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Fishbowl App Review: Is It Legit? [2024]

Fishbowl App Review: Is It Legit? [2024]

Fishbowl App Review: Does your regular workplace lacks professional conversations? In that case, you must have a look at our Fishbowl app review.

If you live and work in a workplace and surroundings where professional conversations lack a lot, do you wish to gain knowledge and professional advice from seniors? If that is the case, then you are in the right place.

In the article below, we are going to talk about an application for professional conversations where different workers from industries, firms, companies, and other groups come together and talk about certain topics.

Although the topics will mainly focus on new generation trends and the remote work industry, you can still find a lot of information about the position and field you are working in.

So, if you are interested, have a look at the article below – the Fishbowl app review will surely help you decide if it is of your type or not.

What is Fishbowl App?

Have you ever heard about an application that will help you share your stories and even secret stories about the workplace with other employees? If that is a no, then we have the Fishbowl app here to help you with all the things mentioned above and more.

Fishbowl app is where professionals meet and connect. The topics mainly focus on the new era of remote work and other industries. The application not only involves workers from companies but also different firms, communities, industries, groups, etc.

If you want to vent about your workplace or share some secrets, Fishbowl is the right place. Not only this but if you want to gain knowledge about a specific term or topic or any other thing, asking the question on Fishbowl will give you answers from professionals in the same field.

fishbowl app review

How does it work?

The working of Fishbowl is easy. First of all, you are required to download the application on your device and make an account on the app. After installation, the app will ask you a few private questions that will involve your full name, the company you work in, the position you work in, and other related things in the same matter.

Once you get a hold of your account on the app, you can move ahead and explore the amazing app. You can vent what happened to you on a specific day, share your stories and experience with other people who are still new in the same field, and have professional conversations with your seniors – all this while your identity is 100% anonymous.

Key Features

  • The user's identity will stay anonymous.
  • The private information he/she will give in will be kept secret with the app apart from the company name and the user's name as it will act as the display name for the user on the app.
  • The Application offers a free trial to every user.


Fishbowl is not a free application. It will cost you a one-time payment that you can see after you log in. You are not required to pay any more charges after paying once to use the app for a lifetime.

Is it Legit?

According to the reviews of Fishbowl customers, it seems like the application does not focus on the privacy invasion of the users. Even though they promise you the identity of the user will stay anonymous, there are quite a few places where users have experienced the invasion of privacy more than just once. Apart from this case, the Fishbowl app is the best application for professionals out there.


Fishbowl application is the best place for you to talk about professional topics and terms. While you can give advice to your juniors, you can also receive wisdom from your seniors in the same field.

Is Fishbowl app legit?

FishBowl application is legit. However, there is one drawback that seems to overcome all the key features of the Fishbowl application. Few of the customers of the app have stated the application does not focus on the invasion of privacy of the users. It lacks privacy. Apart from this, the application is the best for conversations regarding professional cases.