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Temu Earbuds Review: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying [2024]

Temu Earbuds Review: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying [2024]

Temu is worldwide famous for a good bunch of advantages, with the main one being that while you get no-name products at cheaper prices, you can also shop for a few branded items at a discounted price.

Yes, and Temu has these branded items in a lot of categories, one of them being Earbuds from the electronics section. 

Currently, we have quite a few customers wanting to know if Temu Earbuds are worth a try.

For the same people — we are going to provide an unbiased and thorough Temu Earbuds review right below, in this article, to give you all the answers and information you need about Temu Earbuds. 

Temu Earbuds Review: Introduction 

We know you don’t need an introduction, still — Temu is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the US, slowly also covering some other nations globally.

As for its Earbuds collection, as expected, you get a good variety and collections to choose from, or you can always go for discounted branded items.

As for the qualities and features, even for the most reasonable price available in the market, the features and qualities are not much different, and while you simply can’t expect to see all the advanced features, you can still look forward to some unique and basic features in your Earbuds. 

Design & Built Quality 

If you ask us — for all the top-selling and highly rated products we reviewed on Temu, we were certainly impressed with the design and looks, because not only did they look sleek, but the details were also on display.  

As for the built quality, since you’re expected to buy only the ones with good ratings and reviews, many mentioned that while the build was neat, the materials were also fine, with the charging, microphone, and other things working for longer than expected. 

Sound Quality & Performance 

After reviewing a bunch, we confirmed that almost every earbud comes with different sound quality and performance.

Yet, to highlight some points — they come with a high-quality dynamic coil for a clearer sound effect, some have 1000 yuan HiFi sound effect features, while others have dynamic coils for stereo sound. 

Features & Functionality

There are many Earbuds options on Temu and each comes with different features and functionality. 

However, to help you know what you can expect, below are some highlights mentioned:

  • Touch operation for next song, previous song, answering the call, and volume.
  • Light intelligent digital display, where you don’t need to open the cover to see the charging percentage. 
  • Some models are ultra-thin and said to be so comfortable that you can even wear them while sleeping. 
  • You get plenty of options with unusual shapes to fit different ear structures. 
  • The majority of the Earbuds come with voice integration functions and responsive controls. 

Battery Life & Charging 

As you might already know, battery life and charging depend on different Earbuds and their systems.

Still, to give you an approximate idea of what you can anticipate for battery life and charging – some Earbuds come with 5 hours of playback in a single playtime, while the battery life goes far up to 80 hours.

Most of the Earbuds have a micro charging feature, and if not, then you will certainly get a small screen somewhere in the charging case to tell you the charging percentage. 

Pros & Cons


  • You mostly get a few or more shade options, usually white, khaki, black, etc. 
  • Many pieces are sweat-proof and come with a secure fit. 
  • Almost all have reliable Bluetooth connectivity and effective noise isolation.
  • They offer a good quality for calling and a strong bass response.


  • For the low price, you might have to often deal with glitches.
  • They might stop working suddenly.
  • Not all microphones will offer good quality.

Temu Lenovo ThinkPlus Earbuds Review

You might have read mixed reviews on Temu Lenovo ThinkPlus Earbuds, but according to us, it is a good option for the price you pay.

Lenovo ThinkPlus Earbuds come with a neat design and style, and you will usually find it in the color black. As far as we know, they don’t have noise cancellation or any major advanced features, but you can expect to use all the basics of Earbuds.

Moreover, for some, it has shown Bluetooth connectivity issues, while others were super happy with the fast connectivity.

Since they don’t exactly come with an appropriate warranty and guarantee, all you have to do is rely on ratings and reviews, or simply return in case you receive a damaged or defective product.

Otherwise, you should give Lenovo ThinkPlus Earbuds a try because there’s no way you’re going to get Lenovo Earbuds for that price anywhere, even if we are talking about discounted stores. 

Top 5 Temu Earbuds

Transformers EarPods 

Transformers EarPods

Transformers EarPods are wireless earphones coming with noise cancellation, and available for both iPhone and Android devices.

These earphones come with good sound quality and have a dynamic design where their case can transform into something interesting.

F9 Wireless Earphone

F9 Wireless Earphone on temu

F9 Wireless Earphones are known as sports headphones, which can also be used for gaming.

These earphones can connect to both iPhones and Android smartphones, and have a smart and unique design.

BT30 Wireless Earbuds 

BT30 Wireless Earbuds on temu

BT30 Wireless Earbuds are another good choice, a versatile piece used in sports, outdoors, while sleeping, and more situations. 

These Earbuds come with low delay and high-quality sound effects which are perfectly stable for video gaming too.

A6s Tws Wireless Earbuds

A6s Tws Wireless Earbuds on temu

A6s Tws Wireless Earbuds are waterproof stereo wireless Earbuds and are said to be equipped with extraordinary audio quality and long battery life.

They are known as popular gifts for both genders and usually come in shade options, like pink, blue, white, green, and black.

9D Stereo Wireless AirPods 

9D Stereo Wireless AirPods on temu

9D Stereo Wireless AirPods are a waterproof sports headset with noise reduction and a unique design for its charging case.

With a clean and glassy front for the charging case, you don’t need to open the charging case to check the battery percentage.

Final Words

To be honest with you – before buying on Temu, you must take some precautions like checking and reviewing the star ratings and reviews thoroughly before moving forward. 

Apart from that, the list of top Earbuds on Temu may contain the title, but since every earbud comes with different functions and features, you should do your own research for your favorite earbud style.

That is all from our side, and hope our Temu Earbuds review was able to give you all the information and answers you were searching for. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Temu have AirPods?

Yes, we did see some customers buying Temu AirPods, but there is no guarantee these AirPods are going to work similarly to the original Apple AirPods. 

Are Temu Lenovo Earbuds real?

Yes, Temu Lenovo Earbuds are real, but the quality and functions might not be as good as you expect, and these Earbuds might be at a discounted price because they are defective.