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We3 App Review: Pros-Cons, Legit? [2024]

We3 App Review: Pros-Cons, Legit? [2024]

We3 App Review: with so many meet-and-greet online apps on the Internet, it’s so hard to learn which among them is trustworthy and which is fake. But, these apps are extremely helpful when you want to step out of your introverted zone, or simply build a strong connection.

Now, to do so, we have plenty of platforms to meet new people, and one among them is the We3 app which has recently gained a lot of attention from users.

Despite that, new users want to know what this We3 app is, how it works, what are its unique features, and if it’s actually worth their time and effort. And, if you’re also here to know the same, then continue reading this article since it contains an unbiased We3 app review.

What is the We3 App?

We3 is currently a popular app to meet new people with over 500,000 downloads. It claims to provide you with a smarter way of meeting new people and making friends – growing connections, and stepping out of your home to be innovative and engaging.

Furthermore, We3 clearly states that it’s not a dating platform, but a safe and private place to meet new people from your area who are also looking to make new friends, build connections, and hang out.

We3 App Review

How does it work?

The working of We3 is super simple. It starts by requesting you to make a profile on its app and then gives you a quiz to know more about you. The quiz will merely include basic introductory questions like your favorite subject, favorite activities to pass time, your unique taste in music, etc.

Next, after you are done taking the quiz, We3 will use its robust matching algorithm system to search through hundreds of profiles in the process and find you the nearest people sharing similar interests as you.

The last step involves you trying to socialize, chatting in the in-app messaging section, and opting for hanging out in real life, of course, only if you are comfortable.

Key Features

  • AI Matching Algorithm 

We3 uses an advanced AI matching algorithm, which automatically connects new people to a group of three. This way, you can start from a small circle with less awkwardness and more room for exploring and inventing.

  • Meet people from your area

We3 doesn’t go far from your home and you will be about 10 minutes away from your soon-to-become friend. This way, you guys can hang out often, explore more about the surroundings together, and make more friends and connections.

  • Group of 3

We3 promises to find compatible people from your area for hangout, and it has a goal behind grouping 3 people at once. 

Since two people might find it awkward to start the conversation and talk freely, especially if they are both introverts, then the third person in the group of 3 might strike a conversation and light up the mood steadily.

Pros and Cons


  1. The UI of the app is straightforward and user-friendly – making it super easy to get started and meet people.
  2. The app is helpful for locating people sharing similar interests as you — really helpful if you want to build a community.
  3. The app doesn’t have ads.
  4. Your profile doesn’t go public, instead, it’ll only be shown to people you match with. 


  • Both the app and site contain multiple bugs and glitches and trying the troubleshooting methods doesn't always work.
  • Since its popularity and the user account is less, it’s super hard to find people sharing similar interests as you in your area. 

Final Words 

In conclusion, we think that although it might be hard to find people in your area with the same interests and hobbies, you should still give it a try because you never know — you might as well find some quality friends to hang out with! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is We3 a dating app?

No, We3 is not a dating app. It helps you to find people sharing similar interests as you from your area – and put you in a group of 3 to make it less awkward.

What is the We3 app?

We3 is another trusted app to help you meet new people from your area, build connections, and hang out. 

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