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6 Boutique Stores like Peppermayo to Try Out! [2024]

6 Boutique Stores like Peppermayo to Try Out! [2024]

Stores like Peppermayo: When fashion comes to mind, Peppermayo clothing and such brand pops into many minds. It is indeed a well-known and trusted brand but is it the only option you have for shopping for fashion items online?

The answer is, no. Many other trustworthy fashion brands offer similar and even better services than Peppermayo. 

About Peppermayo

Peppermayo is a popular destination for women’s fashion. You can shop trendy clothing items, footwear, accessories, beauty products, and many more items. It offers good quality items and has offers and deals drop frequently. 

Peppermayo is a good choice for many festivals. But, for more variety in items and designs, you must have a look at the list of Peppermayo alternatives we have mentioned in the article below.

Universal Store

Universal Store like Peppermayo

Universal store is a fashion retailer store like Peppermayo which is operating across NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, and more places that deal in both international and national brands.

Universal Store is a specialty brand dealing in surfwear, skate clothing, streetwear, and denim. And the quality they offer is top-notch while patterns hold uniqueness clearly.

It claims to cover all your fashion and style needs and has everything you need to create an outfit. They have beautifully designed dresses and elegantly presented heels along with well-suited earrings. 

Although Peppermayo and Universal Store present different designs, both offer comfort at similar rates with their items.

Moreover, they offer a good set of categories for both genders, men, and women. And the main categories found on their official website are, women’s, men’s, and denim. If you wish, you can also shop for items through brands.


  • They have a user-friendly website.
  • It offers a lot of limited editions and exclusive pieces on its official online store.
  • They offer discounts and promotional offers all time of the year. These offers are just doubled at times of occasions and festive seasons.

Pricing and Quality: The quality of the items is high. They use good quality materials at the time of manufacturing. And the pricing of the items may not be suitable for all middle-class people. 

However, the items they offer are worth the price allotted. So, if you are the one to shop once in a while, spending a specific amount at the Universal Store will be worth it.

Princess Polly

Princess Polly stores like peppermayo

Princess Polly is a popular brand in the United States. It is a women's clothing and fashion store online and is the ultimate destination for global fashion and trendsetters. 

If you wish to get the latest TikTok-approved, celeb-worthy, and insta-ready outfits and the art look to shine brighter than others, Princess Polly can help you a lot in this case.

It offers a user-friendly website that can be used by an experienced person too. So, buying from this website requires you to be aware of the similar steps you used to buy from other websites.

Princess Polly has a good set of categories that are further subdivided into two more categories. For instance, they offer a dress category that has different subdivisions for spring dresses, white dresses, mini dresses, party dresses, and more.

Moreover, there are also categories like dresses, tops, bottoms, skirts, sets, swimwear, shoes, and accessories. And they have a separate section for the items which are newly launched, in case you wish to shop for something new except something specific from the website.


  • Shopping from this brand gives a personalized experience.
  • Their website has a good user interface. It looks adorable.
  • They offer discounted deals and offers all the time.
  • In case you wish to add something to your wish list, that online store has that feature too.
  • They offer the feature of Afterpay, where you can purchase the items in your cart and pay in installments.
  • The brand offers clothing items in different colors. You will be able to see the colors for the dress you are viewing right below the listing of it.
  • The website has a quick add feature where you are not required to view all the details of the specific item to add it to your cart. Just tap on the quick add option and it will be added to your card immediately.

Pricing and Quality: The pricing of the items perfectly suits the quality and pattern of the word. They offer dresses worth $60 which radiate super good energy.

Beginning Boutique 

Beginning Boutique stores

The Beginning boutique is one of the leading fashion stores like Peppermayo that has everything from glam outfits for evening parties to the hottest shoes to go well with your festive outfit or any accessory item you need.

It is a go-to online store for millions of users across the nation and other parts of the world. And since its online store ships to other countries too, they have both national and international fans of its exclusive designs and patterns.

Clothing, dresses, tops, bottoms, formal, accessories, shoes, and festival outfits are the major categories found on the brand’s official online store. These categories are further subdivided into more categories. You also have the option to buy through brands or items which were under sale.

If Peppermayo dresses did not appeal to you, dresses and pieces from Beginning Boutique surely will. Because they offer good quality at reasonable prices.


  • Offers items under sale all the time. The discounts offered can be as high as 50% most of the time.
  • They offer a website with a good user interface, which is user-friendly. 
  • On the homepage, they have a section that shows all the items from different categories trending currently on the website. The number of times they are viewed is available too.
  • Offers rating and review features that help you understand how well the item you are viewing is doing.

Pricing and Quality: the prices seem to go well with the quality of their products. It is best to shop once in a while for middle-class people.


Glassons clothing store online

Glassons is one of the favorite online stores of people from Australia and New Zealand where you can explore and buy the latest items in women’s fashion and clothing categories.

It is one of the best stores like Peppermayo because, similarly to Peppermayo, Glassons claims to offer women the freshest trendy items in their store. 

Along with the same, they can look for multiple discounted offers and sale products on the website available every time of the year. This is to help them save more or buy more, to their heart’s content.

From beautifully crafted corset tops to shoes that go well with workdays, Glassons offers a lot of items in your favor. 

They offer a good set of categories such as co-ord sets, Fresh legs, Ponte pants, Trending pinkstripes, Marino tops, and long sleeve seamless pieces. Besides, they also offer a category where you can look at other people wearing Glassons and shop their looks directly from that place.


  • Allows you to select the country you are from, then they offer a price in that currency. 
  • They offer multiple sales and discounts all the time.
  • They offer a user-friendly website with a cute user interface.

Pricing and Quality: the quality they offer is good. For prices, they are lower than expected for the quality of the items. Trendy pants and tops are starting from only $39.99!


Reformation clothing store

Reformation claims to be the 2nd option for comfortable clothing while dressing naked comes in the first place. On their official website, you get to shop from their latest and exclusive collection of women’s fashion.

Their offering includes all the things you need to create an outfit and they have the best options for casual and party wear. On top of that, it also offers fashion for wedding seasons. 

So, if you want to enlighten yourself and make people around you jealous, Reformation must be your pick. This is why it is one of the best stores like Peppermayo.

It also has a good list of categories, including clothing, dresses, tops, jeans, weddings, sweaters, activities, and shoes. 


  • Express shipping at 0 charges.
  • Offer free and easy returns on all the items.
  • No extra custom and hidden charges are allotted at the time of billing or delivery.

Pricing and Quality: the quality of the clothes is high. As for the prices, it is unlikely many middle-class people will shop for items with such high prices.



Afends is a popular fashion clothing store like Peppermayo falling under the Bryson Bay clothing and fashion label.  

It focuses on Organic Hemp Fashion style and streetwear both for males and females.

The Prince category list mainly includes men, women, unisex, and eyewear. You can shop by the collections or brands too.


  • Have a user-friendly website.
  • Offer free returns along with easy returns.
  • You get to shop the recently launched items from the New Arrivals section.
  • Free express shipping for orders above $80 or $100 and above.

Pricing and Quality: the price range is quite to fit in if you are from a middle-class family. But, the quality is quite good.


Peppermayo is a good destination for many occasions. However, there are so many other stores like Peppermayo in the market which might hold the capability to get more of your attention than Peppermayo. 

We hope after reading our list of best stores like Peppermayo, you now have another suitable destination for shopping for you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where is Peppermayo located?

Peppermayo brand’s head office and distribution center are located in Waterloo, Sydney, Australia.

How does pepper mayo’s shipping work?

They offer same-day shipping if you placed the order before 7 PM PST or 9 PM CST or 10 PM EST. If not, then they asked for 48 hours to ship your order.