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9 Best Sites Like AO3 & AO3 Alternatives [2024]

9 Best Sites Like AO3 & AO3 Alternatives [2024]

AO3, short for “Archive of Our Own,” is a popular fanfiction website and online archive. It serves as a fan-run, nonprofit platform where you can share transformative fanworks, including fanfiction, fanart, fan videos, and podfic. It is known for its tons of well-written works.

The site offers a wide variety of fanworks from various fandoms. It provides an inclusive and user-friendly space for you to interact, explore, and express your creativity freely. It has a sorting, tagging, and search system that is efficient and user-friendly.

However, if you're a fan of reading and writing fanfiction and find more options and variety, there are several fantastic sites like AO3 available for you to explore. These platforms offer a diverse range of fan-created content, similar to AO3, allowing you to immerse yourself in different fandoms and enjoy creative stories. 

List of  Sites Like AO3

1. Wattpad

Wattpad Sites Like AO3

Wattpad is a popular website where you can share your stories as both an amateur and an established writer. It is well-known for hosting a vast array of content, including original works and fanfiction. The most popular stories often feature fast-paced plots, drama, and engaging narratives.

While the platform has a large and engaged community, some stories may suffer from poor-quality writing. Instead of focusing on technical writing skills, Wattpad values storytelling and the ability to captivate readers.

Key Highlights

  • The website's intuitive and attractive layout.
  • Great selection of content for younger readers.
  • It offers an easy-to-use and intuitive browsing experience.
  • You can leave comments and reach out to each other through forums.
  • Adding your own emoji reactions is also possible.
  • It offers a clean, interactive design.

2. is indeed one of the oldest and largest fanfiction archives on the internet. It's divided into ten main sections, covering different types of media like anime, books, and TV shows. Its OC-oriented stories are hugely popular.

Navigating around the website is straightforward, making it easy to find what you need. In addition, it offers a basic messaging system, which allows you to communicate with each other differently than some other fanfiction sites.

Key Highlights

  • Huge selection of fanfiction stories in over 40 languages.
  • Provides useful community tools and forums.
  • It has a classic and easy-to-navigate interface.
  • You can access and read fanfiction on the site without creating an account.
  • Creating an account allows you to post reviews and share your fanfiction works.

3. DeviantArt


DeviantArt is the ideal place for you if you're an art lover. It offers a friendly community for everyone, whether you're a budding artist wishing to display your work or an art enthusiast looking for inspiration and connections with like-minded people. 

You'll find a vast and diverse collection of art on the platform, spanning various mediums, from traditional paintings and sculptures to digital art, films, and anime. This variety ensures that you can explore different art styles and genres to suit your interests and preferences.

Key Highlights

  • You can share your original art and receive feedback and encouragement from fellow artists and art enthusiasts.
  • The platform offers valuable tools, resources, and exposure to help you improve your skills and gain recognition as an artist.
  • Over 75 million registered members worldwide.
  • The platform hosts over 550 million pieces of art.

4. SpaceBattles


SpaceBattles is an exciting and engaging online platform that caters to your interests in various media, such as books, movies, TV shows, anime, and video games. It's a place where fans like you can come together to discuss and debate your favorite fictional universes and characters in “vs debate” threads.

It provides a dedicated space to showcase and share your creative works. Whether it's original fiction or fanfiction based on your favorite media sources, you can receive feedback and interact with readers who share your enthusiasm for storytelling.

Key Highlights

  • It has a vibrant community with active forums.
  • The platform is known for its role-playing, fanfiction, and “vs debate” sections.
  • You can showcase your original fiction and fanfiction, receive feedback, and engage with readers.

5. Webnovel


Webnovel is a global online reading community with a vast collection of books, comics, and fanfiction from various genres and fandoms. The website hosts 3 million writers, more than 200 content categories, and 10 million digital works.

Additionally, the beautifully designed website enhances the reading experience, making it a pleasure to explore and enjoy the content available.

Key Highlights

  • You can write books or fanfiction specifically through your creator dashboard.
  • A book cover and a synopsis can be uploaded while creating a new narrative.
  • You can choose your topic, length, and other settings.
  • Anything you publish will join your profile's details, and it can track your performance in its community of fandoms.

6. Quotev


Quotev is a creative website where you can find quizzes, fanfictions, and original stories on a wide range of topics. If you love reading, especially science fiction or flash fiction, Quotev is an excellent source for free reading materials.

As a writer, you can customize your posts and disable discussions or declare a story completed. Quotev has a large and passionate community with great chat and forum features, making it a fun place to connect with others who share your interests.

Key Highlights

  • It's a fantastic place to read and share creative content.
  • It has a great chat system and forums for connecting with others.
  • You can find fanfiction, quizzes, and original works on various subjects.
  • The site's search function is easy to use, so you can quickly find and enjoy your favorite stories.

7. Commaful


Commaful is a multimedia fiction website that provides fanfiction, original stories, and poetry. It has a distinct visual style, presenting most fanfictions with captivating images that enhance the plot.

While its library may be smaller than other sites, Commaful's stories reach millions of readers worldwide. The platform allows you to create visually appealing slides instead of traditional pages, making it ideal for visually stimulating but straightforward writing.

Key Highlights

  • It has great community tools and a positive atmosphere.
  • You as an aspiring writer can easily get followers and support on the platform.
  • It's a welcoming place to share stories and connect with others who enjoy creative writing.
  • A seamless browsing experience on the website.

8. Goodreads


Goodreads is a popular social media platform and website designed for book lovers and readers. It offers an extensive catalog of books across various genres and allows you to discover, review, and discuss books.

It fosters a strong community where you can connect, join book clubs, and engage with other authors. It is a go-to site for you to explore new titles, track your reading progress, and share your love of literature with others.

Key Highlights

  • What novels your friends are reading is visible.
  • Keep a record of the books you've read, are reading, and intend to read.
  • Check out your personalized book recommendations.
  • It's a great tool to find new books to add to your reading lists.

9. Tumblr


Tumblr is a popular microblogging and social networking website where you can post and share content in various formats. It is well-known for its vibrant fanfiction community and connections to fandoms.

It allows you to find and explore memes, fan art, and fanfiction using the search function. It is an excellent platform for you to promote your work and gain visibility.

Key Highlights

  • You can enjoy fan art, GIFs, and fanfiction here.
  • There's an enormous selection of content for all interests.
  • The site offers messaging, forums, and chats to connect with the community.
  • You can use search to find what you like and tags to help others discover your works within your fan community.


In conclusion, sites like AO3 offer a wide array of fanfiction content, fostering creativity and community engagement within various fandoms.

These alternatives provide readers with more choices and a diverse range of fan-created works, creating an enjoyable experience for fans to explore and connect with others who share similar interests.

With this, we have successfully presented all the good sites like AO3 in the article above, and hope you now know which site is best for you.


What is similar to AO3?

Wattpad, Tumblr,, Commaful, Quotev, DevianArt, Webnovel, etc. are the best AO3 alternatives that we explain deeply in the parts of our article.

Is AO3 a website?

AO3, or Archive of Our Own, is a well-known website that serves as an archive for fan fiction stories. Users from various fandoms can write and publish their creative works on the platform, making it a hub for fan-created content.