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4 Apps like Too Good To Go To Check out! [2024]

4 Apps like Too Good To Go To Check out! [2024]

Apps like Too Good To Go: Are you fed up watching your restaurant's unsold food go to waste? In that case, have you ever heard about the Too good to go food waste app?

You might have witnessed many restaurants in stores dumping the unused and untouched food into waste just to make it sound but it is not their fault that they do not need it in the stores – once the food is close to reaching its expiry date, the store owners simply cannot keep it with them.

Since we have plenty of food going to waste, how about we talk of online platforms that connect citizens with restaurants and stores that have unused and unwanted food?

In the article below, we have an amazing app: a No food waste app that allows users to connect and share their food. But, as you cannot use it in all the cities, we have presented alternatives along with the required information!

What is Too Good To Go?

Too good go is a mobile-based application that helps customers get connected with restaurants and stores. The restaurants connected are required to have an unsold surplus. It is available in most European cities and in October 2020, it started operations in North America.

Thomas Bjorn Momsen, Klaus Bagge Pedersen, Stian Olesen, Adam Brand, and Brian Christensen are the founders of the Too good to go application. It was founded in 2015 in Denmark. The company's headquarters are in Copenhagen.

Too good to go is one of the best No food waste apps whose work is simple yet exciting. You will be asked to pick a package – you don't know what is inside the mystery box. This way, the store can keep inside the product that will not go to waste. Users are required to be on time and accept whatever is given in the package.


olio Apps like Too Good To Go

What is Olio?

On Olio, you can search for as many people as required who are sharing their food and related items with their neighbors. They share it with anyone who needs it – all free of cost. The community of Olio has expanded to millions of users.

Olio is an app that is available on App Store and Google Play Store. Tessa Clarke and Saasha Celestial-One are the proud founders of Olio. The Headquarters of Olio is in London, United Kingdom.

It is a completely free application without any charges required to use. It connects you with local shops and cafes so that the food they have will not go to waste. Restaurant and shop owners can take a picture of the food they have and can upload it on Olio for others to select and collect. The collection of the food mostly takes place on the same day.

How does it work?

For starters, you are required to download the Olia app, and once installed, create an account.

You'll see a specific section made for items that are out for sale on that day. They also sell items that are not included in the section and are available in other sections for free.

Olio allows you to request your needed item on the app. Along with that, it also guides you perfectly to your destination. In any case, if you feel suspicious about the seller or the user, you can immediately contact the Olio app and report.

Geo Availability: Olio is available in 49 countries. The list includes Australia, Ireland, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangladesh, and more.



What is Karma?

Karma is one of the best apps like too good to go that helps restaurants and cafes reduce their total food waste rate. Instead of throwing the extra and unwanted food, restaurants can now use Karma to sell it.

Users can buy the food. On Karma, you will find all food selling at a lesser price and according to the reviews, consumers have received good quality food at cheaper rates.

How does Karma work?

If you are a seller, you can make an account on the Karma app and put up the products which are untouched and unused but not required in your store. Consumers will view the products and if needed, they will order them.

This way, sellers will not have to worry about throwing their food items into the waste on which they have spent money. Their revenue will automatically take a head's up.

Geo Availability: Europe and United Kingdom.

Food for All

food for all

What is Food for All?

Food for All is a mobile-based application that will connect you to the local restaurant and cafes in your area. The app deserves the title – the best app like Too good to go. You can find fresh surplus meals regularly with at least 50% off on every product.

The application is currently working in Boston and New York cities and they have covered over 200 restaurants in total. With easy handling of the app, you'll also be able to make use of the food and related items which you do not require anymore. So, instead of throwing it into waste, you can allow consumers to consume it.

How does it work?

Using the Food for All app is not a big deal. All you have to do is download the application on your mobile – choose the meal you want after surfing on the current hots – pay with the help of online sources – then travel to the restaurant for pickup on the pickup time – lastly, enjoy your takeout.

Geo Availability: American (Boston and NYC)


flash food

If you are in search of an app that will give you food with loads of discounts, then search for Flashfood. The community aims to save the food going to waste and profit both – the consumers and sellers.

With easy steps, you can learn to sell your untouched food – which you no longer need on the app. Similarly, as a customer, you can get products with amazing deals on Flashfood.

How does it work?

The Flashfood app works with simple instructions. You can download the app, search for your needed product and place an order. The prices are literally cut down to half – even lower at times. Pick up the package from the place and enjoy your meal.

Geo Availability: Mexico, United States, Canada, Columbia, and Venezuela.


In the above context – you will find the best apps like too good to go for anti-food waste apps in the UK, USA, and other countries. If you aim to stop wasting your food – these no food waste apps are worth a shot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get leftover food from Restaurants?

You can check the no food waste apps like Olio, Too good to go, Karma, and other apps that sell leftover foods. You can choose the one you want according to the countries they work in.

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