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Western Union App Not Working? [Fixed 2024]

Western Union App Not Working? [Fixed 2024]

Is your Western Union App not working? Are you having trouble while using Western Union App? Want to know how to get rid of this issue? In this article, I’ll show you a simple step-by-step on how to fix the Western Union App not working issue.

Western Union Application is a money transfer platform that quickly start transferring money to your friends or family across the world entirely digital, or you can send cash globally to an agent location for pickup. Your family and friends can receive the funds over wire transfer directly to their mobile wallet or bank account.

Western Union App Not Working [How to Fix]

You can easily download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and create an account to instantly start your transfer. So, transfer money with a few clicks and pay for it instantly with your credit or debit card. However, many users are facing an issue with Western Union App.

So, to solve this issue, you’ve to know what is the actual reason behind this issue.

Why is Western Union App not working?

There can be several reasons why Western Union App is not working, this includes slow or poor internet connection, corrupted cache, temporary service outage, etc.

How to fix Western Union App not working issue?

You can try these troubleshooting methods listed below to fix the Western Union App not working issue:

Check your internet connection

Sometimes poor internet connection can be the reason behind the issue. So, ensure that you have proper internet connection. If you have a poor internet connection, you can try using any other network i.e., if you are connected to a Wi-Fi, switch to cellular data network or vice versa.

Clear cache
  1. Open settings and go to Apps.
  2. Scroll down and search for Western Union App and open it.
  3. Click on Force stop and then tap clear cache and data.

This will delete the unwanted data that is stored in your Western Union Application.


To check if others are also facing this problem, you can visit for possible server down or service outage issues in your area.

Conclusion: If the issue still persists, visit and send your issue to their customer care. So, I hope the above article has helped you to fix your Western Union App not working issue.


Why Western Union App is not working?

We can say that it is due to poor internet connection or due to temporary service outage in your area.

How do I fix Western Union App not working issue?

You can send an email of your problem to their customer care and include your email address, phone number, your registered username and a short description of the problem you are currently facing.

Does the Western Union App work?

Yes, you can easily transfer money to your friends and family.