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6 Best Apps like Getir for Grocery Deliveries [UK 2024]

6 Best Apps like Getir for Grocery Deliveries [UK 2024]

Do you want a delivery within 10 minutes with the lowest delivery fee charged? In that case, we have Getir and apps like Getir to help you out.

In the UK, when you have a busy schedule and are always in a hurry, you do not have time to do the daily chores – including grocery shopping.

To help you out in these hard times, in the following article, we are here with apps like Getir – a few of the best 10-minute delivery apps based in the UK.

Gorillas Groceries

Gorillas Groceries apps like gatir

Gorillas is a Berlin-based one of the fastest grocery delivery apps out there. Kagan Sumer and Jorg Kattner founded the company in May.

It is currently operating in over 12 cities including Amsterdam, Munich and London. And you can download it from the Google Play Store and App store.

Gorillas have achieved total funding of 1 billion valuations after a series of funding together. Again one of the fastest groceries delivery apps.

It works in Kennington, Angel, Shoreditch and Bridgestone – the best App like Getir that delivers every type of grocery at your doorstep, including dairy and fresh products, vegan and much more.

  • Delivery Time: 10 Minutes
  • Delivery Charge: €1.80 on all orders.



Whizzy is a London-based fast grocery delivery app like Getir. The app highlights and focuses on one statement that says – “Spending less time shopping and more time living”.

It takes only 15 minutes to deliver your groceries from your favourite shop. Due to its punctuality and good quality services, Whizzy has become famous in a short time.

And we can say that Whizzy is the best choice you have if you wish to fill your fridge with your favourite fresh groceries.

The chief executive of Whizzy, Kristof Van Beveren says – “People appreciate having great customer service, and it comes from the interactions they’ll have in the app, in case they contact their local fulfilment centre”, “In case there’s any trouble with the delivery, you want to talk to someone who provides a great service.”

  • Delivery Time: 10 minutes max (most of the time).
  • Delivery Charge: €1.80



Jiffy is again one of the best 10-minute delivery apps based in London. But, what's the highlight? It offers a 30-day free trial delivery to all new customers. This point successfully highlights the delivery service provider in the crowd.

Arthur Shamalov founded Jiffy. He explained the reason behind opening up this brand for people – the online delivery services provider mostly charges a premium fee for rapid delivery, but the delivery would still take at least two hours or more to get delivered to your doorstep. The slots and people are also unavailable for most of the weekdays.

Shamalov says – we live in 2021. Technology has advanced so much that we can even purchase a ticket to Mars but still cannot receive our groceries on demand on time.

So, he wanted to help the people of the UK. The aim is simple – to provide a delivery service that will get your favourite grocery delivered within just a bunch of minutes.

  • Delivery Time: 5-20 minutes (mostly less than 10 minutes)
  • Delivery Charge: after 30 days free delivery – €1.99.



Grocemania is the best option you have for a food delivery app if you wish to order groceries from local and smaller chains. If you want to order from Londis and Nisha or other fishmongers and local businesses, Grocemania is the perfect option.

It offers customers to checkout with the help of PayPal for quick payment. One of the most content consumers based on Trustpilot says Grocemania is the best in business and the Trustpilot rating of the app is excellent.

Grocemania works in a simple way. They do not charge the retailer any sum, but they add a small amount from themselves on the product listed on the menu and also a delivery fee. The more products a customer adds to their basket, the more money Grocemania and retailers will receive.

It is currently planning to spend its business in Stockport, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Sheffield in the upcoming days.

  • Delivery Time: 15-20 Minutes (can take up to 10 minutes at times)
  • Delivery Charge: €4.50 on orders worth below €10.



Beelivery is based in Cheshire – one of the fastest food delivery apps like Getir in the United Kingdom. It is a well-known same-day delivery app.

It is currently operating at over 300 locations in the United Kingdom including Liverpool, London, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow, Belfast, Cardiff and Birmingham.

You can order fresh goods, free-from goods, baby products, alcohol and other grocery stuff from the brand. It has listed over 40,000 staff entries working for them which automatically doubles at the time of Christmas Eve.

The app has a Trustpilot rating compliment that says – Excellent! However, one of the drawbacks of Beelivery is that it asks you to spend a minimum amount of 12 euros on every order.

  • Delivery Time: 15-60 Minutes
  • Delivery Charge: €3.50



Lastly, we have Dija – one of the fastest food delivery apps available in the United Kingdom, which is founded by Alberto Menolascina and Yusuf Saban, the former executives at Deliveroo.

It is one of the best 10 minute delivery apps, which promises to deliver your package within 10 minutes after placing the order.

The company has a strict policy named ‘No Quibble'. With the help of this policy – if they are late to deliver your products, or if the delivery takes over 10 minutes to arrive, they promise to give you free delivery for 3 months.

Dija is only operating in capital lands for now – Hackney, Battersea, South Kensington and Fulham. The start-up has promised to launch its services in 20 more hubs by the summer – covering the central part of London along with Zone two areas.

  • Delivery Time: 10 Minutes
  • Delivery Charge: €2 on orders worth below €10.
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The above-mentioned fast delivery apps like Getir are the best 10-minute delivery apps operating in the UK. You can find more on the internet in your area but these were the well-known and trusted ones, known for systematic and organized working.

Is there another app like Getir?

Yes! Gorillas, Dija, Beelivery are a few of the best fast delivery apps like Getir.

Who are Getir Competitors?

Doordash is one of the rivals of Getir grocery delivery app.