color dodge, color burn, soft light, hard light, etc. 
  • If you don’t have a background then the app offers a good set of varieties and backgrounds. 

Compatibility: iOS


Snapseed App

Snapseed is one among the popular photo editing tools that offers professional photo editing features exclusively developed by Google. The main highlight of using Snapseed is that it has advanced features for color and vibe changing for pictures.

It is a platform where you can focus on every small details and correct the poses of portraits from three-dimensional models to focuse on adding face-specific lighting, smoothening skin, and changing eye colors.

The list of tools does not end there as there are several tools like double exposure, black and white to add a classic black-and-white look straight out of the darkness, and many other filters like grunge, granny film, retrolux, Noir, HDR scape, Drama, tonal contrast, glamour glow, lens blur, etc. are also added. 

Key Features

  • Offers some really beautiful vintage filters from the 50s, 60s, and 70s.
  • With the help of the expand tool, you can easily increase the size of the canvas and fill up the places with other content of your image or a customized background.
  • The curves stool is the best for precise control over all the brightness levels in your picture.

Compatibility: iOS and Android


BlendMe App

If you are a fan of blending two of your works or your artwork with some other photographer’s work then the BlendMe app can do a good job.  Since the app provides complete guidance, you don’t need experience or professional skills to use and blend.

BlendMe is a photo editor to not only combine two images but you can also add different blending effects and shape overlays. So, when you simply wish to change the background of the picture, you can use it. 

And with the help of their amazing Ai photo cut-out tool, you don’t have to work on cutting your picture perfectly through edges for hours. Just one click, background or any object from your picture will be removed automatically!

Key Features

  • The auto blending tool will help you add the blending effect easily and all you need to take care of is adjust the opacity and fade according to your requirement.
  • The shape blend tool helps you create your picture in a different shape like a triangle, rectangle, heart, circle, or other 3-D shapes.
  • The photo filter section is well with a huge collection of amazing filter effects.
  • It offers all the basic editing tools like rotate, flip, crop, text, overly break, color overlay, stickers, etc.
  • You can add backgrounds from the available collection of themes like travel, birthday, flower, sports, night, since it, love, etc. 

Compatibility: Android

Final Words

If you search more, you are bound to find many blending and editing apps like Superimpose, but to avoid wasting your precious time and research, you can directly pick your favorite from the bunch Superimpose alternatives mentioned above which will definitely do wonders for you.

With this, we are ending our article and hope you were able to find a good app like Superimpose from our list.

Frequently asked Questions 

Which is the best superimpose app?

Our list of promising Super Bowls apps include BlendMe, Overlay Cut Out Photo Editor 4+, and Snapseed.

Which are good apps to layer photos?

Superimpose, Snapseed, Overlay Cut Out Photo Editor 4+ and BlendMe are a few of the good apps to layer photos.

Which are good apps like superimpose but free?

Overlay Cut Out Photo Editor 4+, Snapseed and BlendMe are a few of the good apps like superimpose but free. Although they have options for premium subscription plans, they still offer enough basic tools and advanced features to give you a good experience.

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