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Top 7 Sites Like Stoneberry for Online Shopping [2024]

Top 7 Sites Like Stoneberry for Online Shopping [2024]

Sites Like Stoneberry: If you are looking for websites that allow you to make your purchase instantly and pay over time. Look no further! In this article, we'll show you the best sites like Stoneberry that can make these larger purchases and pay back the cost at a monthly rate.

You might spend a significant amount of money keeping your house in good condition. Taking care of your household spending isn't really a simple thing, and it takes a lot of planning to get something you really desire while making sure you don't go over your budget.

Stoneberry is such a site shopping retail web service that allows you to purchase a product on a credit basis. It provides good merchandise with assurance and accepts credit and debit cards.

However, the only downside is that this site is limited to a few regions globally, and it is not available everywhere.

Fortunately, there are several sites like Stoneberry that help you keep a check on these and make your purchase instantly and let you pay over-time rather than all at once.

So, with no late, let's look at our curated list of the best sites like Stoneberry!

Sites Like Stoneberry: Best Alternatives!

Even though there are plenty of Stoneberry alternatives, we've only mentioned eight. Read on further to know more about the best sites like Stoneberry.



Similar to Stoneberry, Fingerhut is an online service provider where you can apply for a special type of credit to use so that you can make purchases on this site.

Initially, it used to sell automobiles seat covers, but now, the business moved as a mail-order catalog corporation and expanded its products to include dishes, tools, towels, and many more.

The main purpose of this site is to manage credit accounts. That means it lets you get the items on credit-based accounting details, and you can pay them later as per your requirement. 

It offers two types of accounts: Fingerhut FreshStart Credit Account and the Fingerhut Advantage Revolving Credit Account.

During its existence, it has passed through many ownerships, including onetime ownership by American Can Company, Petters Group Worldwide, and Bain Capital Ventures.


  • Find various clothing, health, electronics, toy, and beauty items.
  • Apply for a credit account that WebBank issues.
  • People with limited or no credit history can easily get a loan.
  • No annual fee and 10% back through the payment rewards program.
  • Offer two kinds of accounts – the Fingerhut FreshStart Credit Account and Fingerhut Advantage Revolving Credit.

How Does Fingerhut Work?

Fingerhut provides two credit account–WebBank/Fingerhut Advantage Revolving Credit and Fingerhut FreshStart Credit Account. 

When you apply for a credit on Fingerhut, you're actually applying for both of its credit accounts. The Fingerhut Revolving account may or may not require a onetime down payment when you place your first order.

If you aren't approved for the Fingerhut Revolving Credit account, you'll be automatically considered for a Fingerhut FreshStart account. 

And when you are approved, you'll have to make a onetime purchase till your credit limit. Make a down payment of $30, and your order will be shipped to the address you've provided.

Repayments: WebBank/Fingerhut FreshStart Credit Account lets you repay the remaining balance in 6 or 8 low monthly payments. 

Interest & Fees: With a Fingerhut Credit Account, there are No annual fees, membership fees, or over-limit fees. 

However, the interest you might be charged on your account is late fees and/or any return payment fees. Return and late payment fees can be up to $40.

And the Annual Percentage Rate is 29.99%. Visit here for more information. 

Shipping Policy: Standard Shipping will vary by location, but typically your order will ship and be delivered within 5 to 7 business days.

Express Shipping takes 1 business day and should be delivered within 2 business days after that. It charges an extra fee of $14.99 per item.

Returns & Refund Policy: Most of the products can be returned within 60 days from the date the order is placed.

Customer Service: If you face any issue with Fingerhut, you can email their customer support at or call them at 1-800-208-2500 or 1-800-603-7052.

Visit its customer service page for more detailed information.


ginny's sites like stoneberry

The second place on our list of the best sites like Stoneberry goes to Ginny's. It is one of the rare sites that offer a special credit account.

All you have to do is to fill your cart with the products that you want to buy, open a credit account when you are checking out, and then you are good to go.

It is the best kitchen-promoted website that provides plenty of recipes, kitchen appliances, furniture, bed & bath items, health & personal care, and electronics that you use daily.

You can even watch the videos of different products where you can view the most prominent features.

Moreover, it offers online catalog sale and let you make payment safely, as well as protect your data from hackers.


  • Get updates on hot new arrivals, great deals, and a lot more.
  • Browse products by new arrivals, sales, customer favorites, and more.
  • You can watch the videos of different products.
  • Get a quick approval response and no annual fee.

How Does Ginny's Work?

Ginny's works the same way as any store-branded credit card but is quite different from others. Its credits are directly given to you, so there are no third-party fees.

Its credit is revolving so that your available credit increases and decreases based on your credit limit, how much you have purchased, and how much you have paid.  

Repayments: Once you have received your first billing statement, you can make payments online, by mail, or by calling them at 800-585-1666.

Your payments will be due on the same date every month, starting approximately 30 days after your first statement is prepared and sent.

Shipping PolicyShipping and Processing Charges differ for every order.

Occasionally Ginny's may offer a special limited-time shipping promotion. To view all current online coupons, deals, and limited-time promotions, you can visit their Coupon page. 

Returns & Refund Policy: If the item is unused and in the same condition that you received it, you can return it within 14-days to be eligible for a refund.

If it has been more than 14 days since you've received the item, you cannot get a refund or exchange.

Customer Service: If you need any help with Ginny's, you can email their customer support from here or call them at 1-800-282-3829 on Monday to Friday between 8 am to 12 am.



Zebit is another unique website that lets you browse the site and offer you the chance to be able to use a credit account without having to worry about the interest rates.

It has a wide range of products with popular categories like home décor, electronics, furniture, other utilities, and many more.

The prominent features of Zebit comprise various interactive modules, a newsletter feature that sends an email to your address about different schemes and options, a great encryption layer for easy and safe usage, and more.

Zebit boasts itself that it will always offer 0% interest on your purchases that makes things essentially easier when you are trying to make a large purchase.


  • There are no hidden fees, no penalties, and no “gotchas.”
  • Zebit brings top brands to you in one central marketplace. 
  • The item ships, and you pay for the remaining balance over 6 months.
  • Use the Zebit app to view your current and past orders, payment history and make payments directly from the app.
  • View your Spending Limit balance and learn ways to increase your Spending Limit.

How Does Zebit Work?

Zebit offers customers up to $2,500 in credit, which you can use to buy products from the Zebit Market. 

Zebit Market is where you can purchase products completely interest-free. And the ZebitLine is the amount of credit you have to finance these products.

You'll have to make a down payment at the time of purchase and pay the remaining balance for the next six months. 

As ZebitLine is only valid with your current employer, you cannot leave your employer because ZebitLine will be discontinued.

Repayments: You'll be given six months to repay for the products you buy, and these payments are divided across the six-month timeframe.

Interest & Fees: It doesn't charge any interest, late fees, application fees, or membership fees.

Shipping Policy: Orders for the physical products are usually shipped within 3-5 business from order placement. When your items ship, you'll receive an email with tracking information. 

Returns & Refund Policy: Zebit doesn't accept returns or exchanges on any of the products. 

Therefore, before going through checkout and placing your order, make sure you've selected the products you want.  

Customer Service: If you need any help with Zebit, you can email their customer support at or visit here for more information.  

10 Best Sites Like Zebit to “Buy Now Pay Later” [2021]



FlexShopper is another ‘buy now, pay later' service from where you can shop over 80,000 products, including top brand electronics, cameras, mattresses, Televisions, camcorders, video games, furniture, laptops, garden and tools, home appliances, Tablets, smart home, tires, and more.

From purchasing or buying to renting the products on a credit base, FlexShopper can be an incredible option as it has a lot of variety products and offer promotions. 

You can lease whatever you want from wherever you desire. All you have to do is simply take a photo of the product you like and fill out a simple form, then you can either pick up the product in stores, or they will deliver it to your address for you. 

You can easily pay off your loan in weekly payments instead of monthly payments when you make your purchases. 


  • Offers a wide range of products to select from.
  • You can access over 1,40,000 new brand name items with Flex Shoppers.
  • FlextShopper app has a direct deduction payment option.
  • There is no advance payment, and no hidden charges.
  • Provides a detailed listing of every product with an overview, features, and fast response.

How Does FlexShopper Work?

Even with a bad credit history, you can seamlessly get the FlexShopper credit and get eligible for an instant spending limit of $2,500.

As you browse items in stores, click a photo of what you like to rent to own, and then, they'll process your request and send an electronic lease for you to sign. 

Once you've selected the product, or after it's been delivered, your weekly payments will be automatically deducted. 

Repayments: Weekly payments may vary by state but ranges from 7 days to 29 days. The Lease continues until you end it early or make all required payments for 52 weeks. 

You can also be able to change your pay cycle by simply calling them at 855-353-9289 and providing your credit or debit card information.

Interest & Fees: Although it does not charge any interest rate for your purchases, late fees may apply if your payment is missed.

Shipping Policy: Your products are directly shipped right at your door.

Returns & Refund Policy: If you want to return the product for some reason or have received the wrong item, you can email their customer service at

Customer Service: If you face any issue with FlexShopper, you can email their customer support at or submit a request from here.  

Country Door

Country Door is another prominent site like Stoneberry that provides several new features. In terms of signing up for a credit account, it is quite similar to Ginny's.

All you need to do is to select the Country Door option to open a credit account during the checkout process, and then you can start the approval process.

You can choose from a wide range of products, such as kitchen, furniture, bed & bath, clothing, gifts, styles, holiday, outdoor products, and more.

It's important to note that Country Door will perform a credit check to know if the user is eligible to get the credit. And it doesn't even charge any annual fees for utilizing its credit facilities.

Country Door also doesn't have a dedicated iOS and Android app and therefore, users are limited to only using its web version.


  • It doesn't charge any annual fees.
  • Payments from $20 a month.
  • Browse products by different categories like sales, rugs, furniture, gifts, styles, and more.
  • Easily open a Country Door account during the checkout.

How Does Country Door Work?

Country Door works the same way as any store-branded credit card, but is quite different from others. Its credits are directly given to you, so there are no third-party fees.

Once your application has been approved, or you make the requested down payment, your order is shipped as quickly as possible, and the order total is charged to your new account.

Its credit is revolving so that your available credit increases and decreases based on your credit limit, how much you have purchased, and how much you have paid.  

Repayments: Once you have received your first billing statement, you can make payments through online, by mail, or by calling them at 800-810-7097.

Your payments will be due on the same date every month, starting approximately 30 days after your first statement is prepared and sent.

Interest & Fees: Its Annual Percentage Rate charges between 5.75% – 25.99%.

It doesn't charge you any interest on purchases if you pay your entire balance by the due date each month. However, it charges a late fee, which differs by state. 

Shipping PolicyShipping and processing charges are different for every order.

  • Expedited Delivery — add $12.99 per address. It usually arrives in 3-5 business days. 
  • Express Delivery — add $24.99 per address and must be ordered by 11:00 pm Central Time. Express delivery typically arrives in 1-2 business days. 

Returns & Refund Policy: If you're not 100% delighted with an item you order from us, just send it back for an exchange or refund of the merchandise amount. 

Customer Service: If you need any help with Country Door, you can contact their customer service from here or call them at 1-800-40-6878 on Monday to Friday between 8 am to 12 am.


qvc similar sites like stoneberry

QVC is quite different from other Stoneberry alternatives that are listed in this article. It provides you with a physical credit card that you can use in various ways and in different places.

Not only that on the QVC website, but you can also use it in any store that supports its physical card, as well as some other popular websites.

Undoubtedly, it is worth applying because it offers you so much flexibility about what you can purchase. Its website has a wide variety of things that you can choose from shoes and cosmetics to electronics or appliances.

Thus, covering almost every product, it is far ahead of its competitors in terms of easy returns and free exchanges.

And on its enhanced product detail page, you can view product information, color swatches, images, sizing, availability, and delivery date estimates.


  • Predictive Search recognizes popular brands and keywords to help you get to your favorites faster.
  • Template-Driven Pages offer a sort and refine feature to filter results.
  • View customer ratings & reviews on our product detail pages and product listings. 
  • Search over 50,000 items by category, item number, product description, brand, phrase, or word.
  • Items in your cart are accessible across all QVC platforms.

How Does QVC Work?

If QCard Special financing is available on a particular product, you'll see that it'll be indicated above the price on the product detail page, and it will be presented as one of the payment options during checkout.

After you are approved, your minimum payment due will be based on multiple factors, including new purchases and any existing balances.

Repayments: Your due date is at least 23 days after the close of each billing cycle. No interest if paid in full within 9, 12, or 18 months on select items purchased with a QCard account. 

You can make a payment online by logging into your QCard account or calling QCard customer service at 877-490-1787, or you can send payments by mail.

Interest & Fees: The Annual Percentage Rate for charges is $26.99%, which may vary with the market depending on the prime rate.

If you are charged interest, the charge will be no less than $1.50 and if you make a late payment, your late fees can be up to $40.

Shipping Policy: You'll receive an estimated delivery date as part of your checkout information before you submit your order. 

  • Standard Delivery: Allow 7‒10 business days from your order date for delivery.
  • Express Delivery: Order before Noon ET on a business day and the package may deliver within 2 business days. Orders placed after Noon ET may take additional days to deliver.

Returns & Refund Policy: If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can return the eligible merchandise within 30 days of the date you received the package for a refund.

Customer Service: If you need help with QVC, you can contact their customer support by calling them at 888-345-5788, and they are also available through a live chat daily from 7a,m-1am ET.  


Afterpay is another popular Australian fintech that operates in the United Kingdom, the Untitled States, Canada, and New Zealand.

It is best known for its “pay later” service which lets in-store and online customers to buy a product now and pay with four equal biweekly repayments.


  • 4 simple bi-weekly installments
  • Thousands of stores and brands to choose from
  • Find great shopping deals on a range of beauty, fashion, homeware and more
  • View all your current and past Afterpay orders as well as your payment history
  • Ability to change your payment card for future payments
  • New stores are added every week to give you even more choice

How does Afterpay Work?

First of all, you’ll need to download the Afterpay app and create an account and then you can start shopping. It lets you to show now and pay later for completely interest-free. And your purchase will be divided into four payments that are payable every 2 weeks.

All you need to do is to shop at your favorite stores – both in-store and online or browse thousands of shops and retailers and choose Afterpay as your payment method at checkout.

Once your purchase is done, you can log in to your Afterpay account to view your payment schedule and make a payment before the due date. Otherwise, it may automatically get debited from your linked credit or debit card.

Remember that to approve your request, it consider several factors, including how long you have been using Afterpay, the number of orders you currently have open with Afterpay, and whether you have sufficient funds on your card.

Repayments: Repayments:
You can repay your loan in four equal installments, due every two weeks with
the first payment is paid at checkout.

For instance, your every purchase is divided into four payments, with 25% paid during
the checkout. And you’ll have to pay the other 75% in equal installments every
two weeks over the next six weeks.

Interest & Fees: It doesn't charge any interest. The only fee it charges is a late fee, which is capped at 25% of the initial purchase, and does not accumulate.

Shipping Policy: Shipping Policy varies from merchant to merchant.

Refunds & Returns Policy: Returns are always subject to the individual merchant's policy. So, any information regarding your returns should be raised directly by the merchant, whose details will be available on their website.

If you have returned an order entirely, the full amount of the order will be refunded, and the upcoming payments will be cancelled. Visit here for more information on returns and refunds policy.

Customer Service: If you need any help with Afterpay, you can email their customer support at or call them at 855-289-6014.

Seventh Avenue

seventh avenue

Last but not least, we have Seventh Avenue on our list of sites like Stoneberry. Seventh Avenue lets you purchase and view each and every type of product that is available on this site.

It offers a wide variety of products, ranging from home décor to most basic household products, which you can find under various exclusive offers and discounts.

Similar to Country Door and Ginny's, it also has the same approval process. Thus, making it easier to sign up and browse what they have to offer. 

Furthermore, the platform has a very nice interface, and it protects your transaction details from any third-party access during the purchase. 

And you can also access its live agent who guides you through every issue you face. The downside is that it is only available in the United States and in a few parts of Canada. 


  • Offers home decor and most basic household items.
  • Available in only the United States and in a few parts of Canada.
  • You can get about 2,400 dollars credit for shopping. 
  • Protects your transaction details during the purchase.
  • Access its live agent who guides you through every issue you face.

How Does Seventh Avenue Work?

Just like other store-branded credit services, Seventh Avenue Credit works in the same way, but there are some differences that make it different from others.

Seventh Avenue credit is not issued through any national or state-chartered bank, and it provides credit directly to you. Your available credit increases and decreases based on how much you have purchased, your credit limit, and how much you have paid.

Once you are approved for a loan, it permits you to buy now and pay your balance in up to 12 to 47 months with low monthly payments.

Repayments: As soon as you have received your first billing statement, payments can be completed on account in different ways – online, by mail, and by phone.

Your payment will be due on the same date each month, starting around 30 days after your first statement is produced. Pay off your purchase in 12 to 47 months.

Interest & Fees: It doesn't charge any annual fee and has a fixed purchase APR of 5.75% to 25.99%. 

Depending on the size of your balance and the number of payments you're going to make; your monthly payments depend, which can be as low as $20 for products priced up to $2,000.

Shipping PolicyShipping and processing charges are different for every order.

· Expedited Delivery: Add $9.95 per address for Second Day Air. Expedited delivery usually arrives in 3-4 business days.

· Express Delivery: Add $19.95 per address for Overnight Service. Express delivery typically arrives in 1-2 business days.

Returns & Refund Policy: If you want to return the item for any reason, you can return the product by using the original packaging and packing it securely.

You may also verify your returned item by checking your account status online. You will see a credit for the item in 2-4 weeks after your return has been processed.

Customer Service: If you need any help with Seventh Avenue, you can email their customer support from here or call them at 1-800-218-3945 on Monday to Friday between 8 am to 12 am.


Venue is another online store like Stoneberry that features leading retailers and top brands, including Gucci, KitchenAid, Samsung, Prada, Apple, and many more with flexible payment options.

So, if you are looking to buy top electrical products, new pots, children’s toys, outfits for a wedding, musical instruments, or basically anything, Venue can be a perfect place for you!


  • Flexible payment options – weekly, biweekly, or monthly
  • No interest if paid in full within 6 or 12 months
  • Offers products from premium brands like Sony, Gucci, Delonghi, Chanel, Samsung, Apple, Nespresso, Prada, and more
  • No credit required for leasing

How Does Venue Work?

In order to get started with Venue, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old, have a valid photo ID, and electronic payment method, a valid email address, phone number, and a valid social security number.

If you meet the above criteria, you can download the Venue app and create an account by giving your personal information like name, email address, and phone number and wait till you get approved.

Once they approve you, you can start shopping and access up to $4,000 in financing to pay for your purchases. As long as you are within your credit limit, you can shop whatever you want. Unlike other stores like Stoneberry, Venue offers products from different merchants in one place!

Repayments: It offers a longer repayment period than other pay later sites.

Interest & Fees: You don’t have to pay interest as long as you pay on time.

Shipping Policy:  Shipments are only sent to the same billing address, and they do not ship to multiple locations. And it doesn’t process any international orders currently.

If you schedule an appointment and if you want to reschedule an additional delivery date, an additional $100 will be charged. It offers free shipping on selected products.

Returns & Refunds Policy: If you are not satisfied with the product that you’ve received, you can request a return by emailing Venue at

Most of its retailers offer 30 days return policy which begins the day you receive your product. You’ll be charged a 25% restocking fee if the returned product is damaged or have any missing parts.

Once the product is returned, inspected, and approved for credit, you’ll receive a refund within 5 to 10 business days.

Customer Service: If you need any help with Venue, you can visit here and fill out the form.

Final Words: Best Sites Like Stoneberry!

Thus, there are the sites like Stoneberry that are economically good for those who do not wish to break their bank account in the process.

All the websites mentioned in this article offer buy now, pay later services that let you buy now, and pay for your purchase over time.

Also, don't forget to check out interests, late fees, annual fees, or APR to ensure you can afford to pay off the total purchase.

Hopefully, this post has helped you to choose a platform that makes your shopping process a little easier and cheaper.