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Tumblr vs Instagram: Difference & Comparison [2024]

Tumblr vs Instagram: Difference & Comparison [2024]

Tumblr vs Instagram: Tumblr and Instagram are two leading social media platforms. In spite of being entirely different from one another, they’re being compared by thousands of users currently.

While Tumblr is the No 1 platform for data, blogs, GIFs, and importantly – written media, Instagram here is a favored destination for pictures and videos. 

Yes, Tumblr and Instagram are indeed different, but what are the differences that tell them apart? 

If you are also interested in knowing what’s the difference between them and more information about the same, then our comparison article between Tumblr vs Instagram mentioned below is here to assist you! 

Tumblr vs Instagram: What’s the Difference?


Microblogging is something you can easily opt for on Tumblr. It helps you write your thoughts about a certain topic and share multimedia posts including text, videos, and GIFs.

On the other hand, you can share pictures and videos on Instagram but can’t write detailed information, although some important points about the picture or video posted can be written in post captions.


Reels are short videos that capture your entire mobile screen. This feature is present in only a few leading social media platforms including Instagram. It also acts as a major source to bring attention and an audience to your page.

On the contrary, we don’t have any such thing present on Tumblr. You can share short videos, long videos, or medium size videos with different ratio aspects, but they are not always the reason you get attention on this platform.

User Base

Tumblr has a user base of people who are more interested in engaging and spreading information. Since it's a microblogging platform, you can choose any trending topic, whether about studying or space, do a little bit of your research or add your personal experience and post it on the platform.

As for Instagram, it has a user base filled with content creators and influencers. You simply have to post reels or videos and pictures through posts to keep your followers updated about your life or any topic you have chosen as a theme for your page. In short, you have to keep your audience entertained.


Although both platforms require engagement for pages to grow and gain a following, Tumblr has more engagement than Instagram because of the type of content it prefers.

Its microblogging and re-blogging features help users interact with each other through comments and messages. While on Instagram, you can use comments and captions to engage with other users, but the engagement is seemingly low. 

Tumblr vs Instagram: Popularity 


As of February 2021, Tumblr has reported that it has more than 500 million blogs on its platform. Regularly, it publishes over 10 million blog posts and has over 300 million unique visits from IDs across the world. 

Tumblr vs Instagram


Instagram is the second most popular social media platform in the world after Facebook with over 1.3 billion users from across the world, as of January 2024.

Instagram vs Tumblr

Tumblr vs Instagram: Key Features


  • Re-blogging: Microblogging is one good thing, but with this feature, you can join any conversation and create jokes and memes, add pictures, and create a whole new big thread.
  • Pre-set chat: Not a very helpful feature, but the pre-set chat post is here to correct all your incorrect quotes so that you can go on rambling without needing to check for spelling mistakes and stuff.


  • Reels: Although you can add short clips along with pictures in posts, reels are still a popular feature of Instagram through which you can easily gain recognition if your videos go viral.
  • Stories: stories aren’t really a new feature right now, but Instagram stories help you engage more with your audience, let them know what you’re thinking, ask them for their opinions, and keep them updated. 
  • Account switch: on Instagram, you can change the type of your account from personal to public. Along with that, you can change your public account to a professional account as a creator, or a business account if you run a business.

Tumblr vs Instagram: Best For


Tumblr is best for microblogging and for all those who are interested in blogging and related topics. If you are someone who likes to share their opinion in detail with evidence, highlights, personal experiences, stories, etc then Tumblr is where you should be. 

Along with that, since it’s a social media platform, you can also wander across a good variety of topics like memes, fanarts, fandom videos and pictures, and whatnot. Overall, it's a platform for all types of fandoms whether you are from Anime, Manga, Netflix, K-pop, etc club. 


Instagram helps you to enjoy your social life so it’s best for influencers and content creators who love to share about their habits, hobbies, goals, passion, preferences, jobs, etc. the best thing about it is that you can be a content creator and an influencer without showing your face!

Along with that, Instagram is also a platform for multiple fandoms and to show your talents in video editing, picture editing, art, crafting, cooking, etc. like, you can be an Anime fan and showcase your artistic talent by drawing any anime character!

Final Words

In conclusion, Tumblr and Instagram are two different platforms filled with a variety of audiences. If you are more interested in blogs, written information, engaging content, etc, then Tumblr is your ideal platform.

On the other hand, if you’re more of a photogenic user and love creating content with pictures and videos, then Instagram is your ideal choice.

With all the points mentioned in our comparison battle between Tumblr vs Instagram above, we hope you now know what are the main differences between the two, which is better for you, and how you can tell them apart.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Tumblr more popular than Instagram?

No, Instagram is more popular than Tumblr with over 1.3 billion users, whereas Tumblr has over 300 million unique visitors worldwide. 

How is Tumblr different from Instagram?

Tumblr and Instagram are two entirely different social media apps. While Tumblr is about microblogging where engagement is at its peak, Instagram is more about visual content and certainly focuses more on pictures and videos.

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