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Zilch Not Working? [Fix App & Other Issues 2024]

Zilch Not Working? [Fix App & Other Issues 2024]

Zilch Not Working? – Since there is no particular reason why Zilch is not working, we can say that there might be a lot of issues that are preventing the app from working properly. 

Zilch is one of the popular buy now and pay later services that give customers the choice to pay in different ways. And just like any other app, there are some issues that are preventing users to sue Zilch. 

So, to know how to fix the Zilch app not working issue, check out the below article where we have given a detailed explanation of how you can get rid of Zilch problems. 

Why is My Zilch Not Working? 

We can say that there can be a lot of reasons why Zilch is not working. These include 

  • App is down due to temporary service outages 
  • Cache is corrupted and hasn’t cleared your cache and cookies 
  • There might be an unstable internet connection 
  • Zilch is not compatible with your device 
  • Zilch app is outdated and has bugs and glitches 
  • You may be using a VPN on your device 

Whatever the issue is, keep on reading to find out how you can fix the Zilch not working issue. 

Is Zilch Down?

It’s one of the most common problems that occur frequently. So, check whether the app is down, for which you’ll have to make sure that you have a good internet connection. 

Nevertheless, there is also a possibility that a lot of people are using the Zilch app at the same time which is why the app is down. In this case, wait for some time and try again. 

How to Fix: Zilch App Not Working

Try Alternating Between Mobile Data and Wi-Fi

Most of the time, the main problem is with your internet connection, which means that you don’t have a stable internet connection. 

In this case, visit this page to perform a speed test. Or you can try to restart your modem and router by turning it off and after a few minutes, turn it on again and check if you have stable internet connectivity.

Alternatively, you can switch between mobile data and Wi-Fi. For example, if you are currently on mobile data, try to switch to Wi-Fi or vice versa and see if this fixes the Zilch not working issue. 

Clear Zilch App Cache 

When there is an issue with the Zilch app, clearing the app’s cache can fix the issue most of the time because the cache can get corrupted. Therefore, clearing the app’s cache can help you fix the issue. 

Follow the steps to know how you can clear the Zilch app cache.

For iOS: Navigate to settings -> general -> look for the Zilch app -> click iPhone storage -> select Offload App button -> Reinstall the Zilch app. 

For Android: Go to settings -> search for the Zilch app and open it -> click clear cache. Now, the Zilch app’s cache will be cleared. 

For Chrome: Open Chrome -> click three dots in the top right corner -> more tools -> clear browsing data -> choose time range or select All Time -> clear data

For Safari: Settings -> Safari -> Advanced Website Data -> tap Remove All Website Data. 

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Update the Zilch App

A lot of times, the older version of the app creates issues because of some bugs and glitches. Thus, it is essential to make sure that your Blaze app is up to date.

For Android: Open Google Play Store -> tap on the profile icon -> manage apps and devices -> search for Zilch app -> tap update.

For iOS: Open App Store -> tap on the profile icon -> search for the Zilch app -> tap update.

Instead of updating manually, you can enable the auto-update option which will automatically keep the app to its latest version. 

Reinstall the Zilch App

To get rid of the Zilch app not working issue, try to uninstall and reinstall the app because, in this way, the latest version of the app will be downloaded which will fix the bugs or any other issues that the app might have.

Check the Compatibility of your Phone with the Zilch App

We can say that your devices don’t support the Zilch app. So, if your phone is not compatible, try to use Zilch on another phone and see if this fixes the issue. 

Disable VPN

There is a possibility that your Zilch app might not work properly if you are using a VPN on your device. Therefore, it is recommended to disable the VPN on your phone and open the Zilch app again.

Restart Your Device 

You can try to restart your phone because sometimes, the issue is probably with the phone. And you can also check for any available updates on your device. 

Contact Zilch Customer Support 

If the above solutions didn’t help, you’ll have to get in touch with Zilch’s customer service through Live Chat from the homepage between 8 AM- 8 PM. Or through call at 02034059775 on Monday to Sunday 9 AM- 6 PM. 

Zilch Card/Payment Not Working?

If Zilch card or payment is not working, then it is possible that your account may not have enough funds, or you have reached your available spending limit. 

Why is my Zilch Card Not Working?

Here are some reasons why Zilch the card is not working for you and how you can fix them 

Account Blocked 

Your account may be blocked for a few reasons, including 

  • ID verification required for registration: Verify your email address and add your debit card 
  • Missed payment: Select your open purchases and choose the installment that is overdue 
  • Your debit card is lost or stolen: If your debit is stolen or lost, it’ll ask you to provide your photo ID and a selfie 

Haven’t Enabled Zilch Card 

You might not have enabled your Zilch card to shop, and thus it is not working. To fix this, simply tap ‘Enable for Store’ while you are selecting how to pay. 

Insufficient Funds

You might not have sufficient funds in your Zilch card to purchase anything. So, check your balance and see if this fixes the issue. 

Split Limit

When you pay over time, there are limits like open purchase limits and available to split the amount. Available to split limit is the amount you must split over time when you pay in installments. 

And purchase limit is the maximum number of purchases you make with pending installments remaining. You can increase your limit or have a positive impact on your available to split amount by repaying early. 

You can also connect to Open banking which will help you increase your available to split limit. Visit here for more information on the Split limit. 

Debit Card is not Linked 

You probably haven’t linked a debit card to your Zilch account. So, navigate to settings and tap on My Cards and enter your new debit card details and select Update Debit Card. 

Final Words: Hopefully this article on Zilch not working has helped you understand the reasons that are preventing the Zilch app from working properly and how you can get rid of them.