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Rumble App Review: Honest Review [2024]

Rumble App Review: Honest Review [2024]

Do you want a Rumble app review? Want to know the features it offers? Don’t worry, you’re at the right place! In this article, I’ll show you everything that you want to know about Rumble app.

After several right-wing activists and republicans in the United States have been drifting away from prominent social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Video app services like Rumble has gained huge popularity among people, which is serving as an alternative to YouTube for various conservatives.

Rumble app review: Let’s begin!

Rumble is one of the most popular video sharing services that has been gaining a lot of attention. This app promotes itself as a platform where users can post their content and gain faster growth.

You can be able to download it from Apple App Store or Google Play Store for iOS and Android devices respectively. Just like YouTube, it has a web version. It also says that it doesn’t sensor scientific and political content on its platform.

Also, users can be able to subscribe their favorite channels, upload new videos, view videos from various channels, create OTT feed and much more. Not only that, it also allows videos from users to rank in its search result, which is quite different from YouTube as it can be pretty hard to find few videos using the search option.

Likewise, Rumble also allows users to monetize their content and earn money apart from the standard income system.

Interface and Performance

Along with four other tabs in the main interface, Rumble features ‘recommended channels’ to follow and an ‘earnings’ tab in its interface. It even allows its users to earn money from their videos.

Users can upload videos that are licensed to Rumble’s partner, including Microsoft News and Yahoo!, after which money generated through those videos is directly deposited into the user’s Rumble account.


  • It offers various features, including live-streaming, channel creation, video hosting, smooth UI, video monetization, licensing and more.
  • Users can win a daily cash drawing by swiping right or left to vote on videos and earn tickets.
  • This platform forbids harassment, antisemitism, illegal content, racism, copyright and infringement.
  • It seamlessly integrates with other platforms via a remote API and multiple export formats.
  • Enables IT network, security teams to quickly compute network-connected assets without the need for credentials or tap port access.

The Competition

The below listed Rumble competitors are available on both iOS and Android devices.

  • Vimeo – Online video hosting platform for high-quality videos.
  • Hippo Video – Built for your business.
  • YouTube – Allows billions of people to watch, discover and share originally created video.
  • Loom – Allow you to make quick videos using a lightning-fast video recorder which is capable of capturing your webcam, screen and microphone.
  • JW Player – Offers the option to integrate any video ad server you choose to use.

Final Verdict

Rumble is similar to YouTube in a way that it lets users to stream, upload and vote on videos. I hope the above article on Rumble app review has helped you get an idea about its features and services.


Is Rumble a safe app?

Yes, it is completely safe.

What is Rumble app used for?

Rumble is one of the most popular video sharing services. Users can be able to subscribe their favorite channels, upload new videos, view videos from various channels.

Is Rumble better than YouTube?

YouTube is better for viewers reach, monetization and server speed. Whereas, Rumble is far better for helping smaller content creators and free speech conservatives.