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How to Download a Google Doc on iPhone [Guide 2024]

How to Download a Google Doc on iPhone [Guide 2024]

Are you wondering how to download a Google Doc on iPhone? People who are new to iPhone doesn’t really know how to download a Google Doc on their device. In this article I’ll show you a simple and easy way which will help you to download a document in your device.

Applications like the Google Doc for iOS lets users access their document on the go and keep them organized. They also permit you to export a document, or make it available in other applications. However, some people don’t know how to download a Google Doc on their iPhone. Check out the guide below for more information.

How to Download a Google Doc on iPhone [Complete Guide]

Follow the steps listed below on how to download a Google Doc on iPhone:

  1. Open Google Drive app and click on the Google Doc you want to download.
  2. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of your screen.
  3. To download the file to your iPhone device, click on Open in and click on Save to Files.
  4. Now, select where you want tot save this file i.e., either your iCloud drive or On My iPhone and click Save.
  5. Then select the folder you would like to save it in.

Now, if you open your file manager, you can be able to see the Google Doc that you have just saved.

Conclusion: If you want to download a photo or video, you can just simply click on “Send a Copy” and save it to your files. So, I hope the above article on how to download a Google Doc on iPhone has helped you to download a Google Doc or on your iPhone device easily.

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How do I save a Google Doc to my iPhone?

Open the Docs app on your device -> open the document -> click on three dots -> from the drop-down menu, click share and export -> send a copy -> select PDF from the menu -> click OK.

How do I download documents to my iPhone?

Open the file that you would like to download on your device -> click Select -> file name -> organize -> click On My iPhone -> select a folder or create a new folder -> click Copy.

How do I download a document from Google Docs?

Open Google Docs on your device -> open a document -> click File -> Download as -> select the file type. Now, the file will download onto your device.

Where the download files are saved in iPhone?

The download folder can be found in the Files app: click Browser in the bottom right corner and open the ‘downloads’ folder

Can I type a document on my iPhone?

Yes, to create a document on your iPhone; click Pages on the Home Screen and click on “Create New” icon in the top left corner. Now, scroll through the template categories and select the one that matches the type of document you wanted to create.