6 Amazing Stores Like Bed Bath & Beyond You Must Try! [2022]

Stores like Bed Bath & Beyond: Bed Bath & Beyond is a famous company in the home decor industry. They have a good variety of items to offer. However, the brand cannot have everything to suit your preferences. In this case, we recommend you have a look at our list of stores like Bed Bath & Beyond.

About Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc is a USA-based chain of retail stores selling domestic merchandise for home decor. The company operates in the United States along with Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada.

Bed Bath & Beyond has several in-store and an online shop where you can get everything you require to decorate your sweet home. From best bedding appliances to kitchen essentials — it will help you make your bathrooms and living room look aesthetically pleasing.

Although Bed Bath & Beyond can give you a good taste in home decor, you can always have a look at other stores like Bed Bath & Beyond for more and maybe, better options. To help you find your ideal home decor store, we have presented a list of stores like Bed Bath & Beyond in the article below.


Homegoods online store like Bed Bath & Beyond

HomeGoods is a famous company dealing with a chain of home furnishing stores in the United States. The brand offers cooking products, furniture, Linens, art and many more home supplies. The website has a store locator situated on the site — through which, you can locate the nearest HomeGoods store in your area.

You get free shipping on orders worth $119 and above. All you have to do is use the code SHIP119 to avail yourself of the free shipping at the time of checkout. The brand keeps on updating its website and stores with the latest trends in home decor. HomeGoods is one of the best stores like Bed Bath & Beyond.

Key Highlights

  • They give free shipping on eligible orders without glancing at your location. You are required to fill your cart with products worth $119 and more to avail of the free shipping.
  • The quality of their products has never failed to amuse the customers. HomeGoods is a
  • reputable home decor brand and they have a vast library of options filled with high-quality items.
  • With the help of HomeGoods, you can no longer step out of the house in search of stores that have well-suited home decor products like you want. Instead, you can shop at the brand’s website for anything and everything you want.

Categories: tabletop, cookware, furniture, rugs, soft home, lighting, and decorative accessories are a few of the categories you will find on the website of HomeGoods.

Crate & Barrel

Crate&Barrel decor store like Bath & Beyond

Crate and Barrel holdings is a worldwide famous home decor store in the United States. They have over 100 stores across the territories of the United States, Europe and Canada. You can visit the website to shop for modern furniture along with other essentials to decorate your home.

Crate & Barrel has items for every part of your home. From modern furniture to items that give off the best artistic look — Crate and Barrel’s website and stores have many different categories under their name. They also sell items like a small kitchen and dinnerware — just everything you will need at your home.

Crate & Barrel encourages you to put an aesthetic touch into your space. Drinkware collections, stylish bowls, and bar glasses are a few of the additional categories found at the brand. It drops multiple sales throughout the year making you buy the best quality products at low prices. It is one of the best companies like Bed Bath & Beyond.

Key Highlights

  • They sell furniture and other essentials which will add a modern or aesthetic touch to your home. The brand has items for every single part of your home.
  • Not only outside, but the brand also sells drinkware and other things to put inside the cabinets making it look pretty from the outside and when you use them.
  • You can find multiple promotions whenever you visit them. They love dropping sales and exciting their customers to buy.
  • They have more than 100 stores in good locations — in case you wish to visit them sometime.
  • Categories: Furniture, tabletop & bar kitchen, outdoor, decor & pillows, lighting, rugs, gifts, kids and bedding & bed are the categories you will find on Crate and Barrel’s website.


Wayfair store for homedecor

Wayfair.com is a famous online store for home decor. It has furniture for the living room, bedroom, passage and other parts of your home. They also sell office furniture. You get multiple

deals throughout the year on their website. They love to drop promotions with surprises and gift their customers with discounts and other offers.

Wayfair is a popular brand, it has Products from over 5000 brands that specialise in furniture, cookware, lighting and more. You get free shipping all the time on most of the eligible products. Shopping at Wayfair.com gives you access to a huge room of different items.

You will find both quality and quantity at Wayfair. If you wish to go for antiques, or you want to get something with an aesthetic or modern touch — Wayfair has every type of furniture and home decor essential for you. It is one of the best companies similar to Bed Bath & Beyond.

Key Highlights

  • Most of the items at Wayfair are said to stay inside your budget. They were originally designed to fit a middle-class person’s budget. With Wayfair, you can shop a lot with the latest designs and the Total will still keep your pocket heavy.
  • You get free shipping on most of the items on their website.
  • You get to search for your ideal products or products from more than 5000 brands’ catalogues — the brands which specialize in the home decor category.
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Homesense homedecor store

HomeSense is a chain of stores that sell discounted home decor products. HomeSense is from Canada and has further spread out in the cities of the United States and Europe. In not taking the chain in the USA into consideration, HomeSense is easily comparable to TJX-owned home goods.

The website of the brand is user-friendly and comes along with a store locator on the website. You can get to have a 360-degree store tour with the help of the website. The website also has instructions for essentials to help you navigate easily. Checking out and other processes are secured and you must never worry as HomeSense is a reputable brand for home decor.

HomeSense is best used when you wish to decorate your new house. They offer an expansive collection of furniture, lighting, wall artworks and different types of decor from across the world. HomeSense is one of the best Bed Bath & Beyond alternatives.

Key Highlights

  • The brand’s website comes with a store locator and gives you a 360° tour of the website.
  • They have an expansive collection of different catalogues from well-known home decor stores from across the world. You can get top-notch quality along with a great quantity at HomeSense.
  • They offer good customer care service and ship in all the parts of the United States, Europe and Canada.
  • They offer promotions saving up to 60% every day in the month of occasions — it can save you a lot of bucks easily.
  • Categories: Furniture, lightning, Rugs Emporium, Art Gallery, decor studio, celebrate, general store, work at home, and the entertaining marketplace are the major categories you will witness at HomeSense.


Amazon home decor product store

Amazon is visibly the largest online marketplace where you can get anything and everything of your choice. It has quality and quantity, both. The marketplace is for both buyers and sellers. The brand’s professional focus is on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, e-commerce and digital streaming.

You can find a great range of home decor products on Amazon. Whether you wish to decorate your home garden or buy appliances for the kitchen, even if you need the smallest item for your bathroom or washroom — you can find it on Amazon at the best price. It is one of the best stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, in fact, it has more to offer than Bed Bath & Beyond.

Amazon has an amazing feature — you can see the reviews of the past customers of the product and brand and can see if the product will be delivered as shown in the picture. You can also visit the seller’s brand who is selling the product. The ratings of the product can as well help you decide if the product is worth buying or not.

Key Highlights

  • Its review section can help you a lot in decision making. You can look at the similar product received by the past customers and check if the quality is similar as shown in the picture.
  • You can also review the product and add your review in the review section for other buyers to view it while buying the product.
  • You get free shipping on most of the eligible products when you add items or an item worth a minimum sum to unlock free delivery.

Category: You get everything on Amazon.


target online store

Target Corporation is a big box store company in America. The company runs a chain of departmental stores in the different territories of the Country. It is known as the 8th biggest retailer in the United States — and a part of the S&P 500 index. It is One of the most profitable companies like Bed Bath &Beyond.

What part of Target gets the most spotlight? That it has everything at a discounted price from the original retail price. They have a variety of categories under the home decor section. The quality may not be top-notch but is best to last longer than expected.

You get a good quantity at discounted prices for more categories and options. For sales and better options, look up stuff on their online store. You can order the products which you did not find in their physical stores online.

Key Highlights

  • Target has modern and aesthetic patterns and items in their physical and online store.
  • Target offers free delivery if you fill your cart with products of a minimum value.
  • You get to choose the delivery of your order. You can go for contactless pick-up from their physical store or get it delivered to your home.
  • Categories: rugs, kitchen supplies, home essentials and other home decor items are a few of the categories you can meet at Target.


We hope our list of bed Bath & beyond alternatives has acquired your attention. You can find many other home decor stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, but the above list contains the leading and most repudiated home decor stores.

Frequently asked Questions

Is it ok to shop for Bed Bath & Beyond products?

Bed Bath & Beyond is a reputed company specialising in offering products for home decor purposes. The quality of their items is worth every penny you spend. There are few chances you will not be satisfied with the quality and item you got after spending the money.

HomeGoods vs Bed Bath & Beyond: which is better?

ave similar pricing methods and good quality of items with a mass majority in options. But, the little bit of messiness driving from the HomeGoods physical stores can disappoint the keen buyers — in this case, you must go for a Bed Bath & Beyond physical store

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