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How to Fix: Navien Error Code e110 [2024]

How to Fix: Navien Error Code e110 [2024]

Navien Error Code e110: Navien tankless water boilers and heaters are popular for commercial and residential use. They use high efficiency and innovative technology to give you the comfort of warm water when it’s freezing out there.

Navien is one of the fastest-growing companies in this field – famous for offering good quality boilers and heaters. It is known to deliver durable and easy-to-use products. 

However, recently, we have been hearing some customers complaining about the new issue — Navien Error Code e110, not allowing them to receive hot water from boilers and heaters.

So, are you also facing the same issue? If yes, then we are glad to inform you that the article mentioned below contains the exact troubleshooting methods to solve your Navien Error Code e110 problem.

What is the Navien Error Code e110?

The Navien Error Code e110 I’ll be yours on your boiler and heater screens, where it won’t give you hot water, or even if you get some hot water, it will turn back to cold within a few minutes.

According to Novian, there can be three reasons why you are receiving this error on your heater or boiler, and these reasons are as mentioned below,

  • The intake air filter of the heater or boiler is dirty.
  • The exhaust pipe is facing obstructions.
  • There is an issue with the air pressure sensor.
Navien Error Code e110

How to Fix: Navien Error Code e110

Check Air Pressure

The air pressure might be the main cause of the problem. In case there is an issue with the air pressure sensor of the machine, if the screen is showing an abnormal pressure, then it’ll soon start showing the Navien Error Code e110.

To solve this problem, make sure the exhaust pipe in the machine is free of dirt. Moreover, the exhaust pipe might face issues if there’s heavy snow blocking the entrance of the exhaust pipe – so cleaning the snow from the pipe will do the work.

Clean the Filter  

The filter of the heater or boiler is another important thing that needs to be cleaned to give you warm water. Therefore, check the filter of the heater or boiler, and make sure it’s clean – or you can always just cleanse it thoroughly with water even if it seems all clean from the outside.

Drain Condensation Trap

The condensation trap or lid, according to the Navien support team, needs to be filled with some water. However, if the same water is overflowing or filling the entire space, then that condensation trap needs to be drained.

Contact Navien Customer Care

In case none of the troubleshooting methods mentioned above works for you, and if you are still facing the error code, then the only option left is to contact Navient customer care.

To contact Navient customer care, you can visit the ‘Contact us’ page on its website, fill out the form including your first name, last name, state, ZIP Code, message, etc, send the mail, and wait for the response.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does E110 mean on a Navien?

The Navien Error Code e110 on a Navien heater or boiler will appear if there is an issue with the air pressure sensor, there are obstructions in the exhaust pipe, or when the filter is dirty. 

What is the error code E110 on a Navien boiler?

Navien Error Code e110 on a Navien boiler will appear if there are issues with the air pressure sensor, exhaust pipe, or filter. To solve this issue, make sure all the above-mentioned things are clean and there are no obstacles.