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Temu Shoes Review: Unveiling the Comfort and Style Factor [2024]

Temu Shoes Review: Unveiling the Comfort and Style Factor [2024]

When it comes to cheap footwear, especially shoes, you will find plenty of options in the market. Whether we are talking about discount stores or some websites like Temu, the variety is not usually bad, and you can also get different designs.

However, as you might have guessed, shopping at cheap platforms comes with a good bunch of risks, one of the main one being poor quality, since no one’s ready to give you a good quality product at the lowest prices.

Today, we have many wondering about Temu shoes, wanting to know if they are worth the money or not — and for the same reason we have presented a thorough and unbiased Temu shoes review right below, in this article. 

Temu Shoes Review

We all know Temu is one of the leading US shopping destinations, and even though it is involved in multiple rumors with hundreds of negative comments – we have far more positive comments highlighting its huge variety, mega deals, lowest price, and more such things.

As for Temu shoes, it is one of the most popular categories on Temu with thousands of options to choose from, where the price is low as expected, and if not happy, you will eventually be left satisfied.



According to what we saw in the ratings and reviews, the construction of almost all the pairs of shoes you find on Temu is made to fit you flawlessly, and if not that, you will be at least satisfied with the price you paid.

As for the materials and combinations, although they are not made with the best in the market, you can still find some average-quality leather, canvas, and similar materials used — which often last for longer than you can imagine.


We all know when it comes to cheap products, you are not to expect the details to be precise.

However, surprisingly, many reviewers specifically highlighted that their pair of shoes came with detailed construction, with no threads or anything coming out of its place. 


Temu doesn’t really hold back when it comes to variety and like any other of its category and section, the shoes section has more than plenty of options to choose from.

Whether you are interested in different color combinations, like red, black, pink, cream, maroon, grey, silver, etc, or want specific types like loafers, sneakers, etc, Temu has got you covered.

If that’s not enough — you also have options for fabrics, and it specifically allows you to filter for different seasons like summer spring fall, etc, with patterns like stripes, geometric, flowers, and more.


As already mentioned, the prices for Temu shoes are comparatively the lowest in the market, and surely lower than most of the discount stores. 

However, to give you a better idea, we are going to state the minimum and maximum amount for some of the popular categories.

Starting with men’s casual shoes, the lowest you can get is only $5.15, and the price can go up to $116.

Secondly, for women’s fashion sneakers, the lowest you can get is only $3.36 and the highest you can get is around $95. 

Of course, the pricing changes as per your category, color combination, season collection, patterns, materials, styles, and more, but rest assured, all types of shoes will be reasonably priced. 

Customer Experience 

In case we didn’t already mention – the majority of the products on Temu have above-average, in fact, excellent ratings of above 4/5, highlighting many different points.

For starters, the looks and details seem good, and while the fabric quality was also fair, many mentioned that the shoes were lightweight, according to the type you are choosing, and comfortable to wear. 

Moreover, the construction of shoes seems on point to many, and although we had enough negative reviews and opinions, highlighting the poor and incorrect size, fit, and design – just remember you are not to expect premium quality for the low price you pay. 

Some Temu Shoes Reviews

Women’s Platform Skate Shoes

Women’s Platform Skate Shoes are a versatile pair of shoes, that can be used for walking, outdoor activities, and such, with height-increasing quality.

Moreover, you get to choose your favorite color from options like green, white, grey, and khaki, where the main color is white — priced at $13.59 with an excellent rating. 

Women’s Platform Skate Shoes

Men’s Skate Shoes 

Men’s Skate Shoes is known for a good grip — a lace-up pair of sneakers priced at $17.89 with a wonderful 4.6/5 rating.

Additionally, the majority of the customers seem to love the fit and details of the product, and you can get it in different color combinations like blue, black, beige, and more. 

Men’s Skate Shoes

Final Words: Are Temu Worth Buying?

To be 100% honest with you, while shopping on Temu, you must make sure you are only choosing products which have received at least a bunch of ratings and reviews, above average ratings at that.

Secondly, you must make sure to check the description before adding the item to your cart, and since Temu products are not guaranteed for quality — in the end, don’t expect much because you are also paying only 1/4 of what you would usually pay.

Overall, the decision is yours — if you want to push your luck and risk some dollars, otherwise, there are plenty of a bit expensive options at the market.

That is all from our side, and hope our Temu shoes review was able to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are the shoes on Temu real?

Yes, all the shoe listings you see on Temu are real and none of them is fake. 

What are Temu shoes made of?

Shoes are made of different combinations since different types of shoes need different materials, and overall, you can find Temu shoes made of synthetic, net, genuine leather, cow leather, and many such materials.