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Temu Watches Review: The Unbiased Review You Need

Temu Watches Review: The Unbiased Review You Need

When it comes to cheap options, there are many other things you need to sacrifice, like less quantity, not much variety, sometimes you get defective products, and mainly – the quality is far from good and durable.

Today, we are again talking about Temu watches, since we have many people wanting to know details about them, mainly if they are worth the money or nah.

Talking about you, are you also confused if Temu watches are worth your money or not? If yes, then, what are you waiting for? Continue reading the Temu Watches Review in the article below and get all the answers to your questions.

Temu Watches Review

To be honest with you, we all are aware of what Temu is, and its popularity not only in the US but also in some other powerful nations like Germany, the UK, Canada, etc.

The brand is not only popular for a huge variety and low prices, but the fact that the majority of the products have positive and  even excellent ratings and reviews just makes it the best platform for cheap shopping. 

Now, coming towards the Temu watches, quality, fit, pricing, and more important factors seem to be in place, while you can find watches for men, women, and kids, along with accessories. 


From what we read and saw in the ratings and reviews section of Temu watches, it is indeed hard to imagine that a bunch of $10s can give you such a good quality watch that you would be willing to buy it again.

Yes, you get stainless steel with crystal glass for most of the watches, and there are also advanced filters and options like water resistance for daily wear.

As for the details and construction, you can clearly see the prominent details in almost all of them, and even if you’re not expecting much, you will still be satisfied with its average quality for the price you pay.

Variety & Collections 

As already mentioned above, Temu does not hold back when it comes to the variety and collections it offers for every category and section.

Moreover, the designs and collections not only include pieces for weddings, daily wear, casual wear, or work wear, but you can also choose patterns for specific occasions like Valentine’s Day anniversary, and other seasons.

Apart from that, as expected, the shades and color combinations are not there to disappoint you, and most of the products come with additional technologies like calling, keeping track of your steps per day, sports activities, etc.


Now, as expected from Temu, the prices for watches on its platform are probably the cheapest in the market and can even be lower than discounted stores.

Yet, to give you a better idea of what you can expect – overall, Temu watches start from as low as only $0.68, and you will get similarly cheaper watches for $0.71, $0.79, and more, all the way up to $700, with many reasonably priced in between. 

Customer Experience 

Talking about the customer experience, of course, there were negative comments and opinions about its sizing, fit, build, and some other factors like designs, colors, etc. 

However, the majority of the ratings and reviews were in favor, and the main highlights were the overall quality and durability of the watch, color combination, fit, size, finish, etc.

Some Temu Watch Reviews

LIGE Men Watch

LIGE Men Watch is overall one of the most popular watches on Temu with top sales and is a digital military 1968 design.

Moreover, it comes with a 5-inch waterproof wristwatch LED Quartz clock, with a detailed design and is available in a good variety of shades like full black, golden black, silver black, black, and more.

LIGE Men Watch

Stylish LED Digital Watch

The Stylish LED Digital Watch is the cheapest watch on Temu, as of January 2024, priced at only $0.68 without any deals and promotions. 

Surprisingly, the watch has an excellent rating of 4.6/5 and comes in a fair variety of colors, like red, purple, pink, white, black, sky blue, sapphire, green, and more. 

Stylish Durable LED Digital Watch

Carving Tourbillon Mechanical Watch

The Carving Tourbillon Mechanical Watch, unlike the one mentioned above, is the most expensive watch on Temu as of January 2024, priced at $701.90.

For this watch, you can choose your preferred color from enough options, and according to reviews and ratings, the stainless steel watch is set to fit perfectly and look expensive. 

Carving Tourbillon Mechanical Watch

Smart Watch

Smart Watch from the kids section is priced at $24.98 and has an excellent rating of 4.7/5.

Also, it has color options like black, dark blue, pink, purple, and light blue, along with an HD touchscreen, music player, pedometer, alarm clock, flashlight, and calculator.

smart watch kids

Final Words: Should You Buy Temo Watches?

Reviewing the highlights and information mentioned in the article – if you ask us, we are 100% going to recommend you try Temu watches and see for yourself if it is worth your money or not.

Since we are talking about Temu, quality is surely not guaranteed and for a couple of dollars, or a bunch of $10s, there is no way you are going to get the same deal anywhere in the market, and you’re free to prove us otherwise.

Still, in the end – the decision lies in your hands, if you are willing to push your luck and risk some dollars to check for yourself, or simply go for other options. 

That is all from our side, and we hope our Temu watches review was helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Temu sell watches?

Yes, with hundreds of different categories, Temu also sells watches for men, women, and kids, along with some accessories like charms, combos of bracelets, etc. 

Are Temu watches any good?

According to the reviews and ratings, the majority say Temu watches are good, but in the end, you must be careful in what you are buying because Temu product quality is never guaranteed. 

Are Temu watches waterproof?

Some specific Temu watches are indeed waterproof, and you have to make sure to have a look at the watch description before buying.