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TiviMate Error Code 403 [How to Fix 2024]

TiviMate Error Code 403 [How to Fix 2024]

TiviMate Error Code 403: TiviMate IPTV Player is a well-known platform where you get to watch live TV channels with the help of your IPTV provider on different types of Android set-top boxes. It supports various playlists and features a function to help you catch up with your favorite channels and content. 

TiviMate does a good job of managing IPTV connections with stalker portals, Xtream codes, etc. But, like any other good player, it’s also filled with multiple bugs and errors, like the recent TiviMate Error Code 403 that’s not allowing many users to view through TiviMate.

So, is the TiviMate Error Code 403 denying access to you too? If yes, then don’t fret anymore because the article mentioned below contains a list of all the troubleshooting methods that can help you solve the problem easily. 

What is the TiviMate Error Code 403?

The TiviMate Error Code 403 means that there’s an issue with the TiviMate app, and it’s ‘Forbidden’ for you to receive the video output through the app. 

As for the reason for this cause, it can be any one or more of the following:

  • The TiviMate servers are facing a sudden service outage.
  • There are some issues with your network connection.
  • You have a VPN switched on.
  • Your current buffer settings are creating issues.
  • There’s a minor glitch in the app.
  • The TiviMate app is not updated. 

Nevertheless, we have all the solutions to the aforementioned causes. 

How to Fix: TiviMate Error Code 403

TiviMate Server Status

As soon as you start receiving the error, the very first doubt you must have should be — if TiviMate servers are up and running, and instead not facing any outages. 

To check the same, you can take help from some updated platforms like SaaSHub to make sure the service status is up and running globally, or is down.  

If you find that the services are down, then all you can do is wait for the servers to get back to work soon. 

Trying Playing a Different Video

If the error code is popping up due to a small glitch in the video you are currently playing, then you should try playing a different video, and a couple more to see if the previous video was the issue, or the entire server is the problem.

Check your Network

The second doubt, after making sure that all the servers are up and running, must be that your network connection is working properly and whether you are receiving enough network to connect and load the content.

For this, you have to use an Internet speed tester and make sure the speed is good enough. 

In case the speed isn’t good and isn’t getting any better either after waiting for some time, then you must try turning the network switch off and on a couple of times, or simply swap with a Wi-Fi, data connection, or a mobile hotspot, accordingly. 

Restart or Reinstall the TiviMate App

Not often, but there are times when the apps have small bugs and glitches invading the smooth flow of work, and can automatically cause you problems while using the app.

Therefore, it’s best to first restart the app, while there are no tabs in the history. If starting once or even twice doesn't work, then you can also try reinstalling the TiviMate app. 

Check for TiviMate App Updates

If the TiviMate app is outdated, then it will surely make way for bugs and glitches in some parts of the app, which will eventually get in your way of streaming.

To solve this issue, all you have to do is update the app. For this, you can either go to settings or the App Store or Google Play Store accordingly. 

Disable VPN

First of all, using a VPN is not a good idea while using any app or browser, and many applications along with websites don’t allow users using VPN to enter their borders.

That is why, if you have a VPN enabled, then disable it till the time you are using the TiviMate app.  

Alter Buffer Settings

If you are receiving the error code after watching the screen buffer, then that might be because of your buffer settings. To increase the buffer size that will reduce the chances of videos getting stuck in the middle, you can follow a simple guide mentioned below:

  1. Install the TiviMate Settings
  2. On the main menu, tap on the Playback option.
  3. Choose the Buffer Size option next.
  4. Try different settings and check which one suits it better. 

Contact TiviMate Customer Care

Contacting TiviMate customer care services is the very last choice you have. To contact TiviMate customer care, you can either WhatsApp them at (+1) 270 735-3119​ or reach out to them through social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

How to solve TiviMate code 403?

To solve TiviMate code 403, you can try relaunching and reinstalling the app, checking for app updates, making sure the Internet connection is good, and the TiviMate servers are up and running, or simply contacting TiviMate customer care.