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8 Top Shops like Argos to Visit Right Now! [2024]

8 Top Shops like Argos to Visit Right Now! [2024]

Shops like Argos: Argos is a popular catalog retailer operating across the UK and Ireland. With Argos, you can order online from a variety of categories such as video games, garden supplies, home, decor, tech, appliances, toys, etc, with fast tracking and delivery.

Argos is good when it comes to variety and alternatives – with reasonable prices and fair quality for the price charged. No wonder you will have a good experience shopping from this professional brand, but, what if you don’t find the items you’re looking for at Argos?

If you are facing the above-mentioned issue, then to help you shop for your desired items at fair prices, we are going to present a list of the 7 best shops like Argos in the article mentioned below.

List of Shops like Argos:

1. John Lewis & Partners 

John Lewis & Partners Shops like Argos

John Lewis & Partners is a trusted department store company – a high-end label with stores widespread across the UK and Ireland. It deals in general merchandise where you can shop for the latest trends and launches in a variety of categories.

John Lewis & Partners promises to provide you with an inspiring wide variety of products for all your different life movements. Besides, it has a good list of categories to offer including home & garden, electrical, furniture & lights, women, kids, baby, beauty, gift, and more.

Key Highlights

  • Offers everywhere – John Lewis & Partners has offers on a variety of products and categories all the time of the year, where the deal at least reaches up to 30% off on all the products in the category.
  • Variation in colours and patterns – John Lewis & Partners offers you an assortment and alternate colours in almost all the products listed on its platform.
  • Interest-free credit – interest-free credit is a great feature, which allows you to pay for your purchase in interest-free instalments with orders above €500.

2. T.J. Maxx 

T.J. Maxx Store

TJ Maxx is a popular department store chain from the US – selling lowly priced items with the same quality as other high-end stores. It has located over 1000 stories across the US – giving itself the title of one of the biggest clothing retailers.

TJ Maxx has a goal of helping you save on every purchase by proposing saving deals and promotional offers on popular brand products under a variety of categories including Home, Decor, Clothing, Handbags, Shoes, etc. 

Key Highlightsn

  • Shop for different occasions – TJ Maxx has collections and catalogues for all types of occasions and special days in your life – then whether we are talking about Valentine’s Day or Easter.
  • Buy the best gift – TJ Maxx has more variety to give you a better idea to buy gifts for your loved ones – always something better than what they might expect.
  • Shop from well-known brands – TJ Maxx offers you guaranteed good quality products from well-known labels such as Marshalls, Sierra, HomeGoods, etc. 

3. Wilko 

Wilko Shop

Wilko is another promising retail chain label – formerly known as Wilkinson Hardware Stores and Wilkinson Cash Stores. It’s a UK-based high-street retail chain, feeding you with good quality homeware and household items.

Wilko has thousands in variety for every category it offers, the list having DIY, pets, cleaning, Garden, decorating, home, and more such categories on it.

Key Highlights

  • Offers section – Wilko has a special section for offers where you can find multiple offers available all the time of the year.
  • Klarna is available – Wilko has the buy now and pay later service that you can pay for your purchase in interest-free instalments through Klarna. 
  • Shop by brand – Wilko has well-known brands like Dulux, Flash, Whiskas, Glade, Vileda, Nivea, and many more on the list to choose from.

4. Boots 

Boots Shop

Boots is a trusted and one of the popular stores like Argos if you are only looking for a healthcare and beauty products retailer. It's a beauty and health pharmacy chain in the UK and some other places including Norway, Netherlands, Thailand, etc. 

With Boots, you get to explore an extensive range of beauty and healthcare products from only leading brands, providing you with fair quality products at fair prices. Additionally, it also offers fragrances for him and her, and many such gift-worthy items.

Key Highlights

  • €10 deals – Boots has this special section named €10 deals on its site where you get selective items with their prices dropping to only €10 or less.
  • Inspire me — Boots has another special section on its site, which inspires you for special upcoming occasions like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc with related items from its site.
  • Helpful guide and articles – the Boots website offers you a good variety of trending topics in guides and info articles where you get to learn and explore multiple trending topics.

5. Zalando

Zalando Shop

Zalando is a German-based online retailer dealing in categories of fashion, shoes, and beauty all across Europe. With its wide array of items, you get to explore the latest trends from thousands of brands worldwide and shop for the latest styles and collections.

Additionally, its platforms allow you to follow your favourite brands and discover recently updated collections and deals before they are all sold out. It also has a recommendation section where you are suggested the best look with other accessories available on the same platform.

Key Highlights

  • Over 5000 brands – Zalando offers you styles and fashion in shoes, sportswear, accessories, clothing, etc categories from over 5800 stores.
  • Shop for different teams – at Zalando, it doesn’t offer a specific theme like minimalistic, modern, streetwear, etc – but you will get all types of themes from designer brands in one place.
  • Free returns – Zalando offers free returns on all purchases – irrespective of the value, that you can freely try and return in case you’re not satisfied.

6. Robert Dyas 

Robert Dyas

Robert Dyas is included in this list because it’s one of the best choices in the UK if you wish to buy hardware and a related range of items from consumer electronics, small electronics, gardening, products, etc like categories from a trusted brand.

Robert Dyas offers you all the above-mentioned items from verified stores and it is affiliated with over 90 shops — mainly from South East England, Greater London, and some promising online retailers.

Key Highlights

  • Experience in serving – Robert Dyas is experienced with over 150 years in this field, offering you the most hardware and related items.
  • Has Klarna – Robert Dyas has a smarter way to help you shop by offering 12 months or 3 months of interest-free credit through Klarna.
  • All-time offers – Robert Dyas has deals at least reaching the tag of 20% regularly on its site on selective items. This means, you’ll be saving each time you shop from it.

7. eBay 


eBay is one of the popular multinational e-commerce companies from the US — a marketplace serving business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer with the help of its website and app.

At eBay, you can buy and sell products from top brands at reasonable and low prices – and enjoy free shipping on the majority of the products. You could buy and sell in a good variety of categories, including collectibles, clothes, electronics, cars, etc.

Key Highlights

  • Buy second-hand products – at eBay, you can buy second-hand products which are of good quality and can still be used freshly at low prices compared to their market value.
  • Buy from verified sellers – since it’s a marketplace, you might have your doubts, but eBay only allows verified sellers to sell on its platform, even when they are selling secondhand goods.
  • Money-back guarantee – the eBay money-back guarantee is available on all the items, which assures you that if you didn’t receive the item you ordered, then you’ll get your money back 100%.

8. Amazon 


Now, when it comes to online shopping, whether a rare category or any exclusive collection – Amazon has to be at the top to offer you the exact goods you’re looking for. Also, since the prices are low, and there’s more variety, Amazon sounds like the go-to shopping website for the majority of us.

At Amazon, you can buy laptops, watches, clothes, shoes, accessories, books, gift cards, specialized gifts, furniture – and everything you need in your life — with a full refund policy applied on the majority of the items, and the review section to make sure the product is from a verified seller.

Key Highlights

  • All-time deals – Amazon has deals available all the time of the year, which only increases twice or thrice the prior offer value at the time of occasions and special days.
  • Quick shipping and delivery – one of the best things about Amazon is its quick shipping and delivery where it offers a good bunch of shipping options including one-day delivery, next-morning delivery, two-day delivery, etc.
  • Good customer service – according to the majority of the customers, Amazon is quick when it comes to customer service. It has 24/7 live chat support along with multiple other options to reach out to its customer care.

Final Words 

Looking at all the above-mentioned stores, each one has a variety to offer, the quality is guaranteed and rated positively by thousands and thousands of customers, while they also have special qualities of their own.

In simple words, each one of the shops like Argos mentioned above is worth a try, and if you are looking for good overall service from your new favourite marketplace or e-commerce site, then the above list has everything you need.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which are catalogue shops like Argos?

TJ Maxx and Amazon are two of the leading catalogue shops like Argos based on the variety they offer, the prices they charge, and their overall services.

Are there more sites like Argos in England?

Yes, there are plenty of good and old sites like Argos in England, and a few of the best are eBay, Wilko, Boots, Zalando, TJ Maxx , and Amazon.

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