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Wishbone App Review: Is It Legit? [2024]

Wishbone App Review: Is It Legit?  [2024]

Wishbone App Review – Well, we all know that Wishbone is a popular social app that lets you compare anything. Given the numerous complaints regarding the inappropriate content on the app, a lot of people are wondering whether it is safe for kids.

If not, why is not safe? What are the concerns about the app? What is the main purpose of the app? How does it work? Whatever your questions might be, you’ll find everything that you are looking for. 

In this article, we have provided a detailed Wishbone app review that’ll help you understand what Wishbone is, its key features, and whether it is safe or not. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is a Wishbone App?

Wishbone is a survey app that lets you compare whatever your heart desires with other people. And its tagline is “Compare Anything.”

Staying true to the tagline, it covers a wide range of topics, including entertainment, health and fitness, technology, art, fashion, shopping, and many more. This also includes just straight voting thumbs up or down on images. 

And to make things more interesting, it permits you to get a series of 14 culture-based practical questions with two choices twice a day. So, choose a side and then see how your friends voted right after. This can be a fun way to know what’s cool, and what’s not. 

Wishbone’s easy-to-understand interface lets you create your own questions and help you meet new people across the world, make interactions and view what they are like. 

So, basically, we can say that it’s a social media app with a lot of new features like voting, which help you understand others better. 

Wishbone App Review

How Does it Work?

Get started with Wishbone by logging in using other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, or the app just gives you a username and password. 

Once you are done creating an account, start gaining followers. Then, you get two cards where you are asked to choose a preference. You can also create your own cards for others to select their preferences.

Users can follow each other, write comments underneath cards, or send direct messaging using a feature that is quite similar to a chat room. 

Key Features

  • Private Conversations: Users can talk privately with each other. However, you should follow each other to send a private message
  • Report inappropriate content: It offers numerous ways to manage your feed. So, teens can report an inappropriate poll by tapping on the three dots, and you can also delete a comment on your wishbone by swiping left 
  • Compare anything: Ability to compare anything from celebrities, fashion, sports, humor, shopping, and more
  • Get a series of 12 pop culture-based questions with two different choices 
  • Get featured: Create something amazing to get featured in the community feed or daily dozen 
  • Public profiles: Teens can choose who follows them and anyone who follows them can check out their profile, bio, and polls 
  • Report mean content: Ability to report mean content by tapping on it. And if someone bullies or harasses you, mail Wishbone support at 

Is it Safe?

Although on the surface it may look like an entertaining polling tool for children, a lot of parents have raised concerns over what is going on after you download the app. 

Following are the things that everyone should know about the Wishbone app.

  • Rated 12+: Though most of the polls are mild, a few do have inappropriate language. And over 90% of the comments are simply begging for followers. Thus, it is not a great app for young kids. 
  • Zero Monitoring: There aren’t any parental controls in the app to filter inappropriate surveys. 
  • Direct Messages: Since anyone can send direct messages if they follow each other, it is important to see who you are following.
  • Annoying commercials: Most of the complaints about Wishbone are regarding several ads and notifications. For every 15 questions, a video pop up. 
  • Cyberbullying: As people can comment when something has been voted on, cyberbullying can become a major issue with community apps like these 
  • Data Collection: If a teen connects their Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account to log in, it’ll gather the data about their friends and those they have in common with on the app

So, a lot of parents have complained that out of nowhere, explicit advertisements start popping up. Nonetheless, it gives the opportunity to report upsetting content by selecting the three dots in the top right corner of the app. 

Final Thoughts: Wishbone tends to be the best app teens turn to when they are bored or wish to kill time. 

However, the app poses a risk to kids as there are higher chances that they’ll come across explicit content. We hope this article on the Wishbone review has helped you comprehend whether it is safe or not. 


Is the Wishbone app safe?

Although on the surface it may look like an entertaining polling tool for children, a lot of parents have raised concerns regarding the inappropriate content that is displayed on the app. 

What does the Wishbone app do?

Wishbone is a survey app that lets you compare whatever your heart desires with other people.

Can you message people on Wishbone?

Yes. If you follow each other then you can send a direct message.

Is Wishbone appropriate for 11-year-olds?

No. Though you are not looking for inappropriate content, there are high chances that you may stumble across it, so it’s a big no for kids.

Can I delete my Wishbone account?

Log in to the email account that is associated with your Wishbone account and compose a new email to, requesting them to delete your account.