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Symbolab vs Wolfram Alpha: Which Is Better? [2024[

Symbolab vs Wolfram Alpha: Which Is Better? [2024[

Symbolab vs Wolfram Alpha: Symbolab and Wolfram Alpha are two of the leading tools when it comes to solving different types of mathematical equations. These platforms are not limited to helping only students, but can also teach educators, homeschoolers, etc.

Symbolab is a popular answer engine. It helps you solve almost all kinds of mathematical problems and equations accurately through its step-by-step explanations and solutions.

Wolfram Alpha is also an answer search engine, trusted by thousands of people for its detailed computerized answers and solution to all types of equations.

Both Symbolab and Wolfram Alpha are the best, but when it comes to working, problem-solving, pricing, etc topics, there are multiple things you need to know about these two to decide which among them is a better choice for you. 

If you’re interested in knowing all the significant information about the two and which one is better for you, then you must have a look at our unbiased comparison battle between Symbolab vs Wolfram Alpha mentioned below.

Symbolab vs Wolfram Alpha: Start


As soon as you visit the Symbolab website or open its app, it’ll first recommend you sign up or log in to your account, so that you can at least enjoy the free features of the app.

Additionally, you can create an account with any existing social media account or email. In short, creating an account on the site will only be more beneficial.

Symbolab vs Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha

After you visit the Wolfram Alpha website, it’ll show you all the subjects and topics it offers. You can start using the website’s free features immediately, but if you want to access more free features, then you’ll have to sign up or log in.

For quick solutions and understanding, you can also use its search bar to calculate or know about anything without needing to login or sign up.

Wolfram Alpha vs Symbolab

Symbolab vs Wolfram Alpha: UI 


Because Symbolab has a goal to help you solve problems as easily as possible, its user interface and graphics, both on the website and app, are super easy and simple. One simply can’t be lost solving equations or finding any other tool with its UI.

The homepage has all the required options and categories for you. With the search bar, you can enter a problem and get a solution in a few seconds. The calculator, subject option, etc icons are also visible at the top header clearly.

Wolfram Alpha

Similar to Symbolab, the UI of the Wolfram Alpha website and app is good for beginners as well as professionals. On the homepage, you'll get all the subjects it offers, and all the important topics in a row. Tap on any topic of your choice, add filters and start learning right away.

Additionally, icons like math input, natural language, extended keyboard, etc are all available right below the search bar on the homepage, along with all the available tools on the website. 

Symbolab vs Wolfram Alpha: Compatibility


Symbolab of apps can be downloaded on iPad, iPhone, tablet, and cell phone through the App Store and Google Play Store.

Talking about its website, as long as you have a search engine, then whether it is Google, Chrome, or Safari, the website will work on almost all of it. 

Wolfram Alpha 

Wolfram Alpha‘s website needs a modern web browser with JavaScript. It supports all types of browsers including the recently updated versions of Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Chrome.

Talking about its app, the Wolfram Alpha app can be installed through App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon App Store, along with Windows Store for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Symbolab vs Wolfram Alpha: Pricing


Symbolab has a free version where it offers about 3 features for free. As for its paid Pro subscription plan, you’ll get a total of 8 features and the plan will cost $2.49 per week, $1.66 per week at $6.99 billed monthly, or $0.57 per week at $29.99 per yearl.

As you might have noticed, for a monthly plan you’ll save 33%, and for an annual plan you will save 77% of the original price.

For detailed information about features and updated pricing and plans, you can visit Symbolab’s pricing and plans page here.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha has 3 plans to offer and they are as follows:

  • Pro subscription plan – $7.25 per month billed monthly, or $5 with a total of $60 per month billed yearly.
  • Pro premium subscription plan – $12 per month billed monthly, or $8.25 per month with a total of $99 per month billed yearly.
  • Basic subscription plan – it's a free plan. This subscription plan allows you to personalize your experience with personalized settings. 

For updated information, you can have a look at Wolfram Alpha‘s pricing and plans page here.

Symbolab vs Wolfram Alpha: Key Highlights


  • Problems: It provides step-by-step solutions with explanations of every step to all math word problems.
  • Graphs: The platform helps you with plots and analysis functions, along with equations and details with detailed steps and a proper guide for fair understanding.
  • Practice: The platform has a special section where you get to practice and enhance your math skills with the help of engaging exercises and tests. It also includes a dashboard to help you track your progress with detailed analytics and reports.

Wolfram Alpha 

  • DAC: DAC stands for Dynamic Algorithm Computation, a term showing that Wolfram Alpha uses dynamic algorithms to computerize your solutions and give you correct answers with minute details.
  • Natural language understanding: natural language understanding says that Wolfram Alpha is capable of understanding your natural language. It means Wolfram Alpha allows you to polish your skills while learning in your mother tongue.
  • Curated Data Collections: Wolfram Alpha has a huge database, well-curated by some of the top geniuses in specific subject fields.

Symbolab vs Wolfram Alpha: Pros and Cons



  • Pricing for pro subscription plans is cheap.
  • Has a huge database and can solve just about any math problem.
  • Provides detailed steps with explanations for each step, a guide for complex questions, and proofs.
  • Covers 4 important math subjects.
  • Offers links to additional resources whenever needed.


  • Step-by-step solutions with explanations is a feature only available for paid users.

Wolfram Alpha


  • Has a plug-in feature for selected apps like Mathematica.
  • Offers more services and features than other similar platforms.


  • Although it has a huge database, it still has restrictions on how many questions and what questions will be answered through its AI system. 
  • The search result, whether for math or not, can be dry and very basic at times.

Symbolab vs Wolfram Alpha: Which is Better?

For starters, you can use both Symbolab and Wolfram Alpha’s websites for free without signing in or logging in. But, compared to Symbolab, Wolfram Alpha‘s website offers access to more features without logging in or signing up.

Moving ahead with the user interfaces and graphics, both the platforms have simple UI. But, for icon display, menu, search bar, etc elements on the homepage, we think Wolfram Alpha has an upper hand over Symbolab for having a bit easier navigation and searching of tools.

Finally, when we talk about the pricing and plan, it’s clear that Wolfram Alpha charges a couple of dollars more than Symbolab. However, it also offers more features than Symbolab. 

Here, unfortunately, we have a tie unless you wish to go for the cheaper one, then Symbolab is good, or if you can spend a bunch of dollars more for more features, then Wolfram Alpha is a better choice.

With this, we have come to the end of our comparison battle between Symbolab vs Wolfram Alpha, with the result that both platforms are worth a shot. 

As already mentioned, Symbolab is a good choice if you’d like to have a first experience with something cheaper and with fewer tools. But, if you’re confident enough, then trying Wolfram Alpha is a fair decision.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Symbolab better than Wolfram Alpha?

Symbolab is better than Wolfram Alpha only when you want to try software cheaper than Wolfram Alpha with fewer tools. Otherwise, they both offer similar services for the prices charged.

What is better than Symbolab?

Wolfram Alpha is better than Symbolab when it comes to offering more services and tools, although the pricing is also more.

What is better than Wolfram Alpha? 

Symbolab is better than Wolfram Alpha when you want to try something cheaper, only for a couple of dollars, and when you’re ready to settle for fewer services than Wolfram Alpha.