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Honkai Star Rail Error Code 10 [How to Fix]

Honkai Star Rail Error Code 10 [How to Fix]

Honkai Star Rail Error Code 10: Honkai: Star Rail is a recently launched space fantasy role-play video game, which also includes the new patch of ‘Even Immortality Ends’. In addition to that, it comes with a limited rate and a brand-new game mode.

Honkai Star Rail, although just released, has acquired quite a fan base, with thousands loving its gacha style. But, with so many players and traffic jams in the servers, it was prone to have bugs and glitches, like the Honkai Star Rail Error Code 10.

The aforementioned error code seems to be blocking your screen, and it won’t allow you to move forward to play. Since the game is new, there’s not much about such errors and glitches anywhere on the Internet. 

However, you don’t need to worry anymore because we have still found about 5 troubleshooting methods that can help you solve the ‘Honkai Star Rail Error Code 10’ problem easily. 

What is the Honkai Star Rail Error Code 10?

The Honkai Star Rail Error Code 10 seems to be an unknown error code that appears out of the blue on your screen and doesn't allow you to move ahead with the game. It doesn’t have any other option than taking you back, acting as the ultimate obstacle in the way of your gaming.

As for the main reason for this problem, it seems that it often requires files that need to be unzipped on your device, and if there’s not enough space, then it might create a problem, likely this error code.

If not the aforementioned, then there might be a couple of more causes, whose solutions are all mentioned below. 

Honkai Star Rail Error Code 10

How to Fix: Honkai Star Rail Error Code 10

Free up Space 

According to our research, the main cause of the problem is that if there’s a file that needs to be unzipped on your device, and if there’s not much space left in the device, then the file will create problems and won’t unzip.

For the same, you need to free up some space and then try again. 

Check your Network

If freeing up space was not the solution, then you must check your network, if your Internet connection is doing a good job. 

In case there’s not enough network, then you can try waiting for some time till the network is back, restarting the modem, switching it off and on a couple of times, or simply swapping with a Wi-Fi, a mobile hotspot, or data connection, accordingly. 

Check Server Status

If the Honkai Star Rail servers are under maintenance or facing sudden service outages, then that might also be a cause of this problem.

To check if the Honkai Star Rail system is working for all or not, the best way is to visit its social networking site pages, and the most recommended of these is Twitter. 

There, you can check if there’s any kind of warning from Honkai Star Rail about maintenance or service outage, accordingly, or you might find what other users facing the same problem as you–  are doing in a similar situation.  

Check for Device Updates

If your device is outdated, then along with Honkai Star Rail, you will face problems with multiple other programs on the device. 

Therefore, you must update the device without wasting any more time. 

Contact Honkai Star Rail Customer Care

Contacting Honkai Star Rail customer care is the very last option on the list. 

HoYoverse, the developers of the game, has allowed players to contact them to report any bug or issue through an email ID, and you can do the same at [email protected], making sure you explain the issue with proper images and screenshots.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix my Honkai Star Rail error?

To fix your Honkai Star Rail error, you should make sure your Internet connection is good, there’s enough space on your device, the version of the game and your device are both updated, and Honkai Star Rail servers are up and running.