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Tessie App Review: Is It Worth It? [2024]

Tessie App Review: Is It Worth It? [2024]

Tessie App Review: Tessie is a third-party app for Tesla owners that offers a variety of features that are not typically found in the official Tesla app.

Thus, a lot of people have many questions regarding the app, including whether the Tessie app is worth it. How much does it cost? Can it be used as a key? And many more.

So, if you are also looking for the answers to these questions, look no further. In this article, we’ll give you a detailed Tessie app review that comprises everything you want to know about the Tessie app.

What is Tessie App?

Tessie is a premier third-party software for Tesla drivers that tracks your driving and charging and control and summon your Tesla from your Wear OS smartwatch and desktop.

It gives detailed information on battery drain while parked and has a very clear and easy user interface.

Furthermore, one of the main features of Tessie is that it can import all your old data from TeslaFi, Teslascope, TezLab, Nikola, and TeslaMate.

Tessie App Review

How Does Tessie App Work

You can easily get started with the Tessie app by downloading the app on your device and linking your Tesla account with a safe and secure industry standard.

Then, the Tessie app communicates with your Tesla to get information about your car, including your charging sessions, driving history, battery health, and many more.

It uses this data to give you insights into your driving habits, automate tasks like preheating your car before you get it, and even help you optimize your charging schedule.

Key Features

  • Track Your Driving: Browse and discover drives with graphs, maps, and more.
  • Add Watch Controls: Ability to use your Apple or Wear OS watch to control, see, and summon your Tesla.
  • Add Voice Controls: You can control your Tesla with Alexa and Siri.
  • Automate Your Tesla: Seamlessly automate your Tesla using scheduling and triggers.
  • Record Charging Sessions: View the details of every charge, including costs, energy usage, and more.
  • Measure Battery Health: Check your battery degradation and compare it with similar vehicles.
  • See Cost Projections: Get personalized suggestions to save on your electric bill.
  • Add Intelligent Alerts: Get real-time notifications when something important happens.


It offers different pricing options for Personal and Business. Its personal plans include monthly, annual, and lifetime subscriptions which cost $4.99, $49.99, and $199.99 respectively.

All the personal plans offer dedicated support, unlimited vehicles, and the ability to cancel your subscription anytime.

For business, it costs $5 per month for every vehicle, and it offers dedicated support and fleet view.

If you are not sure which subscription to sign up for, you can try out its free trial and see which can be the best option for you.

Is Tessie App Worth It?

A lot of users have mentioned that the Tessie app is really worth the price and it has a clean and neat UI. Furthermore, the analytics are displayed in a clear way so that you don’t require a lot of technical expertise to understand.

And one of the main features is the ability to use the Tessie with your watch which lets you unlock door while your phone is in your pocket or wherever.

So, we can say that Tessie is a great app for Tesla owners who want to get more out of their car. Moreover, most of its features and services are not available in the official Tesla app.

Thus, we hope this article on Tessie app review has helped you know everything about the app including its features, pricing, and whether it is worth it or not.


What does Tessie app do?

Tessie is a third-party app for Tesla drivers that tracks your driving habits, charging, and control and summon your Tesla through the WearOS smartwatch.

How do I link my Tessie to Google?

All you need to do is open the Google Assistant app on your device and say, ‘Talk to Tessie’ and you’ll be automatically prompted to connect your account.

Does Tessie wake the car?

Yes, with your action, Tessie can wake your Tesla.