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6 Clothing Stores like LF You’ll Love! [2024]

6 Clothing Stores like LF You’ll Love! [2024]

Stores like LF: Fall is approaching and your wardrobe is in dire need of a revamp, am I right, or am I right?

This article has got your closet needs covered, so you can fearlessly change your aesthetic and switch your fits faster than Taylor Swift changes her genre with every passing album!

If you’re a fan of LF or even are in the least bit fascinated by its collection, these 6 stores like LF are here to surpass your expectations, and indulge you in some pocket-friendly retail therapy that you need and deserve!

About LF:

LF is a future-oriented lifestyle and its edgy, pinteresty collection of bomber jackets, bralettes, and college apparel is sure to make your year-long mood board dreams come to life.

Also props to their new season vintage ‘one-of-a-kind’ fashion collection that's perfect if you wish to make a statement, or show that ex what they're missing.

If you're a person that resonates with this collection and brand even in the slightest, keep reading, your dreams are on the brink of coming true with affordable, delectable fashion finds from these 6 stores like LF!

Urban Outfitters

Stores like LF

Dressing young adults in their trendy, Gen-Z-friendly merchandise, the brand showcases bold and fit for every occasion collection, and proves to be one of the perfect alternatives for LF.

You can shop apparel from established brands like Juicy Couture, Levi’s, Adidas, Ed Hardy, and The North Face, as well as from emerging brands like Lisa Says Gah, The Ragged Priest, Abrand, and Hosbjerg.

The collection is sure to inspire all artistry and abstract minds to empty their wallets or to just look from a safe distance and drool.


o The brand has a focused collection of repurposed, remade, and unique vintage goods called Urban Renewal.

o They have an entire catalog and guide to pants, cargos, denim, and all things fashion; called UO Pants 101.


Casualwear, Activewear, Intimates, Loungewear, Accessories, Shoes, Swimwear with sub-categories like Corset collection, 2000s nostalgia focused on Y2K, and Festive Fits.


ASOS Stores like LF

This global fashion, online-only platform primarily caters to the fashion needs of up-and-coming young adults.

Its collection is by far one of the most artistic and pocket-friendly, with over 100+ styles and collections for you to browse endlessly through, while you sit and pretend to work in a Starbucks.

The collection is also divided into aesthetics like Summer Grunge, and New Prep, among others for all my e-girl personalities out there.

It houses products of boutiques like 54 Floral Clothing, Kitzy, Plis, DeFacto Clothing, Now Millennial, RItaxxSara, Rave Vintage, and Volga Volga, and its endless list along with an opportunity for you to promote your fashion venture on the website!


o Asos features its own marketplace, for homegrown independent brands and global vintage boutiques, it's giving #supportlocal and we’re here for it!

o Aside from already empowering small boutiques, the website also offers you an option to sell and set up your little spot on this amazingly well-renowned platform.


Dresses, Co-ords, Jumpsuits, Swimwear, Athleisure, Fleeces, Knitwear, Tracksuits.

Shoes, Scarves, Gloves, Phone Cases, Hats, Purses, Jewellery, Watches, and Sunglasses.

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American Apparel

American Apparel Stores like LF

The OG of fashion, American Apparel has catered to our boomers, and millennials, and is now aiding the Gossip Girl Y2K era of our Gen-Z.

This former brick-and-mortar store brand has now reclaimed its identity as an online-only shop, but that doesn't change the love its collections have gotten for over 3 decades.

Here you'll find some of the most iconic styles and the collection has aged like fine wine under the message of empowerment, with its idea that its shoppers can be ‘YASsing’ in a bodysuit or skin-tight rainbow pants, whatever or however, on their terms.


  • Promoting sustainability with their ethically made sweatshop-free collection.
  • Letting the consumers in on their fabrics and blends under their ‘Meet the Fabrics’ and ‘Meet the Models’ section
  • Highlighting an ‘Inspiration’ section for #AmericanApparel, Festivals, and other categories to promote buyers to incentivize their purchase by getting a feature on the website.


Halloween, Denims, Loungewear, Petwear and accessories, and Kidswear.


Nasty Gal Stores like LF

Women of youth, time to shine! NastyGal has expanded over 60 countries and has been named ‘Fastest Growing Retailer’ while also helping its customers embrace fashion as more than just robing, or robbing for that matter given how affordable the merchandise is!

Its avante-garde over-the-top collection neutralizes its plaid co-ord set and dress merch, and is just the perfect place to be if you have the alter egos of a glam diva and a dark academia teenager, because don't we all?


o Has exciting offers rolling in all year long and is featured right on top in the Offers section for ‘on the budget’ broke college students like myself. SO fetch!

o Nasty Blog, need I say more? From Style and sustainability to sex and pop culture, this blog is here to replace your therapist and/or life coach (for legal reasons, this is a joke)

o 15% off your first order as soon as you sign up and this is broadcasted everywhere on the website for you to claim and live your hot girl fall.


Festive wear, Plus size wear, Petite wear, Accessories, Shoes, Summerwear, Accessories.

Free People

Free People Stores like LF

If your aesthetic is Boho Chic and Bohemian, please rise and cash your orders because this is it!

This lifestyle retail company conveys its brand message through and through; ‘femininity, courage, and spirit.’ and we’re here to embrace all its off-beat collections for that everyday Coachella look, I know you want that life too. 


o Tempting sub-sections like ‘Summer under $100’ that make you want to sell everything you own to buy all items off the store.

o Their newly launched collection of Fall for All Jackets that are gonna sweep you off your feet and encase you in their blanket; furry, furry blanket.


Clothing, Accessories, Shoes, Intimates, and Swimwear.

Forever 21

Forever 21

The self-proclaimed authority of fashion and we don't see anyone complaining. This brand has catered to the needs of coming-of-age teenagers, making 16-year-olds look like 21 forever, and everyone’s here for it!

The chic clothing and the beauty products are not it because they also have a collection of home goods. Like? Does it get any better?

A typical ‘last but not the least' brand, Forever 21 is renowned for its low pricing and rapid growth in today's fast fashion industry.


  • Introduce a friend to the brand and get 10% off on your purchase under the amazingly rewarding ‘ Refer and Earn’ feature on the website. 
  • Its beautifully curated ‘Shop by Looks’ section that includes ‘The Cool Girl’, ‘The Romantic’, ‘The Sexy Girl’, and ‘The Influencer.’ Straight out of a ‘What type of girl are you?’ quiz from our olden and golden days, right?


Hair Goods, Casualwear, Vacation Wear, Partywear, Lingerie, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Accessories.


Promised to get your fashion needs covered and you know we delivered! If you’re looking for the OGs of fashion, American Apparel and Forever 21 are the way to go. But if you’re looking for more vintage and budding stores like LF, you should check out Nasty Gal, ASOS, Free People, and Urban Outfitters.

All brands covered under this article are harmless to your wallet, if you shop in moderation of course, and are sure to give your wardrobe game a boost this fall. 

Stay tuned for more articles to guide you through your next reckless retail therapy session!

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What happened to LF stores?

LF stores have decided to permanently shut down their brick and mortar stores and have moved to be an online-only brand.

What is the clothing brand LF?

LF, or Life in Future, is a lifestyle store that forwards futuristic clothing. It is based on creating a tailored style of living for each individual with a new perspective.

Where are LF stores based?

Initially, its stores were based out of Los Angeles, but now it has moved to online platforms completely.