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Is Cineplex Popcorn Gluten Free? Explained [2024]

Is Cineplex Popcorn Gluten Free? Explained [2024]

Cineplex is an entertainment company that operates a chain of Cineplexes under various brands like Scotiabank Theater, Cineplex Cinemas, and Playdium.

Like in any theater, they also offer popcorn. Now, if you have an intolerance to gluten, you might be wondering Is Cineplex popcorn gluten-free?

In this post, we’ve answered your question so that you can enjoy your popcorn without worrying much about gluten.

Is Cineplex Popcorn Gluten Free?

According to Cineplex, their regular popcorn is considered gluten-free. This means that kernels and popping oil used are safe for you if you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

However, the popping salt contains milk whey, so if you have a dairy allergy, you’ll need to be careful. They also offer gluten-free nachos and some menu items marked ‘GF’ on their VIP menu.

Nonetheless, if you have an intolerance to gluten, here are some tips to ensure gluten-free popcorn at Cineplex.

  • Order plain popcorn without any toppings or seasonings as additional toppings and seasonings may contain gluten.
  • Ask the staff if their popcorn is gluten-free.
  • Take your own snacks to enjoy at the cinema if you are unsure about the gluten content.
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Final words

Lastly, we would like to mention that if you are gluten-sensitive, it’s always a better idea to ask the staff about it before ordering anything at Cineplex.

Or you can simply take your own snacks to enjoy at the movies. We hope this post has helped you know whether Cineplex’s popcorn is gluten-free or not.


Is popcorn at the movie theater gluten-free?

If you’ve gluten intolerance and are worried about getting the corn digested easily, you can simply ask the staff whether the popcorn is gluten-free.

Is Cineplex popcorn butter vegan?

Although Cineplex’s popcorn is vegan, its popcorn butter is not.

What kind of oil does Cineplex use?

Cineplex says that they are now using a new canola oil-based popping oil that reduced the overall fat content and the trans-fat compared to their previous popping oil.