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Lycamobile App Not Working? Here’s Fix! [2024]

Lycamobile App Not Working? Here’s Fix! [2024]

Lycamobile App Not Working: The Lycamobile app is a popular platform filled with multiple tools to help you control your account, whenever and wherever you want. You can check your balance usage, and history, and buy credit or bundles — all by following simple processes at the Lycamobile app. 

However, since the app has been established almost recently and has multiple problems, most of them are unknown, and with no specific cause or solution, many users are complaining about the Lycamobile App Not Working.

On the contrary, if the Lycamobile App Not Working is not working for you too, then you don’t have to worry anymore because the article mentioned below contains all the possible troubleshooting methods that can help you solve the problem. 

Why is the Lycamobile App Not Working?

Is the Lycamobile App down?

If the Lycamobile app is not working for you, then that might be because its system is facing a sudden service outage, or is under maintenance — which means it’s not working for not only you but for others too. 

To check if that’s the case, you can take help from some trustworthy websites like Downdetector by Ookla, and see if others from your county have reported issues. 

Check Twitter 

If you found nothing from the aforementioned link, then you can also try visiting Lycamobile’s social media pages, especially Twitter, because you can find many users facing the same problem as you discussing and complaining to the company. 

How to Fix: Lycamobile App Not Working

Wait for a while

We know that the waiting option might not sound pleasant to many, but if the problem is caused by a minor bug or glitch anywhere in the system, then it can be resolved on its own if you leave it to be for some time, and check after a few moments.

Check for the Lycamobile app Updates

In case the Lycamobile app is outdated, then, surely it will cause problems like small bugs and glitches. 

To solve this problem, all you can do is update the app, and with the auto-updating feature available in the Settings app, the app will be updated automatically without you needing to worry about its update each time. 

Reinstall the Lycamobile App 

If the issue is somewhere in the app, then it can be automatically resolved if you only delete the app and reinstall it after some time.

Since the reinstalling process takes time, doing it once should do the work, otherwise, it’s a sign to move ahead with the next troubleshooting method. 

Contact Lycamobile Customer Care

If none of the troubleshooting methods mentioned above helped you solve the problem, then it’s finally time to contact the Lycamobile customer care team, and clearly explain the issue.

The fastest way to reach out to the customer care team is by calling 00 44 20 7132 0322, or you can always private message them through social media platforms like Twitter. 

Try Lycamobile App Alternatives

Trying the Lycamobile app alternatives is the very last option on the list, in case contacting the Lycamobile customer service isn’t helpful either, or maybe the issue is going to take some more time and you are in a hurry.

As for the Lycamobile app alternatives, you can find plenty in the market, and most of them offer similar services, at least the general ones, as the Lycamobile app. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why my Lyca network is not working?

If your Lyca network is not working, then that might be because Lycamobile servers are under maintenance, are facing a service outage, or maybe your device is outdated.