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Slidescan App Review: Is It Worth It? [2024]

Slidescan App Review: Is It Worth It? [2024]

Slidescan App Review: Have you saved any old images? If yes, then how about you have a look at our Slides Scan app review and scan the photo slides by following a few easy steps?

People like to keep memories and the best way to store memories is by capturing them in photos.

So to help you capture the memory – as well as the image in high definition quality, we have brought you the SlideScan app review.

In this article, you will get to know every detail you need about the Slide scan app and it will also help you decide if you want to give the slides scan app a try or not.

What is a Slidescan App?

Slidescan App Review

Do you want an app for helping you scan photo slides? If so, then SlideScan – a slides scanner app and software can help you with your task.

People like to save old photos because they hold meaning for them. The memories are worthwhile things that they have lived once in their lifetime and would like to show to their kids and other people. If you have a similar situation like this, then Slide Scan promises you they can help you the best with scanning the photo slides.

Slide Scan is brought to consumers by the developer that has built the smartest photos scanner app – Photomyne. It is proud to offer you an AI-powered photo slides scanner application that works on both Android and Apple devices and is free to download.

How does it work?

The working of the Slide Scan application is easy. You can simply download it from the App Store or Google Play store and it is compatible with every type of device.

Once you tap on the capture button on the homepage, the camera will capture the image slide and will give you the high-definition picture on your device.

Key features

  • The slide scan app is automatic.
  • Watch your slide images appearing in the device quickly and in high definition.


The premium version of the Slide scan app will cost you $19.99 every year. The sum can vary depending on the plan you use.

How to Use a Slidescan app?

  • Switch on the Slide Scan application on your smartphone or any other device like a tablet.
  • Search for the capture button and when you are ready with the slide in front of you, tap on the capture, the app will then capture the photo.

If you wish to scan your slide hands-free, then the new voice control option in the slides app version 2.0 and above will help you the best. Just dictate Go and it will scan the slide for you.

Is it worth it?

If you wish to play capture the moments of your memories – using the Slide Scan App by Photonym will surely help you. The previous customers of Slide say that it is worth every penny if you are thinking about updating your account.

Conclusion x Slidescan App Review

The SlideScan application is good for people who are interested in capturing their memories. Let it be the old photos or the latest photos, if you want to scan them, install the slide scan application and it will give you the best of services even in the free account on the app.

What is Slidescan app cost?

SlideScan app will cost you $19.99 every year. The price can waver if you choose another plan.

Is Slidescan app for Android?

Yes. You can download the slide scan app on Android devices including Smartphones and tablets.

How is Slidescan app resolution?

Slide Scan app guarantees you that it will give you scanned images in the highest resolution possible.

How does SlideScan app work?

All you have to do is install the app for free from the app store. After installation, switch it on. Rest the picture you want to scan in front of the device camera and tap on the Capture button. The app will scan the photo slide and give you the results on your device with the highest resolution quality.

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