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7 Top Apps like 9GAG That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

7 Top Apps like 9GAG That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Apps like 9GAG: 9GAG is a popular online platform and social media site that let users upload and share user-generated content. It’s well-known for offering the daily dose of funny memes as well as breaking news in a variety of media types, including — videos, pictures, weird, news, stories, and GIFs.

9GAG was enjoyed by millions from across the world. However, now, instead of being a fun place to be at – you can see too many ads blocking your fun, the real fun content being hidden somewhere, and is, unfortunately, replaced by some lame jokes. 

In conclusion, 9GAG is not the same widespread platform where you could find the same funny meme community. Now? Does that mean your fun time has to come to an end? Absolutely not, and that is why we are here with a list of top apps like 9GAG, mentioned right below, in this article. 

List of Apps like 9GAG:

1. Reddit 

Reddit Apps like 9GAG

Reddit is a popular social news aggregation, and a trusted network, including thousands of communities. It plays the ideal role of a safe platform where you get to dive right into your hobbies, passions, and interests, and enjoy your time in your favorite community.

Whether you are interested in funny memes or jokes about a certain trending topic – in fact, Reddit will also have communities for underrated topics like isekai anime, while you’ll get plenty of content under the ‘BTS’ title. 

Apart from that, you will not only find pictures, videos, and GIFs as a media type – but you can also read multiple text-based stories and news. Along with that, if you are interested, then you can also ask questions, answer questions for others, and share your opinions in multiple discussions.

Key Highlights

  • You’re free to share hundreds of images, upload tens of videos, and even share links to your favorite websites.
  • There is no limit as to how many communities and fandoms can reside on this platform – because you’ll find answers for probably each and everything. 
  • All the sensitive and adult content is hidden, unless you are eligible to view it and agree to give it.

2. iFunny 

iFunny App

iFunny is another popular platform specifically working to offer you humor. It’s a humor-based site and a mobile app that only contains memes in a variety of forms like videos, images, and animated GIFs made and shared only by users.

On iFunny, you can find funny content, but not on a general radar. The site has given you multiple categories to choose from. Indeed, you’re allowed to choose a specific category like animals, nature, anime, manga, celebrities, gaming, internet, memes, and whatnot to view content from. 

Key Highlights

  • Videos, GIFs, and images are updated 7 times per day to keep you entertained.
  • You can find content in multiple different languages, although English has an upper hand above all.
  • You are free to share different types of content or directly linked to your favorite and topic-related websites and posts. 
  • You can support your favorite post by giving it a smile. 
  • You can copy the link of the post for sharing with just one tap. 

3. Memedroid 

Memedroid App

Memedroid claims to be the best platform if you are interested in rating and sharing funny pics, memes, and gifs. With fewer ads and more fun – you will witness new content constantly updated and tailored specifically according to your liking and history.

At Memedroid, you get to browse a vast collection of memes from different topics, such as celebrity sports, politics, etc. It is an all-time active community that will connect you to thousands of other meme lovers — inviting you to many interesting communities. 

Key Highlights

  • With the help of the name generator, you can create your own content, edit previous works, add some catchy and crazy captions, and join the road with many to become a top meme creator.
  • You get to rate and comment on your favorite post and share them to a good set of platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • You can create and view content in a good variety of languages – with English being on top.
  • You can browse the posts of many popular creators and follow them to stay connected. 

4. theChive 

theChive App

theChive or — The Chive, you can call it whatever because it won’t change the fact that it is one of the most favored platforms to find funny pictures, videos, and memes on. It offers a good variety of content with an assortment of humanity, hotness, and humor.

theChive is said to be a happy place where you won’t find the regular long and boring articles along with those lame memes — but the perfect daily dose of the most interesting, amusing, and funniest photos and videos available across the Internet.

Moreover, you get to support your favorite post by giving them a thumbs up, you can show your disapproval or dislike by giving them a thumbs down – and get to participate in the comments discussion.

Key Highlights

  • theChive is a safe platform with no snarky humor and politics. 
  • It doesn’t bore you with trending news but entertains you with frequently updated funny content. 
  • The platform is super easy to use, you can easily explore your favorite content, and stay motivated with its dark appealing theme. 

5. Cheezburger 


It is safe to say that Cheezburger is one of the underrated platforms for funny content. Like any other platform mentioned in this article – Cheezburger is also a dedicated platform where you can follow an endless feed, including videos, images, and GIFs.

With Cheezburger, you get to find funny memes as well as people. It’s a safe platform – a community, where you can explore your favorite topics and follow your friends as well as your favorite content creators. Indeed, it is one of the most similar apps like 9GAG.

Key Highlights

  • The Remix feature allows you to choose your favorite GIFs and memes and remix them with your own ideas.
  • You can either save your remixes to your device or share them to your Cheezburger profile for your followers to view and support them.
  • You get to help your favorite post and creator by voting and helping the posts to reach more audiences. 
  • All the upvoted posts will be managed in the upvoted section under your feed. 

6. Imgur 

Imgur App

Imgur is another favored online image-sharing and hosting service, large specifically focusing on social gossip. It serves you viral images and memes – particularly seen on Reddit. Overall – it proposes the simplest way to explore and enjoy the vibe of the internet.

At Imgur, you can find funny pictures of pets and memes from movies and TV shows – or inspiring science facts along with comics and extraordinary art. In conclusion, the content at Imgur is guaranteed to tickle you on one side or another.

Key Highlights

  • It’s a place where you can find all types of memes – glorious memes, vintage memes, trending memes, funny memes, and more. 
  • If you found a profile that creates the content of your liking – then you can follow the profile and stay connected with all the updates.

7. uberHumor 

iOS Android

uberHumor is a platform offering funny videos, hilarious pics, and random words to make your day. Yes, it’s one of those funniest platforms on the internet that will encourage you to keep scrolling for hours without getting bored.

At uberHumor, the content is divided into four categories – pictures, videos, gallery, and memes, with each one coming with thousands and thousands in numbers. Along with that, the site is revised frequently to keep you updated with all the funny content across the world. 

Key Highlights

  • You can check popular posts with specific topics for today, the last 7 days, or the whole month. 
  • You get content from popular and worldwide famous platforms including Billboard.

Final Words 

Honestly, the Internet itself is filled with a big variety of funny content collections to always keep you entertained – 24/7. 

However, if you want some platforms to actually provide you with your daily fun entertainment, and help you laugh and smile genuinely – then the above list of apps like 9GAG is surely what you need.

With this, we have concluded our article, and hope you now have a good bunch of apps like 9GAG to help you laugh morning till night.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which are good 9GAG alternatives?

Reddit, iFunny, Memeroid, Cheezburger, Imgur, theChive, and Uberhumor are some of the popular platforms to find your daily shot of funny content and all good 9GAG alternatives. 

Are there any other apps like 9GAG?

Yes, there are many other apps like 9GAG, and the list includes iFunny, Memeroid, Reddit, Imgur, theChive, and Cheezburger. 

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