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What is CPX Tuesday Cineplex? [Meaning Explained 2024]

What is CPX Tuesday Cineplex? [Meaning Explained 2024]

Cineplex is a Canadian movie theater chain that operates several other entertainment services under different brands.

Like many other offers and discounts Cineplex offers, CPX Tuesday is one of them. Now, if you are wondering what CPX Tuesday Cineplex is, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll mention what CPX Tuesday Cineplex is and what are the benefits of it. So, keep on reading the article!

What is CPX Tuesday Cineplex?

CPX Tuesday Cineplex is a discount program that Cineplex offers. With the CPX Tuesday launch, you’ll get as much as a 40 percent discount on general admission Tuesday Movie tickets.

This offer is not only for regular movies, but also available for all screenings, including AVX, and IMAX. The specific discount can vary based on the location and type of ticket, but it’s usually around 40 percent as already mentioned.

This offer gets even better for SCENE members, who will now receive an additional 10 percent discount on top of the Tuesday pricing, thus totaling your savings up to 50 or more.

Further, this discount also applies to premium admission tickets, which offer access to UltraAVX and VIP auditoriums, as well as theaters enabled with RealD 3D and IMAX technologies.

Besides Tuesdays, there have been instances where Cineplex has extended the Tuesday pricing offer to other days of the week, particularly during special events or promotions.

Therefore, it’s always worth checking their website or social media to see if the discounts are accessible beyond Tuesdays.

Benefits of CPX Tuesday

  • It can help you save money on movie tickets and make a big difference if you are a frequent moviegoer.
  • With the availability of cheaper tickets, you can be able to afford to see more movies than you normally would.
  • As this discount is applicable to AVX and IMAX tickets, you can try out these premium formats without breaking the bank.

Final Words

To access this offer, all you need to do is select the movie you would like to watch, choose your seats, and look for the CPX Tuesday or Tuesday Pricing option.

If you are a SCENE member, remember to log in before you purchase your tickets to get your additional discount. Hopefully, this article has helped you know what is CPX Tuesday Cineplex.

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Are movies cheaper on Tuesdays in Canada?

Cineplex offers a discount program on Tuesday called CPX Tuesday where you’ll get as much as a 40 percent discount on Tuesday Movie tickets.

What day is the cheapest to go to the movies?

Try to find out if your movie theater offers any special discounts or simply go at off-peak times to get cheaper tickets.

Why are movies cheaper on Tuesdays?

Historically, Tuesday is a slow day for movie attendance. So, by offering discounted tickets on Tuesdays, theaters can attract more customers.