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Stint App Review: Is It Right for You? [2024]

Stint App Review: Is It Right for You? [2024]

Stint App Review: Even when we have so many platforms and software helping us to connect with our ideal type of job, the process still takes time and you don’t know which platform is trustworthy and which is fake. 

In this mess, if you have been searching for a good platform to find a job, then, at some point, you might have also heard about the Stint app — claiming to be the future of work.

So, are you interested to try this app but don’t know anything about it? If that’s the case, then we are glad you stopped by, because this article contains all the crucial information you need to know about the Stint app – a thorough Stint app review to help you decide if the app is worth a shot or not. 

What is the Stint App?

The Stint app is here to offer a unique way of working flexibly – a platform that helps you find different types of jobs without any need for a CV, an interview, or anything of that sort. 

In addition to that, the app supports total flexibility and you get to decide when and where you want to earn.

Moreover, like any other good job-finding platform, Stint is also ready to offer diverse jobs like temporary jobs, summer jobs, part-time jobs, etc. Additionally, many companies are ready to hire freshers and those with close to no experience in the field.

Stint App Review

How Does the Stint App Work?

The working of the app is easy and once you have successfully created your account, the app will do the work of recommending you the best positions in the field and according to your filters – you don’t need to go on a search regularly.

For a better understanding, below is the process of how the Stint app works:

  1. Install the Stint app.
  2. Create an account.
  3. You’ll have to take a test, its ‘Right to Work’ check.
  4. After you have successfully settled in, let the app know whenever you are ready to work.
  5. According to your filters and alterations, the app will offer you all the related Stints (job offers).
  6. You can totally review every offer and accept the one you want.
  7. Lastly, you’ll have to visit the job place, get accepted, do the gig, and get paid. 

Key Features 

No Strict or Unique Gears

The majority of the places don’t follow the policy of strict or unique gear, you’ll be mostly wearing the usual plain clothes, which you might already be owning or will be available in the market for cheap. 

Earn Weekly

For many places, you don’t need to wait for the complete month to get paid because several places follow the weekly payment option to support the flexibility of working. 

Say Bye to the Application Process

The Stint app guarantees you no application process, where you can happily say bye to the written applications, CV, and such process, you will not be facing any interviews either. All you need to do is show up at work, complete the work, and get paid.

Pros & Cons


  • The app follows easy onboarding, where they’ll only be checking a few documents to make sure you have the right to work, and that’s the only eligibility test you need to pass. 
  • For almost all gigs, you don’t require any prior experience in the same field, and many are ready to help you learn and earn. 
  • The app has a skilled system that will only recommend good gigs.


  • Since there is no application and CV system, it might create issues when you show up at the place and there is a difference in the skills you own and the skills required for the job.
  • According to user reviews, many gigs are quite far from the place and don’t offer travel expenses.

Is Stint a Good App for Temporary Jobs?

According to our research and the points we found in the user highlights, Stint is a good app for temporary jobs, and it has been a good help for the majority of users. It seems to be containing a good variety of temporary jobs in assorted fields – paying the expected average salary.

However, we must not forget about the fact that many users have complained about employees not paying for the travel and extra expenses that must be covered – considering the distance between your home and workplace. 

Final Words 

After reviewing all the points and information mentioned in this Stint app review, we are sure that the app has enough advantages to cover the disadvantages and drawbacks of using it. 

Furthermore, we saw many users complaining about how the jobs are good, but only for a couple of months in the start, and a few even complained about unskilled and bad experiences with the staff.

Keeping all that important stuff in mind, we still suggest you give the app a try — who knows it might live up to the expectations raised by the good app rating, and you might actually earn a good sum.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I quit Stint?

To quit Stint before the contract is over, you must make sure to give a notice 30 days prior in writing to the workplace, either digitally or physically.