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11 Top Stores like Sharp Shopper Near You [2024]

11 Top Stores like Sharp Shopper Near You [2024]

Stores like Sharp Shopper: Sharp Shopper is one of the top titles that come to mind when it comes to discount grocery shopping for good quality products at cheap prices. In other words, Sharp Shopper grocery outlets include closeouts from other grocery brands to help you save money.

Sharp Shopper is offering you good quality products with no defects or anything at comparatively lower prices. It’s indeed a good store – but, unfortunately, it only serves about 2 to 3 regions in the US.

Now, what about other people interested in shopping from discount grocery stores but don’t have a Sharp Shopper near them? Fortunately, it’s time they drop their worries because Sharp Shopper is not the only discount grocery store in the market.

Likewise, if you want to know which other stores like Sharp Shopper near you are offering quality products at discounted rates, then dive right in the article below, containing a list of the 11 top stories like Sharp Shopper near you. 

List of Stores Sharp Shopper:

1. Aldi 

Aldi Stores like Sharp Shopper

Aldi grocery stores is a favorite brand in the US, serving the customers through over 10,000 stores in 20 countries, and let’s not forget about its digital platforms, including websites and apps.

Aldi is a popular supermarket and grocery store chain with the goal of providing you with quality food at everyday moderate prices.

Key Highlights

  • Weekly Specials: weekly specials is one of the main highlights at Aldie – a regular event at Aldi where you can save more than just a couple of dollars on purchase.
  • Big list of categories: Aldi claims to offer you each and every product you might be searching for while grocery shopping – because its big list of categories include bakery, pantry essentials, cereals, beverages, alcohol, fresh produce, dairy, fresh meat, seafood, frozen food, and whatnot.

2. Lidl 

Lidl Store

Lidl is another said grocery store providing thousands of citizens across the US with quality items – all at guaranteed low prices. 

Lidl, like any other grocery store chain, works to provide you with high quality deals and offers at everyday low prices. You can always find deals and promotional offers lingering on their digital platforms – while it serves its customers through in-store, websites, and apps.

Key Highlights

  • Specials: if you are going to shop Lidl from through its digital sites, then visit the specials section because it offers fresh deals to save more on Wednesdays. 
  • myLidl: myLidl is an interesting title introduced by Lidl, free to join, to help customers enjoy multiple exclusive rewards, and coupons – which only increase in numbers at the time of occasions and festivals.

3. Giant Food

Giant Food

Giant Food is one of the popular titles in Virginia – offering you the right to opt for sale on all types of purchases. In simple words, this brand works to offer you maximum savings along with flexible rewards on grocery purchases.

Giant Food is all about offering coupons and rewards regularly on all types of grocery purchases, including food like beverages, cookies, fruits, meat, sauces, ice creams, which also include instant food packets. 

Key Highlights

  • Updates details: Giant Food is an always updated website where you can look for coupons which come with updated expiring details. 
  • Giant Flexible Rewards®: Giant Flexible Rewards® is like a membership program by Giant Food, which is free to join but comes with over just a couple of benefits like, earning 1 point with every $1 spent.

4. WinCo 


WinCo Foods, or just WinCo, is one of the well-known titles in the US supermarket chain list – offering services through its digital platforms and in-stores in areas including Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, California, Arizona, and more. 

With WinCo, you will have a slightly different grocery shopping experience, because not only the prices are comparatively low – but the majority of its stores are also open 24 hours for services.

Key Highlights

  • Bag your own purchase: WinCo employees aren’t responsible to help you bag items, which means, you can buy your own purchase and arrange them however you want.
  • Regular coupons and offers: WinCo many works on regular coupons and offers, even though their prices are extremely low. 

5. Market Basket 

Market Basket

Market Basket is another favourite title in the US with a chain of over 80 supermarkets in regions like New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and a few more.

Unlike the majority of the labels mentioned in this article, Market Basket doesn’t necessarily help you with only grocery shopping as it is more famous for offering meals and meal combo offers.

Key Highlights

  • Fresh stocked items: Market Basket has live video evidence which says all the food items, either raw or complete meals, are all freshly stocked and the inventory is updated regularly.
  • Weekly Flyer: irrespective of the already low prices, the weekly flyer at Market Basket ensures that you get to save over only a couple of dollars on selected items.

6. Walmart 


When it comes to grocery shopping, who doesn’t know Walmart? Walmart is a multinational retailer and one of the topmost titles in the US when it comes to grocery shopping – working professionally to help you save more on more options.

At Walmart, you get to enjoy a huge range of products at everyday low prices – while you get to save some extra bucks with regularly updated offers and deals. 

Key Highlights

  • Shop for everything: Walmart is a place to shop for everything, because its department list contains a big number of sections, including apparel, accessories, home decor, kitchen essentials, garden essentials, home improvement, grocery and whatnot.
  • Low prices and better quality: along with regular offers, Walmart is also famous for charging low prices – best for middle-class and lower middle-class people with quality being satisfactory. 

7. Trader Joe’s 

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's is another American-based grocery store chain with over 500 stores across the country. It is mainly popular for its wide collection of gourmet and grocery food stores. 

At Trader Joe's, you can buy discounted products under sections like beverages and food departments, including dairy, bakery, freshly prepared food, soups, sauces, eggs, and more. 

Key Highlights

  • Recipes: while it offers an extensive range of collections, if you choose to visit its digital platforms like the site, then you can also browse across a variety of easy yet delicious meal recipes.
  • Other items: Trader Joe's also offers collections of other different items like health care including hand creams, painkillers, etc and, flowers, plants, and more.

8. Costco 


Costco Wholesale, or just Costco is a home for a big range of computers, outdoor living essentials, jewelry, furniture, and electronics appliances, with the list also having food and grocery-related items on it.

Similar to some brands mentioned in this article, Costco doesn’t exactly focus on the grocery section, but it is one of the significant departments offering you a variety of categories including meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, bakery, snacks, breakfast beverages, etc.

Key Highlights

  • Save and save more: irrespective of the day and season, Costco regularly has discounts and offers available, exclusively on its digital platforms as well as in stores.
  • More brands and options: Costco does a good job in promoting its original brand, but it also offers more options from other well-known brands like Google, Acer, Apple, etc. 

9. Whole Foods Market 

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is another multinational supermarket chain selling items, absolutely free from artificial colors, flavors, reservations, and hydrogenated fats. 

At Whole Foods Market, they work to offer you good quality products at moderate prices – with multiple discount offers and deals available all the time of the year.

Key Highlights

  • Recipes: if you choose to visit its website – then don’t forget to drop by the recipes page because it’s filled with delicious and easy recipes for the entire day – starting from breakfast to dinner, and seasonal dishes are also included. 
  • More variety: since Whole Foods Market is only about food – it has comparatively more options to offer with satisfactory alternatives for the sold-out items. 

10. Save-A-Lot 


Save-A-Lot Food Stores, with the trading name Save-A-Lot, is another trusted American discount supermarket chain with over 800 independently operated stores across over 30 states in the US.

As the name implies, Save-A-Lot is here to offer you all the products under promotional offers and discounts — with the main highlight that it primarily focuses on the food section. 

Key Highlights

  • Weekly ad: Save-A-Lot is already a discount store by origin, but with the weekly ad feature, you get to save a couple of bucks more on the entire purchase – whether a small or big one.
  • Categories: based on the big list of categories it serves, which includes frozen food, fruits, vegetables, sauces, beverages, bakery, deli, etc, it’s safe to say Save-A-Lot is underrated.

11. Food 4 Less 

Food 4 Less

Food 4 Less is not exactly an independent grocery store chain – but the title for a variety of grocery store chains – with the biggest of them known as Kroger.

Food 4 Less is the home for an expansive range of departments, where you can shop for groceries at everyday low prices and build your shopping list for in-store shopping or online.

Key Highlights

  • Shop favored brands: Food 4 Less offers products from only top food and grocery brands, including Kroger, Hemisfares, Murray’s Cheese, Luvsome, Aboud, and more.
  • Digital Coupons and Weekly Ad: Food 4 Less has digital coupons and weekly ad pages on its official website – offering only a couple more ways to say big on all types of purchases.

Final Words 

When it comes to grocery shopping, there are so many topics that hold value in the discussion, and when you sum up all the points – it’s hard to find the ideal grocery store. 

Sharp Shopper does a good job as a discount store chain, but for all those who can’t afford shopping at Sharp Shopper for some reason – the above-mentioned list of all the more stores like Sharp Shopper has got your back. 

With this, we have successfully concluded our article and hope you now know which of the above-mentioned Sharp Shopper Alternatives is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there more stores like Sharp Shopper near me?

Sharp Shopper has 6 stores along with a distribution facility in Pennsylvania and 3 stores in Virginia. However, if you don’t reside in these areas then you can have a look at some other good stores like Sharp Shopper like Aldi, Walmart, Costco, or Market Basket.

How many Sharp Shopper locations are there?

Sharp Shopper has six stores located in Pennsylvania, and three stores in Virginia. You can visit these stories from Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 8 PM anytime.

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